Monday, May 24, 2021

Sky-Ocean Island Generator

Roll once for each category except intelligent inhabitants. 1 in 6 chance for island to be inhabited.

What are the skies around the Island like?
- 1d10
[1] Brimming with an astral current. Once you leave this island, you can't find it again.
[2] Broken marble columns float in the clouds- there are ancient ruins on this island.
[3] Breeding grounds for Gryphons. They are neutral, unless you try to steal a valuable egg.
[4] Tangled within huge cluster of sky-vines. Plenty of wood, but your ship might get caught.
[5] Many broken pieces of the island float out here- perfect for hideouts. 1 in 3 chance of an ambush.
[6] Light anomaly. Every turn spent on the top deck of the ship deals 1d4 damage from exposure.
[7] The Wind that prowls these parts. Blows your sail to pieces if you don't show proper respect.
[8] Once-in-a-millennia migration of huge spinning world tree seeds. Beautiful. Heal 1d4 HP.
[9] Dirigibles set up in periphery. Traders will sell you supplies for island raid; too scared themselves.
[10] Infested to shit and back with Cliff Racers.

What is the Island made of? - 1d8
[1] Just a cloud. You can walk on it. You find a few dull halos lying around- angels had a party here.
[2] Stormcloud. It's darker; if you dig too deep into the mass with metal you'll be electrocuted.
Crumbling marble temple, hanging gardens. Water spills off the edge beautifully.
[4] Sky lantern made by a giant. The fading flame inside has been burning for hundreds of years.
[5] Huge flotsam Roc nest. It's abandoned now; ancient egg shells could be made into armor.
Flying rock. Soil. Coated in light teal grass. White bunnies scamper- nutritionally vacant.
[7] Flying rock. River terminates off the side. Small mountain. Looks very artificial; diorama.

[8] Twinkling giant mass of lighter-than-air crystal. Harvesting it for expensive magical reagent sounds great until the dwarf explains that even one crack could cause the whole thing to shatter and drop everyone to their deaths.

What scary monster lives on this Island? - 1d12
This island is the nest of a Winged Terror.
Blood Fox. Like the Rabbit of Caerbannog, but burrows into your chest and sleeps there.
[4] Huge Pink Goat. Charge knocks you back 2d20 feet. Will knock you off, on purpose.
[5] Huge Aershark calls this place home. It's a flying great white with blue/white skin.
[6] Tribe of dodo cannibal-men. Flightless. They're in stasis, takes 2d2 days before they get up.
[7] Hungry Horror. Save when you see it, or go insane for 2d6 days. Prefers if you go catatonic.
[8] Disc of Fimb. Large silver disc, toilet-seat shaped. Inside edge is razor sharp, flies at you.
[9] Canus Vantor. He's an immortal warrior, 12th level. Screams his name. Badass spear.
[10] Wicked Lwyd. Spindly brown witch-thing, legs can extend up to 70 ft. Steps from island to island, when not currently fucking people up with 3d6 random spells. Trapped here, for now.
[11] Thunderthighs. Bloated humanoid that builds up deadly static charge; touching you is the only way to get rid of the uncomfortable charge. Stolen from Don't Rest Your Head.
[12] Roller Gremlin. Like 2 feet tall, can roll anything into a ball. Yes, it's exactly Katamri, but all your bones break and he'll use your corpse to make a "seed" for a new flying island.

What other hazards are on the Island? - 1d8
[1] Some unmarked, inconspicuous mechanism will turn the island 90 degrees vertically.
[2] Stairway leading to the island's interior. It's fake. Grate comes down, acid pours in.
[3] Quarries of ringing stone. Won't kill you, but will make you deaf if you stick around.
[4] Local dream-world is sickened. You have nightmares. Save or lose one random spell-slot.
[5] Faces carved on the stones. Will spy on you; tell your secrets to any enemies here.
[6] Some wizard dumped their failed experiments and junk here through a portal once. 2d4 cursed magic items litter the island's surface.
[7] Skull of Stupidity. Shrine to Emptyhead, once king of the ogres. If you touch it, minus 2d6 Intelligence. You get one point back every time you finish reading a book.
[8] Explosive pods. Large plants with attractive fruits; fruits explode when touched. If one goes off, you can bet the whole field of them is about to go off too. Seeds go shooting off like bullets.

What treasures are on the Island? - 1d8
[1] Rolled up carpet. Unfurling it reveals a Genie! Specifically; a Wind Jinn.
The stash of the infamous King of Cartwheels. Specifically; 50,000 coins.
[3] Hand puppets made of silver, gold, and platinum magically woven into soft fabrics.
[4] Flask of Tomorrows. If you drink it, you live tomorrow. Then wake up today.
[5] This island has a small bubbling red pool at its center. Spring of Healing Potion.
[6] Sword of Sands. Arabic style- controls sand. Probably stashed here for safekeeping.
[7] There's an old gnome who lives here. He can fix anything. Item, body, relationship...
Longbow of the Titans. Absurd draw weight; need 20 Strength. Deals 1d30 damage.

If inhabited; Who lives on the Island? - 1d10
[1] Minotaur couple. Too old for kids, love each other very much. Tell everyone else to fuck off.
[2] Aether wisps. Like elves made of fog. Shushes you; they die if you speak above a whisper.
[3] No living people; but golems. They stand on the very edge of the island, look out, waiting.
[4] Castaway Red-Faced Nobles. Got lost on way to safari; airship out of fuel.
[5] Huge goo monster. Collective of everything it ate. Offers to absorb you; you will know peace.
[6] Bitter Northwinders. Ankle-length black hair. Here for a burial, will be gone in 1d3 days.
[7] Tribal birdpeople. Nomadic; resting for migration flight. 1 in 4 chance of Landless instead.
Society of ghosts. They ask you to please die somewhere else; this island's afterlife is getting crowded. If you do die here they'll shun you for a few hundred years then warm up.
[9] The King of Cartwheels and his merry band. He's about 65, can't really do acrobatic stunts anymore, grumbling in the ranks. Will pay handsomely if you can restore his lost agility.
[10] Beautiful blue-haired humanoid females- they are alone on the island. They wear see through gossamer dresses, are absolutely hospitable and invite you to stay as long as you like. They have plenty of food and will listen to your exploits with rapt giggly attention. Only 50% chance that they are some kind of race of evil succubi sirens even though your players will suspect them 100%.

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