Tuesday, February 23, 2021

10 Flying Swords

Ever since I wrote up the Flying Sword write in the Brigand Woods Encounters, I've loved them. They're a really fun magic item. But the rules need a bit of a touch up.

Flying Sword - +2 Magic Sword
Ego- 7
Stats- Deals 1d8+2 damage, Flight

This is a powerful magic sword. The “Flying Swords” are animated by their own magical force. Beyond being able to use it in your hand, you can also direct the sword with your hand and arm movements. It requires an arm to use, but can be used up to the range of a spear or whip- the sword flies from your hand and attacks a foe at a distance. It uses your to-hit and damage bonus from your character, as you are commanding the sword.

Flying Swords have a powerful ego- only strong warriors can command them. If you are a Fighter of least 7
th level, you can conquer the sword and use it. Otherwise, all attempts to claim the sword will result it animating and attacking you.

If you are level 10 and have a secret technique or +2 Dexterity- you can stand on the flat of the blade and literally fly around on this sword as a vehicle. Or maybe just grip the handle and let the sword pull you around, but that might be a little silly.

10 Flying Swords Table
All of these swords use the above stats. Roll on this table to see exactly what kind of sword you find whenever you run into a Flying Sword.

[1] Purple Tiger
This flying sword has an intentional gap in the blade that can be used as a handle, with purple fabric making it safe to grab. This extra handle means even novices can hang on to it, or use it like a helicopter as it spins up into the air. The handle is made of wood and it has a long, flowing ribbon which curls like a cat's tail in the heat of combat.

[2] Red Blaze
This flying sword is made with a copper alloy, giving it resistance to corrosion and makes it gleam like the setting sun. It's incredibly aggressive- even moreso then normal for a flying sword. While it still obeys its master, it seems like it wants to fight and kill more then even its user intends to. If the warrior loses control of this weapon, it could go on a rampage.

[3] Wise Dragon
This sword has a handle of green leather- made from a wise old green dragon. Water running off this blade sounds like a windchime, it is a beautiful noise and makes this weapon perfect for the warrior mystic- it aides itself to meditation. It is just at home on the back of a hermit as it is in the collection of a wise king. In fact, it would prefer the former.

[4] Ancient's Shortsword
This sword is seemingly made of bronze. Shorter then other flying swords, it has a simple, squat design that makes it more fitting to the ancient world of antiquity. The flat of the blade is painted black with a scene like an a Grecian urn. This sword is also a bit sexist, and much “prefers” to be used by sweaty, oily, bronze-skinned men over women or pretty boy elves.

[5] Cactus Drake
This unusual sword has spikes on the guard, pointing up, and the entire blade and crossguard has been painted green. This sword could be used a bit like a rudimentary swordbreaker, but these spikes seem more for intimidation then anything else. The green paint is flaking away, an unusual geometric pattern is slowly being revealed underneath it. The original sword was something far more mysterious then this green “cactus” sword- was it painted to hide it away?

[6] Tsunami
This sword is famous. It is a shiny blade, with the end curled like a wave, giving the whole blade a sort of ocean and water theme. It is still just as powerful as any flying sword, though obviously it's not quite as good at stabbing. It's just as good flying through the water as the air, though if a person tries to ride it they'll cause a lot of drag. The handle is wrapped in jellyfish leather.

[7] Crossblade
This sword is a straight sword- unusual for the flying swords, who are usually more depicted in the Eastern style. This sword is instead purely crossed shape with right angles, a tapered point, and may well be decorated with European runes. It probably belonged to a high level crusader.

[8] Infernal Dao
This sword is edged along the lower blade, crossguard, and upper handle with decorated material that looks like flesh and stone. There is a single large demonic eye along the cross guard that stares out at all would-be challengers to the holder of this sword. It is quite an intimidating weapon, but lacks any magical effect to scare away weak willed opponents. The rest of the blade is made of a dark steel and the handle itself is bare and unremarkable.

[9] Lightning Raven
This sword is marked with a painted lightning bolt, traveling from the base of the blade in the hilt up to about two thirds the way up the blade's face. The point is bent at a 90 degree angle with the top of the blade itself being flat (like those orc swords from the Lord of the Rings movies) so it gives the sword a brutal look, despite its elegant avian name.

[10] Hole Jian
This sword has four holes, shrinking in size as they travel up the length of the blade. It has been created with magical methods and is supremely strong and durable despite its apparent physical weakness. Even for a flying sword, this Jian is almost weightless and can be balanced on its point to stand straight up or gently placed atop the surface of water without falling in and sinking.

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