Thursday, February 4, 2021

Green Coloured Sun- 8 Spells

(All art, names, and ideas were taken from listening to this album.)

Creates a false "echo" of a person. In order to cast this spell, the caster must have at least "known" the person- this means having to at least shared a conversation or lived with them for some time, a casual meeting or eye contact doesn't count as "knowing". This echo appears as the person did, but has 1/10th of their health, abilities, spell-slots, level, etc. The echo generally acts as the person did, and is not under the caster's direct control. The echo is limited in what it can or will do, typically acting out the events or actions that the person did when this spell was cast. For example, you could cast this spell to copy a knight that guards a bridge after the real knight was killed, who will exist as that knight will, but will be much weaker and only a false copy.

This spell has an unusual drawback. If anyone but the caster ever finds out that the echo is indeed an echo- such as someone who knew the person copied has died or gone away and finds the echo, or if the real person ever sees their own echo, the caster will be permanently mutated to have the head of a white rabbit.

[2] Skywalk
This spell creates an invisible bridge. The bridge can extend up to a very steep walking angle, but no further, and travel up to 250 ft in distance or so. The bridge is invisible and has no guard rails, and can carry the weight of anything up to the weight of an elephant. If you put something heavier then an elephant on the bridge, the entire thing would shatter, but the bridge can hold an infinite number of things of an "elephant's worth" of weight without issue.

The bridge lasts until the caster crosses over it. As long as this spell is active, they can't cast any other spells.

[3] Witness
This spells calls forth a being from another world, known as a Witness. The Witness will serve the spellcaster in exchange for rare salts. If no salts are presented to the Witness after it is summoned, it will attack and/or attempt to observe this world on its own.

Witness (5+2 HD, +4 To-Hit, two magic claw attacks at 1d8 damage, Watching Eye, spells)
Morale- 12
Number- Just one

The Witness is a green creature with a long body, fixed to a single flexible joint in the center. This causes it to "bend over" when not moving, which it does with a combination of long strides and little hops. The Witness is well known for its single unblinking eye, which is said to be far greater then any bird or wizard's vision. It can see through most soft surfaces, such as through wooden chests and bags to see what is within, and can see basically any distance from a high place.

Beyond its two puncturing magic claws, the Witness also has the power of the Watching Eye, which is a magical ability that allows it to perfectly predict an enemy's actions or movements by watching the tiny, subtle motions of their muscles and blood swirling under their skin. The Witness can use this spell to perfectly avoid an enemy attack or always makes its spell save, but it can obviously only do this on one person at a time.

The Witness also knows quite a few spells of its own. Give it 3 spells if you're using levelless spells, otherwise prepared spells equal to a 4th level magic user.

[4] Time To Lose Reality
When this spell is cast, the caster must specify a single point in 3d space to become "the center". Everything around "the center" is paired and opposite something else. For example, if you select the center to be in the middle of a room, and you're standing opposite someone from the center, your motions will be copied by them and their motions will be copied by you. Once something has been selected, it cannot be broken until the object(s) either cross across the center axis, OR the spell is ended with the death of the caster/they leave the area.

Each object within the area around "the center" desperately want to be paired with something else, slowly making allowances for things differing their size, weight, and position over time. So for instance, a dwarf may be at first only connected with another dwarf on the opposite plane, but over time it will expand what they COULD be paired with, such as a human, a barrel, or a statue of a dwarf.

Once an object moves, it still carries its weight and momentum despite differences in size. Like if you were connected to a statue and jumped to the left, the object will move mirrored so the statue will fly to the right and become a lethal projectile.

[5] Nevermind
This is a mind-effecting spell. When cast, the caster can take back the last thing they said. Whatever they said, no matter how threatening, wrongful, damaging, or even if it was a direct order; they can magically take it back. Nothing else change. Orders carried out by the last thing the caster commanded, for example, are not undone, and everyone knows the caster demanded it, but they cannot place responsibility on the spellcaster as their words have magically been "taken back".

You could also use this spell to get an extra guess at a riddle by a magical trap or sphinx, as they would be forced to give you another chance, since your first one didn't count because of this spell.

[6] Ghost Inside
This spell can awaken the spirits of the slain within a weapon. Any weapon that has been used to kill at least once; this spell can call forth a spirit. The spirit is random unless the spirit's name is spoken when this spell is cast. The spirits within the weapon are only superficially similar to the actual beings slain by this weapon; and they know what the being known at the time of their death. They can tell you in great detail about how dying felt like, and then what happened during the battle, but their memory quickly fades before it and after they were killed.

The "ghost inside" cannot resist the compulsion to speak, but will ask to be freed from the weapon after answering questions- they may offer more direct information, or lie to another in exchange. If the weapon was a person's body (slain after being swallowed alive or killed via hand to hand), then  the ghost will not be able to be freed until the body that killed then is also killed.

[7] Cosmic Bridge
This spell creates a sacred, cosmic connection between the spell caster and another object, being, or concept. When this connection is crafted, the user will experience a minor sense of "knowing" about the connected thing, including general wellness or wholeness, knowing if it is in danger, and knowing its general location if applicable. The bridge is two way however, and actions taken by the connected thing reflect back to the caster of this spell. Harm or injury suffered by the connection will reflect back onto the spell caster.

The "bridge" created by this spell is nearly identical to the invisible chords of connection that attach the almighty gods to the world and its people. Those who cast this spell are placing themselves in a similar station. If one were to connect themselves to a concept, being, or place sacred to a God it would result in a dangerous conflict between the two, where the God will of course win. To usurp and copy the power of the divine is a dangerous game.

[8] Moonseeds
This spell creates a Moonseed. It can only be cast at night. When this spell is cast, the moonlight that falls over the area is focused and collected into a small, glowing silver seed which contains magical power. The moon light over around the area of a small valley or forest is what is focused with the power of this spell. It takes four years to create a Moonseed, which each night's moon being drained and looking darker and dimer then it normally would. At the end of that time, a tiny plant where the Moonseed spell was cast will sprout and contain a single magical seed.

The Moonseed is a powerful magical object. Its power can be used to amplify and cast magical spells; as such, its uses are more abstract. When casting a spell, using the Moonseed with it will increase the damage, saving throw difficulty, or duration-in-turns by +1. As the Moon is considered highly connected to the Elves, creating and carrying Moonseeds is considered illegal for all who are not of Elven blood. Finally, the Moonseed can be planted in the ground to create a sacred magical place which does not change with the passing of the ages; similar to the homes of the elves.

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