Thursday, February 18, 2021

4 "Color Spray" Spell Variations

Duller Spray
Creates a spray of dull gray light. This very-boring spell doesn't do anything to most creatures, except creatures who live off whimsy, excitement, or are aligned with the faerie like elves, pixies, and the like. This spell saps these creatures of their natural magical beauty and steals it away.

Each creature within the cone is affected according to its Hit Dice.

2 HD or less
Damage of 1d4 points to Charisma score OR to all saving throws vs magic until the next full moon. Creature also loses one natural magical/supernatural ability such as speaking with animals, immunity to charm, immunity to ghoul paralysis, true sight, glamors, etc. The caster of the spell decides which ability is lost. This ability also comes back at the next full moon.

3 or 4 HD
Creature saves or loses one random natural ability such as speaking with animals, immunity to charm, immunity to ghoul paralysis, true sight,  glamors, etc. This ability comes back at the next full moon.

5 or more HD
Creature saves or loses one random natural ability until the next dawn or dusk.

[2] Color Flay
This spell is cast on a living creature, either just before or during a very painful or potentially lethal injury. If a creature is struck with a physical attack by a sword, axe, claw, etc. that would be lethal, this spell suspends death. The creature's flesh is still torn apart and could appear ripped off, dangling by a thread, but their flesh and blood is replaced with a psychedelic rainbow pattern that bleeds out little puffs of light.

As long as Color Flay is in effect, the creature feels little pain and can live at negative HP values. The negative value they can survive is equal to the caster's positive level times three. So a 6th level MU can keep someone alive up to -18 HP. (If your game already has death at something "lower" then 0 HD, consider adding this to the lowest possible value you can go instead).

[3] Mother Spray
Fires off a pink and white beam smelling of lavender. It's a very calming spell, which has the effect to clean, pamper, pretty-up, and generally place an aura of calmness on the area of the spellcasting. Any fussy babies or children in the area are quieted down, and any food in the area is nicely cut, seasoned, and prepared. Also performs minor forms of housework like making the bed or cleaning a mess.

[4] Color Day
This spell involves a powerful ritual involving ribbons, an uninterrupted ritual in a town square at night, and painting your body with paints. The next day, the town or district of the city you were sleeping in wakes up to find everyone around painted with various colors! Everybody has colorful painted skin and clothes matching a specific color-set that aligns them with others in the city.

When this spell is cast, the caster must specify what groups are being created. The people of the city appear in the colors of the group that they themselves identify with. You could split a city down political or religious lines, and nobody has a way of hiding it because of the colors that they cannot change.

This spell ends the next day. Anyone can also magically end the effect on themselves by drinking a thimble of lye or paint-thinner stuff, which deals 1d6 damage to their insides but magically turns their colors back to normal.

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