Friday, February 19, 2021

[Class] Knif Monke

Knif Monke
- d3
Max AC- 14 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

You are monke. Eat fruit and bug. Some monke climb, some monke strong, you throw knif. Human make knif but you throw knif, don't know why, you just good at throw knif. You also climb and sneak like all monke can. No wear clothes or hard clothes like humans have. Just run and throw knif.

You get +1 to throw knif each monke. Start at monke 1 and get points to become monke 2.

At 3rd monke you throw stick and poop instead of knif, hehe, teach human to give fruit or else you throw at them, hehehe, stupid human. Human give you fruit.

At 4th monke you can open lock-hole that human put around neck. You no like work for humans, no work for humans anymore. Just throw knif and eat fruit.

At 5th monke you throw two knif at one time. At 6th monke throw three knif.

At 8th monke you can climb while holding knif in your teeth and tail. Maybe human make knif bag for you? You throw knif whatever they point, they give fruit, ok?

At 10th monke you become either very fat, happy monke (You no throw knif, but that okay, you have all the fruit you want) OR you become mean monke and learn how to throw knif at other monke. You a bad monke but now you teach other monke to throw knif too. Then you in charge of stupid human and make them give all fruit to you. Hehe, stupid human.