Saturday, February 20, 2021

What's happening in the Town Square d6 Generator

Art @Hashika

How do you hear about it?
[1] Local boy runs up to you, tells you the news, demands you pay him two coppers for info.
[2] Group of rambunctious youths are gathering all their friends together.
[3] The crowd is so loud you can hear it from a street and a half over.
[4] Town guard telling people to stay back- they don't want to make it even more chaotic.
[5] Local wizard has ensorcelled several parrots made of paper to life. They squawk the news.
[6] Stray dogs run from the butcher's stalls with bones in their mouth. Nobody is chasing them- that's odd. Better go see what that's about.

What's the atmosphere of the crowd surrounding it?
[1] Concerned, whispering. What will the neighboring town think?
[2] Violent, bloodthirsty. Angry mob may be forming- they throw stones.
[3] Depressed, almost sad. How could this happen here? The elders shake their heads.
[4] Jovial, festival like. People are trying to sell snacks and crates to stand on for a better view.
[5] Angry, accusing. They're piling up the shame on people; somebody is going to get exiled.
[6] Casual, giggly enjoyment. People are laughing- this is hilarious. Like gossiping schoolgirls. If you see someone prim and proper joining in, they'll be embarrassed afterwards.

Who or What is the primary target of all this hubbub?
[1] Some weird, smoking rock that fell from space
[2] It's a goblin or little orc boy- he was found hiding under a fruit cart. Verge of tears.
[3] It's a parchment nailed to a wall. On it are outrageous laws and their exorbitant fines.
[4] Fat little merchant is panicking- he dropped a padded case which contained the King's sword. Now it has a tiny nick in the blade and he's desperately trying to find the little piece in the gutters.
[5] Young girl pulled the magic wand out from a magician's sleeve- they're supposed to use slight of hand, not actual magic! That's cheating! He's desperately trying to persuade her to return it.
[6] Snooty shrew of a woman is throwing down her lover's pearl necklace and crushing them under her heels- while he is right there trying to get her to stop and keep her voice down.

What big official has to come and stick their nose in it?
[1] It's the Prince! He's observing silently, rubbing his peach fuzz in thought.
[2] Richest local merchant, tries very hard to act like he's one of the “common people”.
[3] Leader of the Mage's Hall. Offers to amend situation with magic, WILL fuck it up.
[4] Wise man or respected elder. They say something vague and mildly prophetic.
[5] Captain of the Guard. Screeches about violations. No loitering! No crowding! No gossiping! No having this-much-fun without a license!
[6] Priest from the local temple. Swings around a holy symbol accusing everyone of sinning, even if he was caught up with the crowd of a moment ago.

(Optional) How does the party get roped into this?
[1] Hey you're a bunch of adventurers right? Go “adventure” this problem away.
[2] Whatever is going on is somehow involved in your main quest.
[3] The big official has it out for you. He instantly accuses you all of involvement.
[4] Superstitious townsfolk blame outsiders like you for the trouble.
[5] The target is somehow related to the past or recent events of one of the characters.
[6] Some very contrived reason- your birthmark happens to match the cobblestones right under the feet of this event. Everyone shrieks about faith for a second as you roll your eyes.

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  1. Lovely and highly adaptable. I thoroughly enjoy your generators, particularly when they are ripe with so much potential for adventure and interaction.