Saturday, February 13, 2021

Garden- Casino Roll

I'll share with you a secret about myself; I've worked in the casino industry for years. I know about gambling, the games, how to deal them, the psychology of gamblers, and the ambiance of the casino. In fact at a certain point, I stopped being able to smell cigarette smoke.

So partially for this reason, and partially because I think it fits really well, I want Garden to have tons of casinos. In my opinion, a casino is basically the modern fantasy equivalent of a tavern. You have tons of alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes being peddled around in semi-openness. People can meet up and discuss their future plans for adventure in smokey corners, and the casino wants them to stay. The casino wants them in there as much and as often as possible- because their statistically going to make money. What better place to roll on a carousing table and lose all your ill-gotten adventuring gains?

Garden Gambling Rolls
Replace the carousing table with this. Garden doesn't use traditional experience points for progression. Instead, all progression is based on your characters skills, equipment, and relationships. Most of these can be improved or at least maintained with cash; money keeps the lights on, as the Gardeners say.

Whenever you gamble, state your amount to gamble- this your Wager. This isn't a Wager for one bet, it's a Wager for your entire night, so it should be a sizable amount of money. Then, roll 2d6. If your character has had a string of really shitty luck recently (near death damage multiple times, multiple failed saves, girlfriend burned alive by a Psychic Fox, etc.) consider giving them a +1 to the roll. Their luck is changing.

[2] Catastrophic loss. You lost all of the money you were gambling and you owe double that amount to a savage local crime gang. The kind that kill people who don't pay up. Two weeks.

[3-4] Major loss. You took at a loan with the casino equal to your entire wager. They're a professional business and can be talked into a payment plan. If you refuse to pay them or disappear and your wager was over $400, they'll start sending people after you to break your legs until you pay up.

[5-6] Loss. You lose 75% of what you wagered.

[7] At the end of the night you ended up losing half your money. But you made a friend. Gain a minor NPC acquaintance who might have some connections to local figures.

[8-9] Small Win. You get back your wager +10%, a few free drinks, and had a good time. Restore all your stress and cure one point of internalized stress.

[10-11] Big Win. You made back 150% of your original Wager. (Half plus)
If this is the second time this has happened to you, you were just slipped a High Roller ticket by another player. This gets you into a fancy dinner party or a shindig hosted by any of the big shots in the city for free. Though you'll need to get your own ride, select your own wardrobe, and make a good impression with under your own power.

[12+] Huge Win. You made back double your Wager. You could have won more, but somebody (or the house) didn't have enough cash and bet a Strange Object as collateral.
If you bet <$200, it's just some trinket with no real value.
If you bet >$500 it's a minor Strange Object.
If you bet >$2000 it's a major Strange Object

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