Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Garden Car Chase Rules + Hotrod Generator

Car Chase Rules
Both cars roll a 1d6. The car with the better roll advances that many units ahead. Either car can choose to roll again and take the higher of the rolls, but on a doubles they take a minor complication or damage from the evasive maneuver, and take a chip. If you get 3 chips, your car crashes. This distance between the values of the cars is the negative modifier for shooting rolls; the farther you are the harder it is to shoot the enemy. If you see something like a ramp, closed back alley, or huge tanker truck you can try to slide under it and perform a stunt. This lets you roll a third 1d6 and take the highest of all three dice+1, but if you get 3 matches at once you instantly crash.

Some cars get different sized dice. Most average hovercars are 1d6, but a shitty food truck or cobbled together cheap junker has a 1d4. Muscle cars get 1d8, and are used by gangs specifically to beat other cars and have an advantage on the road. Really advanced, luxury sports cars might get 1d10, but the cost for basic repairs, even for scratches, is triple the normal cost.

Garden Hotrod Generator
Every car in Garden is hand crafted out of old parts and powered by the electric grid. They always float a little bit even when they are parked, unless if their battery is fulled drained. Car shops have special ports to lock them in place to perform maintenance on the potentially dangerous antigravity engines. Areas between the city bureaus and in the wilderness won't have as many power stations for refilling. Power is free; you just need an outlet or throw some coils over a nearby power line. (Don't do this).

To generate a Hotrod, roll once per category.

Visible Electric Engine Block – 1d8
[1] Tesla coil. Sparks everywhere when the car revs to max speed.
[2] Capsule shaped lava lamp, agitates as car revs up. Breaking it sprays horrible molten shit.
[3] Industrial Capacitor.
[4] Jars of bright blue glowing goop. Unusual material used as a battery/power source.
[5] Plasma Lamp. Colors change. If shot, explodes as a small bomb.
[6] Screen of tiny light bulbs. Light up as an arrow; gets brighter as the car accelerates.
[7] Massive cluster of wires and cables.
[8] Huge solonoid in the shape of a big electric eel, curled like a viper poised to strike.

General Shape – 1d8
[1] Boxy, well fitted together, clearly scrapped from larger, non-vehicle scrapmetal shell.
[2] Smooth, aerodynamic. Chassis clearly comes from a remodeled off-world vehicle.
[3] Steel cage structure. Metal plates act as shields along the sides. Scrapyard built.
[4] Totally seamless egg-shaped vessel. Still has windows, curves flush with surface. Advanced.
[5] Flat bottom with “dome” shaped compartment on top. Easy to get in and out of.
[6] Hovers low to the ground, convertible. Kind of tacky.
[7] Large internal space; cabin bloats over the antigrav engines like a muffin top. Family sedan.
[8] Truck. If truck bed is detached, the front end could hover just on its forward floaters.

Interior – 1d8
[1] Half filled with water/some liquid. Comfortable for an aquatic/amphibious species that uses it.
[2] Everything is covered in a thick layer of luxurious fur.
[3] Almost everything has been ripped out to reduce weight and increase speed. Plastic chairs.
[4] Locking compartments across every wall; filled with tools, snacks, ammo, etc. Not labeled.
[5] Backseat is converted into a shrine for some alien deity, or to the sun itself.
[6] Big ass turret (2d10) takes up most of the internal space; can pivot to shoot out any window.
[7] No steering wheel; front seat is centered and uses various levers and joysticks to drive.
[8] Weird sliding spring-locks to create seats and space as needed. If you get in a crash, somebody is for sure getting impaled or trapped in the deadly tangled metal.

Extra Modification – 1d8
[1] Has a single wheel that can be lowered if engines get weak, but won't support it alone.
[2] Steel carrying cage on the back; holds equipment or captured people.
[3] Ramps. Handicap accessible.
[4] Door open upwards; make metallic hiss and fog comes out when you open them.
[5] Sides and back can extend to make very small mobile home.
[6] Gunroof. Like a sun-roof, but everyone uses it to shoot at people so its called a gunroof.
[7] Spikes and blades along the front and sides for vehicle combat.
[8] One of those stupid fucking testicle hitches. But it's for an alien species so the organ is just indescribably weird and you'd never guess by looking at it.

Hood Ornament – 1d8
[1] Snowglobe, depicts some tiny town from some alien world nobody ever heard of. Nostalgic.
[2] Tin pistol, angled up and forward. No internal parts.
[3] Spiraled horn, like a unicorn.
[4] Just a little pedestal. The actual ornament got torn off a long time ago.
[5] Fake glass gem; huge and red.
[6] Another light, turns on with headlights. Practical.
[7] Alien creature. Tastefully nude.
[8] Handcrank. Must be turned constantly to let the car hover 1 inch off the ground. Just helpful enough to get back to the charging station.


  1. So. Much. Content. Never have I reached for a handful of d8s so fast. I want to give a crashed, dusty one of these to my standard fantasy players, just to see what they do with it (it must have gone over 88mph)

    1. I like that idea. Then the real trouble for them would be to find a way to power it.