Saturday, October 6, 2018

10 Arrow Traps

For this list; assume all traps are either a single arrow at 1d6 or a volley of smaller darts or flechettes that deal equal up to a single arrow in damage unless otherwise stated. All traps save to avoid all damage, with thieves getting their appropriate bonus.

[1] Black Tar Arrows. All blood spilled from this trap becomes nasty black tar. It drips on the ground and is sticky, meaning you can trapped in front of the arrow hall and get pelted again and again. If any arrow head or projectile is fully lodged into your skin on a maximum damage roll; take 1d4 Dexterity damage from the black tar sticking to your veins and slowing you down.

[2] Seeking Arrows. If you fail the save; the arrows that come from trap are homing. The first arrow will strike and “mark” you. Every exploration turn, another arrow will be spawned . They “see” in darkness but can only see straight ahead as a creature would, and tend to stay near the ceiling to float around to find the marked person. They may travel in swarms and alert other seeking arrows by tapping on the wall when they find their mark. They will continue to spawn until that person is dead, or if they hadn't been found in 3 days. Once the deed is done, the arrows fall to the ground lifeless.

[3] Spirit Arrow. Glowing green arrow that hits the magical aura of a person, instead of their body. Destroys an open spell slot or random prepared spell of the highest level possible. Roll 1d6- that's the highest level spell slot it can destroy. Spell slots destroyed this way are lost for good and can only be restored with powerful magic or advanced magical relic. Classes with some innate magical powers but no spell slots lose the advantage of their ability for the rest of the adventure instead.

[4] Slow-burn Poison arrows. If you are hit, save vs poison or take 1d4 poison damage per turn for 6 turns. You can cancel this early with an antidote or magic spell. If this poison kills you, you fall to the ground with scorch marks and a foul smell as though you were just cooked alive. Make a wandering monster check from the corpse after 1 turn of giving off the scent.

[5] Wig Arrow. If you are struck with this arrow, your natural hair falls out and is replaced with an ugly wig. The wig is cursed and glued to your head and will take either a full day with a barber or you take 1d4 damage to pull it out. As long as you wear the wig, you have -1 to all reaction penalties. There is also a 1 in 10 chance that a tiny poison spider (1d4 poison damage) will take up nesting in your wig after sleeping for a night. Races with full body fur or hair coverings just have their head shaved and have the gaudy wig instead.

[6] Flying Swordsmen Arrows. Also called 'Wuxia' arrows. Appear as little wind up tin men with swords dressed in a chain robe and move in short, hopping, mechanical movements. They have 1 hit point and 18 AC; they make an attack each round and deal 1d4 damage on a hit.

[7] Feeder arrows. Anyone struck by an arrow only takes 1 damage, but has a strange urge to fight big monsters. When fighting anything large enough to swallow or eat the creature; they'll have to make a save each round when fighting in melee to avoid the urge to jump into the creature's mouth. Even if they follow the urge; they can still attack from within the creature or tactically defend themselves besides wanting to be eaten. Set up by dungeon residents to feed the big monsters automatically.

[8] Rubber darts. The tiny sharp darts fired from this device bounce off the walls; everyone along the hallway has to make a save to try and avoid or take 1d6 damage.

[9] Horsebane arrow. Deals normal damage in the form of blunt damage, and the arrowhead is shaped like a horse's hoof. Horses you ride will sicken, and if ridden for more then a day will die. To make it more obvious, make the horse uncomfortable around the person and shake off their touch, sensing the negative magic. This can be cured by paying for and caring for a lame horse- as long as you care for it, the curse is suspended, and when it dies of natural causes you will be free from the curse.

[10] Starving arrow. When the arrow hits the target, the target takes the 1d6 damage and also feels as though they haven't eaten for that many days AND that many rations/flasks they are carrying are destroyed. If this arrow kills someone, their body shrivel up to appear as though they had been exposed to a harsh desert sun and withered away.

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  1. These are great to spice up arrow traps. Ghost Arrows are pretty harsh, though...