Sunday, October 7, 2018

Zombie Apocalypse d6 Generator

Time Period of Apocalypse
[1] Few days before it begins. Shadowy rumors of weird cannibal murders.
[2] The night where it goes down. Have to kill your neighbors.
[3] One week after. Government holdouts still active, trying to create safe zones.
[4] Full collapse. Lawless wasteland. Tiny survivor groups try their best to survive.
[5] Years later. Nature overtaking the cities. Many survivors born after the fall.
[6] Reclamation. Zombies only exist as boogeymen in “haunted” places, new societies growing.

Technology & Resources
[1] The gas and water have kept running- survivors manufacture their own weapons.
[2] Propane and fossil fuels are extracted commonly. Cars are pretty common, travel along roads.
[3] Most infrastructure is destroyed; all parts must be scavenged, canned food is usually eaten cold.
[4] Only one or two groups of scientists left trying to cure the plague. Getting guns is a challenge.
[5] Almost all resources and food was destroyed during the plague; nature's bounty must provide.
[6] The world is a wasteland. Zombie virus killing off plants and animals; fresh water is rare.

Survivor Groups
[1] Small family units, roaming the world and creating strongholds.
[2] Groups of gangs prowl to steal or enslave anyone who can't fight them off.
[3] Live on communes and the wilderness- use a pony express deliver mail.
[4] Organized along the road to a safe or better place; most sell or trade, some steal.
[5] Tons of prepper loners in basements and crazies- they're all that survive this long.
[6] Large, complete neighborhoods organize search parties and scavenging missions.

The Infection
[1] Zombies release spores; spending more then 15 minutes breathing spores at once will turn you.
[2] Everyone is already infected; everyone turns 6 hours after death from any cause.
[3] Can turn any large carnivore & omnivore mammals; zombie wolves, pigs, bears, and dogs.
[4] Zombies bite once, then release. You turn within a minute.
[5] All zombie fluids can cause infection; 1 in 4 chance after getting bitten, scratched, or spit on.
[6] If you get bit, you'll turn into a zombie in 3 days. Amputate limb immediately; 50% chance to stop the infection. You'll turn even if you were killed afterwards; must destroy brain to stop this.

Zombie Aggression & Hunting Zombies
[1] Survivors often capture zombies to fight them in pits for fun. Buckets on head will blind them.
[2] Few scattered walkers aren't scary at all; just smash and move on. Hoards are dangerous.
[3] Zombies instinctively gather in groups and are attracted to noise. Gunshots may attract more.
[4] Zombies flood in at the sight of movement, but don't get trapped.
[5] Survivors leave out traps and bait for zombies; set up diversions so they can safely pass areas.
[6] Zombies have seeming 6th sense to find survivors. Speaking above a whisper can get you killed.

Special Infected Type Frequency
[1] None. All undead are basically the same.
[2] There's exactly one; patient zero. Different from other zombies somehow.
[3] One type; rare. Usually in the center of zombie hoards.
[4] A few kinds; come from uncommon humans who were turned (pregnant, morbidly obese, etc.)
[5] Common. Zombies mutate all the time, even randomly. Evolution in death.
[6] The rule, not the exception. Every zombie is a little unique; Necromorph style body horror.

Zombies Quirk
[1] Zombies very sensitive to smell. Dump out bottles of perfume to make a decoy; bathe often.
[2] Driven by hunger, mostly. Well fed zombies will watch you just pass by, but don't get too close.
[3] Zombies occasionally pick up weapons to use. Cannot operate firearms.
[4] Seem to follow “leader” zombies; usually special infected or the biggest, strongest undead. Zombies will become confused and aimless if leader is killed for a few minutes afterwards.
[5] Creepy remnants of humanity. May repeat actions or try to enter buildings they knew in life. Zombie stares at a faded billboard showing a smiling family. Sometimes; they knock.
[6] They puke, sweat, and gather in damp places. Prefer to keep their skin as moist as possible. Float facedown in pools; still capable of jumping up and attacking you.

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