Thursday, February 11, 2021

Proscribed Gestures

Not since the rise of the Hylemxylem has gestural combat been so forwardly pronounced by all warriors and glove-lathers alike. While the dark minions of Gibby shall make use of these techniques, those who watch the televisions and learn the proscribed gestures, while equipped with the proper handware, can too make use of their ancient and forgotten majesty.

In order to perform a gesture, you must first be trained in the arts of gesture based combat. Once you learn the art you shall know the gestures of Snap and Slap freely, but most learn the others by seeking the ancient monitors. All gestures have a range of about within throwing distance, though you must be able to see and concentrate on your target for a combat round. The time it takes to cast a gesture is less then a spell, but longer then an attack. In order to perform a gesture one must be wearing the proper hand attire. Magic gloves or gauntlets of +1 or better in power will work, as well as gloves made from the leather of any 6 HD or higher can work. Purple Worm leather is exceedingly popular for its colored aesthetic as well as comfort.

Additionally; once you learn the basics of gestural combat, you gain a new resource called Will. Everyone starts with 3 points of maximum Will. You can regain Will by slapping bugs (from another dimension) or drinking their inner juices, cultivated by juice ranchers. If you slap your glove against someone (off your hand- like a gentleman) you will gain 1 bonus point of Will to be spent in the first round of combat- this is the proto gesture known as the “Slap”. It may also be possible to permanently increase one's maximum Will- though it will require rare treasures such as PAPER CUPS and associated COOLERS.

[1] Snap – No Will Cost
The most basic gesture. It requires no Will, and can be done by simply snapping your finger at a target. The target takes a hit of concussive force that rips them internally- a small but effective burst of damage. It deals 1d6 + POW damage.

[2] Dissolution – 1 Will
Breaks down the target's structure. This gesture has two effects. First, it begins to liquidate the target and deals 1d4 damage per round. Second, all of the target's attacks deal a die size less in damage- this gesture weakens the opponent so their attacks and gestures are less effective. So a 1d6 damage attack turns into a 1d4 damage attack, and so on. This gesture's effects last for three rounds.

[3] Foam Armor – 2 Will
Probably one of the most powerful gestures. It is defensive and cast upon your allies or yourself. When used, the target is covered in a layer of foam. This gesture restores 3d6 + POW hit points to the target AND covers them in foam. The foam prevents them from both bleeding and being lit on fire while it is stuck to them. The foam armor lasts for three combat rounds.

[4] Lightning – 1 Will
This gesture releases deadly lightning from the hand. When cast, this powerful gesture deals 1d8 + double your POW in damage. However, it stuns the user for one round after it is used.

[5] Wave Artifice – 3 Will
This precise and exacting gesture is costly for your Will, but powerful in its use. This gesture conjures a wave of created matter to pound your opponents. It hits all opponents within its distance, but the conjured objects are low to the ground and could be flown over by flying opponents. It deals 1d6 + half of your POW to all opponents.

[6] Poromer Bleb – 1 Will
When cast on yourself or an ally; recovers 1d6 hit points and ends bleeding effects- your body is patched up. Additionally, the bleb grants the target of this gesture some additional protection. They count as “Defended”. When defended, the next attack OR spell that hits them deals the minimum possible roll of damage. So a 3d6 Fireball will deal 3 damage to them.

[7] Soul Crisper – 2 Will
Lights the enemy on fire. Flaming enemies recover their flesh at half the rate they would normally- healing is reduced when it comes to burning. Deals 1d6 damage per round and halves healing, lasts for three rounds.

[8] Fate Sandbox – 2 Will
Select an ally or yourself. It creates an invisible screen of gesturing force that makes them immune to all negative status effects. Leaking, vulnerability, poison, lagginess, all protected from. Lasts for three rounds or for three status effects deflected- whichever comes first.

[9] Link Mollusc – 3 Will
This gesture must be cast with the proper skill. When motioned; this gesture spreads whatever status effect is harming the user to all opponents within range. For instance, if the user is afflicted with a spell or poison, then all the opponents will be afflicted by the same spell or poison. These are not merely copies of the first status effects; they are new. If the gesturer then clears their own status effects, the enemies remain as they have already been mirrored over.

[10] Teledenuate – 2 Will
This gesture can be cast on allies or enemies. When used, the target loses all negative status effects if they are allied to the gesturer or loses all positive status effects if they are an opponent. Because of the selective nature of this gesture, it is thought to be an advanced technique.

[11] Charge-Up – 1 Will
The user of this gesture becomes temporarily empowered. They gain +1d4 points of POW, which are expended the very next time they use a gesture. Charge Up is unique, in that it empowers some gestures in additional ways, but this can only be done by a gesturers specialty. For example, if a gesture user has specialized in Foam Armor, then all of their allies are affected by the Foam if they use it when charged up. Characters may only specialize in a single gesture.

Charged up is unique because the actual power for the charge comes from a location- the Television Temple, which may not even exist in your home dimension. By taking antennae to the temple and allowing the monitor priests to install them, you can increase the power of Charge Up- simply increase the size of the die rolled to determine Charge Up's temporary POW bonus.

[12] Bombo - Genesis – All Will
The forbidden gesture. This gesture is a secret, lost long ago after the great accretion. Only those who prove themselves to the Sages by recovering their Sage Tokens and staring into the hidden terminal can learn the secrets of Bombo – Genesis.

In order to use Bombo – Genesis, you must be charged up. Then, all of your Will is expended. You deal Xd10 damage to all opponents in a massive blast, with X being your POW + Your total expended Will.


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