Thursday, July 1, 2021

Idea shamelessly stolen from a Japanese Children's show

Every time a new monster or aliens or demons appears in your town / the borderlands / Garden district etc. the reason why it is here is to kill people of course. But they're killing people because it's a game too them, killing a certain number of people in a certain amount of time.

But why?

(This is from Kamen Rider Kuuga btw)

10 Reasons for The Game
To prove themselves worthy to live on this new planet/dimension they are conquering.
[2] To advance in rank in their society.
[3] This is a highly ritualized form of debt collection; we owe them something from the ancient past.
[4] This is a highly ritualized form of mating display. Hot alien sex if they "win".
[5] It's a powerful demoralization tactic.
[6] It is a form of training from before the REAL war/invasion beings. These games are just warmups.
[7] They're just really sadistic and find this fun.
[8] This game is an intentional handicap since they're so superior to weak little humans.
[9] It's a ritual in and of itself- winning at the game unlocks further powers or summons more of their kind from the other world- or even quickens the return of their ruler/god.
[10] The beings are very mentally constricted. Certain procedures must be followed exactly. Framing a massive war or killings as a "game" allows them to process chaos better.

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  1. Hah! Kamen Rider Kuuga being brought up in an OSR/OSR-adjacent blog! Amazing. Clearly we should start the weeb revolution in old school gaming! Just kidding.