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Angered Nature Spirit Generator


All Angered Nature Spirits begin with:

  • 8 HD
  • AC of 16
  • Morale of 16
  • +5 To-Hit
  • Divine Nature - Immune to Death &Wish magic effects. Has magic resistance to other spells at 50% (Either chance to resist or lessened the effect of the spells by this amount)
  • Resistance to all Elements- Half damage taken from Fire, Lightning, Frost.
  • An Animal Form (Roll on the Appearance subtable to make them more supernatural looking- otherwise they just look like big/regal versions of normal animals) The Animal Form is also the type of Animal the nature spirit can commune with freely. Each spirit can be accompanied by 2d6 HD worth of animals of its form whenever it is encountered.
  • Alignment of True Neutral

Spirit's Animal Form & Attacks - Roll d12
[1] Boar (Gore attack at 2d8, Charge on first round of combat deals +1d6 damage, +1 AC) Appears as a massive, hulking boar with a long shaggy coat and huge, magnificent tusks.

Boar-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True.)
Golden tusks
Unnatural coat color
(Roll 1d4 on the Color Table)
Pig-Nose shimmers like crystal
Six Legs
Eyes glow red with unnatural rage

[2] Stag (Horn attack at 1d8, two Hoof attacks at 1d6, regenerates 1 Hit-Point each exploration turn, Runs unimpeded thru foliage & is immune to Entangling Roots) Majestic stag with long branching antlers. It moves in total silence and disappears into brush.

Stag-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Has the face of an old man w/ long white Beard
Bird nest or bee hive in its Antlers
Flowers bloom from where its hooves step
Long, Snake-like neck
Smell of
petrichor follows it

[3] Wolf (Bite at 2d10, Can track scents) Majestic white wolf. Hugely predatory, but serene.

Wolf-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Mouth constantly drips blood
Tail is wrapped up in briers and thorns
Blue streak from end of nose to tip of the tail
Body streaked in symmetrical scars
Furless, skinless, muscle fibers and mad eyes
Instead of a white wolf, it's a black wolf

[4] Bear (Bite at 1d10, Two claw attacks at 1d8 each, +1 HD, enrages at half health increasing die size of all attacks by one unit and being unable to retreat, -25% Magic Resistance) Huge bumbling bear. Typically thought to be unintelligent and lazy, but fearsome.

Bear-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Many weapons stuck in its back
Bone ridges follow along its spine
Long, lemur-like ringed tail
Has human back-feet, leaves humanoid tracks like Bigfoot
Cool metal-band style facepaint

[5] Fox (Bite at 1d6, has an extra Nature Power, -2 Morale, shift Alignment one step towards Chaotic) The archetypal trickster, though lacking in direct strength.

Fox-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Fur color shimmers as it moves
Extra tails (Roll 1d8+1 for number of total tails)
Wears a shiny, fist-sized glass bead around its neck, tied on by a golden cord

Whiskers are many times longer then they should be, flow like they are trailing in water

[6] Horse (Kick attack at 1d10, Can Hoof-Stomp once every three rounds- save or be knocked prone, can Trample downed characters dealing 2d12, -4 Morale, Fast- cannot be escaped from or chased unless you have horses) Massive, majestic stallion or mare. Double the number of horses accompanying it- they are noncombatants.

Horse-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Flowers grow in its mane
Hooves are made of mossy stone

Looks wet and drips water like a Kelpie
Whinny ends in a thunderclap
Tail seamlessly transforms down its length into fog or mist

[7] Snake (Bite at 1d8- save or die poison, Constriction attack at 1d10 damage per round and can't move- must make a hard save to escape, +1 AC, surprises 4 in 6 times) Massive viper, bigger then an anaconda with emerald green scales.

Snake-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Scales are black instead
Eyes are milky white, as though blind.
(Can't see, but uses other scents equally well as sight)
Two tiny vestigial arms on upper body
Rattle on end of tail
Water constantly trickles down crest of head off tip of nose like snake-waterfall

[8] Lion (Bite at 1d12, Two claw attacks at 1d10, Roars at the start of combat causing morale check for hirelings and all mundane animals) Majestic, powerful, deadly. This lion spirit only appears with Lionnesses, as it is the King of the Beasts.

Lion-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Mane has appearance of space; filled with stars and galaxies
Ground quakes when it roars
Tip of its tail is bristled like a Morning-Star
Vestigial wings
Has the spots of a giraffe
OR Stripes of a zebra
Top of face is covered in forefather's skull like a helmet

[9] Crocodile (Bite at 2d8- if target is not killed will grip and deathroll, no save, knocks everyone prone who were adjacent and automatically hits each round until freed or target is slain, +1 AC, can swim) Great beast of the rivers. Prefers to attack from water, but can gallop as fast as a man on land.

Crocodile-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
White OR Pink
Tip of nose has a hand-shaped limb
(Can ambush from water if you try to "save" drowning victim)
Scales are knocked loose easily- turn into rose petals
Teeth are especially long, wicked, and scary looking
Fish frills & fins on arms and back, gills
Eyeballs are golden orbs
(Made of actual gold- worth 250c each when removed from corpse)

[10] Ape (Two Giant-Fist attacks at 1d8, can use weapons like boulders and logs, climbs, intelligent, cannot be surprised, shift Alignment towards Lawful) Massive Ape-Spirit of the forests and jungles. Travels with a trope who watch its back at all times.

Ape-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Blood red fur
Huge dumptruck ass
Wears facepaint
Hole in center of each hand
Big golden belly; slaps like a war drum

[11] Panther (Bite at 1d10, Two claw attacks at 1d8, surprises 5 in 6 times) Massive spirit of a predatory cat. Could refer to a black panther, but also to leopards for African inspired settings or Jaguars for South-American inspired places instead.

Panther-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
(After surprise round & in combat) Appears like a glowing psychedelic suggestion of a cat
Appears with a silver crown on its head. Doesn't fall off until dead.
(Treasure worth 300c)
Leaves behind black feathers when it jumps
Can walk weightlessly on any surface, like palm fronds or water
Inside of mouth/lips and nose are a weird color
(Roll 1d8 on the Color Table)

[12] Hawk (Beak at 1d8, Two Talon attacks at 1d12, flight, true sight) The powerful spirit of birds-of-prey; the hawk can see you from any distance and see the invisible and hidden.

Hawk-Spirit Appearance Subtable - (2 in 6 chance for each to be True)
Several rusted manacles adorn each leg, just above the talons
Instead of a Hawk, make it an Owl
(Silent flight instead of super-vision)
Has a massive, colorful plume on its head
Peacock style tail; works fine in flight
Wind kicked up by its wings is unnaturally cold

Spirit's Nature Power - Roll 1d8
Nature Powers are like spells for the purposes of saving throws and other mechanics, BUT cannot be countered and are immune to antimagic spells or antimagic fields- these are divine powers. Unless otherwise stated; Nature Powers can be used once per round.
[1] Regeneration (Heal itself or an ally by 1d6 once per round) Infused with life energy.
[2] Musk (Save or fail spells in adjacent squares, scent lingers for a turn.) Animal odor.
[3] Geyser (Deals 1d4 damage to random enemy) The ground splits, releasing boiling steam.
[4] Butterflies (Emits 1d3-1 Butterflies per round, if they land on a weapon they cannot be used to attack until knocked away or blown off) Tiny white butterflies of peace; make weapons impotent.
[5] Animate Golems (Creates 1d3 HD worth of Lesser Golems from surrounding area each round) Rocks, mud, sand, water, foliage all converge and twist into humanoid shapes every round.
[6] Acid Puke (Stream of acid deals 1d10 damage, Must give up Bite/Beak attack to use if it has one- otherwise can use freely. Throwing distance) Pukes up its stomach acid.
[7] Elemental Control (Roll 1d4- Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Creature can Control Elements in the area. Elemental blasts deal 1d6 damage) Creature has decent control over one of the four elements. Can be used to change terrain, throw projectiles, counter spells, etc. The element is only rolled once.
[8] Whirlwind (Moves thru, 1d4 damage to each it passes thru. Increase monster's base speed by +25%). Turns into a spinning gust of wind that can move through solid objects. If it moves through a creatures space, it deals damage to them from the whipping winds.

Why is this Spirit Angry? - Roll 1d8
[1] Bloated (+1 HD) Spirit is even larger then normal. Went mad after eating a full harvest.
[2] Bewitched (+25% Magic Resistance) Branded by arcane symbols- they failed to control it.
[3] Defiled (Acid resistance, Corrodes non-magic weapons that hit) Grove polluted by waste.
[4] Betrayed (+1 morale, +3 HP, 3 in 6 chance for each element on the Spirit Appearance subtable) Once worshiped guardian spirit, its pact broken. More otherworldly then the others.
[5] Iron Ball (+1 damage to attacks/powers, shift Alignment towards Evil) Evil human weapon, stuck in its flesh, festering.
[6] Petrified (+1 AC) Body is half stone, cracking and reforming, as though covered in plaster or hit with an unsuccessful Flesh to Stone spell.
[7] Beyond Sight (+1 To-Hit, Dispel illusions it looks at) Its eyes glow with supernatural being. It has seen things nothing of this world should; human sorcerers have contacted outer beings.
[8] Awakened (-2 to hit, -1 HD, -1 Damage to attacks/powers, double accompanying creatures) This spirit has only recently been awoken. Its anger is from the change sine the old times, though it is still sleepy and ignorant from its time spent dormant.

Spirit's Revenge - Roll d8
This is a constant effect that is constantly emitting from the angered spirit. This is its revenge against the intelligent races and peoples of the world who have angered it. This is how the spirit is retaliating against people; the effect is widespread and will hit everyone and everything in the area where it is. Assume a small valley worth of space or a full hex/hex + all surrounding hexes.
[1] Fear (Hirelings get -1 to morale rolls, -1 to all saving throws vs this Spirit) Nature's wrath.
[2] Rage (+1d6 HD animals accompany it) Fills the hearts of its kind with rage; move against man.
[3] Growth (Casts Entangling Roots at start of combat) Plants spring up to consume brick.
[4] Smoke (You take 1 more damage from every source) Bellows blackness. It is a spirit of death.
[5] Famine (Every day, use double rations) Hunger and bottomless bellies.
[6] Fire (Immune to Fire Damage, gains flame spew attack at 2d6 once per three rounds, save for half) This spirit brings forth nature's most destructive element. To burn for the regrowth.
[7] Destruction (Items break on attack rolls of 1 or vs rolls of 20) Machines tend to fail around it. The closer you get and the more complex the machine; the easier it fails. Anything manmade.
[8] Storms (Missiles have disadvantage to hit, low visibility) Surrounded by a storm. Could be a dust storm, thunderstorm, rain storm, hail storm, etc. Whichever fits the animal best.

Spirit Reaction-Check Rules
This spirit is usually of Neutral alignment, as it is both an animal and a being that supports that natural order of the world. But it is angered- angered at humans or intelligent races that bring technology, destroy the forest, strip the hills for metal, and bring death and subjugation to the animals.

As such, the creature is not normally aggressive but because of its anger, it will attack intelligent, bipedal beings. It has a 5 in 6 chance to attack humans or other races on sight. This chance is reduced by -1 for each of the following the party has when encountering the spirit.

  • Majority of the party hails from tribal/in tune with nature societies (including Elves)
  • Characters prostate themselves and do not make eye contact
  • Anyone in the party can Speak with Animals. Talking to it won't stop it from mauling you necessarily though.
  • Party has at least one wild animal companion. Dogs, cats, etc. don't count. Give this a +2 bonus instead of the animal companion is the same type as the Spirit; or they can talk in animal noises so the companion can defend these humans as being "the good ones".
  • If the Nature Spirit is a prey animal, then if nobody in the party has meat in their belly (has eaten meat for rations that day or the day before). If the Nature Spirit is a predator animal, then the opposite. If your character is biological incapable of eating plants/meat, then tough shit.

Optionally, you can also increase the chance of attack on sight by +1 for each of the following being true. For values over 6 on your X in 6 chance, consider adding every point over 6 to morale as it takes revenge on those who violate mother nature.

  • Carrying an open flame (torch, burning spell, etc)
  • Majority of the party made up of spellcasters (in settings where magic is "unnatural)
  • Anyone wearing fullplate/heavy armor
  • Anyone who is responsible for a large amount of environmental damage, like if you accidentally started a forest fire once or you are a nobleman who drained a swamp to build a castle and so on. Even without outward signs or proof of this, the spirit just knows what you did.

What does it do to the dead bodies of people its slain? - Roll 1d6
[1] Makes a loud howl; hundreds of vultures fly down to pick at the remains.
[2] Drags the bodies to the edge of clearings or the sides of the road bordering wilderness. Warning.
[3] Drags the bodies to trees and thickets- thrown for the roots.
[4] Eats them. Of course.
[5] Rips them up and wears their entrails around its neck. Stained red with invader blood.
[6] Pisses on them. This may seem purely spiteful, but it also speeds up how fast they decompose. Within 2 days the corpse is half liquefied, turned to rich soil with flowers sprouting from it.

What will the Spirit do for you if you manage to calm it? - 1d8
[1] Will raise a baby for you. The baby becomes a wild person, but in tune with nature.
[2] Lead you to a secret healing spring in the wilderness. Cures 1 mutation and restores HP.
[3] Lead you to an ancient burial site of a warrior. Buried with golden sword and silver shield.
[4] Teaches you one random nature spell. If you're a Druid, you get to pick the spell.
[5] Blessing of Power. Grants you +1d2 points of Strength and maximum Hit Points.
[6] Touches you on the forehead, marks you with a symbol. Animals of its type are now never aggressive towards you.
[7] Watching the majestic spirit clams your heart. Restore some sanity / heal 1d3 Mental attribute points / gain some Conviction if you're playing GLOG.
[8] Gives you a magic staff made of green wood. The staff grants magical powers over nature, and enhances natural spells cast by one caster level. The end of the staff has a green leaf which shows how much energy it has left; wilting and dying when the staff is expended.

What reaction does it have to Animal-People of its Type in the party? - 1d6
[1] Revulsion. Attacks them first.
[2] Curiosity.
[3] Confusion.
[4] Can't tell the difference between them and a man.
[5] Paternal/preening behavior. Doesn't want to kill them.
[6] Instant attraction. Engages courtship rituals.

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