Thursday, August 26, 2021

Big Scary-Ass Demon Generator

All Big Scary-Ass Demons begin with;

  • 9 HD
  • AC of 17
  • Cannot be Hit except by Magic weapons
  • Bonus to Initiative
  • Morale of 18
  • +6 to Hit
  • Two Attacks w/ Two Weapons
  • If the Demon is ever disarmed; can just throw hellfire bolts as a blast from open hand(s). Deals 1d8 magic fire damage at range. Add spell damage bonus to this.
  • Immunity to Fire
  • Magic Resistance at 25%
  • One Damned Soul who they are assigned to torment. The damned soul is carried by the Demon at all times, as it is a source of both constant amusement and a source of its sorcerous power. The damned soul can be invoked once every three rounds.
  • Aura of Malevolence - PCs or Hirelings of levels 1 to 3, or any other living thing with HD of 3 or less, cannot stand in the presence of this being. They automatically fail morale checks and, if they can't flee, collapse catatonic from its presence.
  • Casts Spells
  • Alignment of True Evil

Damned Soul Invocation Rules
The Damned Soul is the demon's puppet and plaything. It is trapped in whatever the demon has trapped it inside and is helpless to stop it from extracting whatever it wants. Whenever the soul is invoked, the demon can choose any of the following effects. If unsure, just roll 1d4 to see what it does.

  1. Lashes the soul with unbearable pain. It lets out an unholy gnashing scream; causing a morale check in Hirelings and Retainers.
  2. Questions the soul for anything it knew in life. The demon can find out anything it wants and as much information as it wants; it can learn your language even though its been underground for ten eons by sucking it from this soul so it can taunt you.
  3. Projects the soul into a temporary, partially-real body. The soul is under the total control of the demon, but may try to hint that it is helping it. This can be used for spying, or created at a distance to do something like pull a lever or stab someone in the back.
  4. Drains the soul of its energy and feeds on hope. The demon is healed by 3d6 Hit Points.

Demon's Favorite Sin - Roll d8
[1] Lust (Has a second Damned Soul) The husband and mistress, or whore and customer.
[2] Sloth (Goes last in Initiative, Knows +2 spells) Ponders a lot, thinks little.
[3] Heresy (+25% Magic Resistance, Turn Undead / Rebuke used against it acts as though it was 2 HD higher) Its body is adorned in blasphemous brands and tattoos. Extra vulgar in speech.
[4] Envy (Can copy a Player's Roll the round after) This is a bit of a pathetic trait for something so powerful, and yet it cannot help but want what it doesn't have.
[5] Wrath (Gains one extra Attack each round, can use either Weapon) Loves a good fight. Doesn't necessarily want a fair fight.
[6] Gluttony (+1 HD, farts rancid gas in adjacent space once per combat. Deals 1d6 toxic gas damage and inflicts a random disease if you breathe it) Corpulent, bloated, horrible.
[7] Greed (Encumbers everyone in party) Magically grows and makes heavier all gold, gems, and other treasures the party may be carrying. Double encumbrance or apply Encumbrance penalty.
[8] Pride (Aura of Malevolence is boosted to 5th level or 5 HD) It is framed in a dull infernal light. The root of all sins, and perhaps the worst one of all.

Demon's Horrible Visage - Roll d10
[1] Smooth (+1 AC) Faceless, its face is just a smooth spot, or coated in spikes and horns.
[2] Snout (+1 To-Hit) Snorts like a pig.
[3] Goat (+1 HD, +25% Magic Resistance) Sometimes you just gotta go with the classics.
[4] Golden Mask (Deals +2 damage with spells) Touch of the arcane, emotionless.
[5] Cyclops (Resistance to Lightning) Unblinking and uncaring.
[6] Ghoulish (Invokes Damned Soul every other round instead, Alignment to Chaotic Evil) Even more inhumanely cruel then you might expect.
[7] Handsome Red Man (Commands 3d6 Imps, Alignment to Lawful Evil) The stereotypical demon face, meant to be more "approachable" and "charming".
[8] Pitch Black (Casts Darkness / Extinguishes Torch) Skin is dark with few features, dark black fur covers it, blood red lips, glowing eyes burn.
[9] Maw (Gains Swallow attack. Requires free hand or to be in flight. Save or be swallowed by the demon, taking 1d6+ Demon's HD in damage per round) Toothy beak.
[10] Lion (Deals +2 damage with attacks) Proud, wrathful, lustful. The lion has many elements that contribute to the demon's mystique.

Demon's Twisted Body Feature - Roll d8
[1] Wings (Flight) Creates the smell of stagnant air.
[2] Snake Penis (Bites for 1d6; save or die poison) No, really.
[3] Spiked Tail (Tail attack, deals 2d4 damage on hit) Armored with chitin, tipped with hate.
[4] Spines (+1 AC) It's body is like a porcupine- from Hell.
[5] Sigil (+1 To-Hit, +50% Speed) Its skin is branded with glowing demonic marks. Empowered.
[6] Body Mouth (+1 HD, +1 damage with attacks) Has a huge mouth on it stomach. No stats for this; but if you're dumb enough to climb inside it'll bite for like 2d10 or something.
[7] Fabrics (Add +2 damage to spells, its Hellfire Bolts also roll 1d10) Long colorful streams of fabric; they are tied to rings hanging on hooks in the devil's skin.
[8] White (Immunity changed to Cold) Devil from the deeper levels of hell. Its entire body is changed to be white or light blue for its icy home.

Demonic Arsenal - Roll d10 Twice
This demon has two weapons, one in each hand, and gets a separate attack for each every round. All of the weapons here count as magic.
[1] Black Chain (Deals 2d4, Save or destroys all non-Magic equipment) Rusted manacle.
[2] Cleaver (Deals 1d20) Huge butcher's knife for chopping MEAT.
[3] Brimstone Flail (Deals 2d8, Stunned for one round when hit- no save) Burning stone.
[4] Pitchfork (Deals 2d10, reach) The polearm of hell.
[5] Hellish Maraca (Deals 2d4 OR can be shaken to call 2d6 Imps OR change the local weather) The devil maraca rattles with the bones of the damned; noise it makes sounds like screams.
[6] Torture Hook (Deals 2d6+2, can be used to Invoke Damned Soul) Can stuff into the Soul's prison in order to extract even more from it, but requires an action.
[7] Iron Hammer (Deals 2d8, Can groundslam- save or be knocked prone) Huge hammer used to free the demons. Slams the ground to cause it to shake; save or fall down- takes a round to stand.
[8] Flaming Whip (Deals 2d6, can Entangle requires save to escape) Whip made of fire and ended like a snake's tongue. Can wrap around legs with a sear or scorch wooden poles it entangles.
[9] Occult Staff (Deals 2d8, Add +2 damage to spells) Long staff of black metal, headed by a very phallic looking carving.
[10] Tooth Sword (Deals 2d10+2, double damage on attack roll of 20) Appears almost like a living thing; a fleshy sword with teeth and a single unblinking red eye. It hungers for your flesh and blood, and is one of the "living swords" which make up the devil's most powerful weapons.

What is the Damned Soul Trapped in/on? - Roll d8
[1] Birdcage, tied around the demon's waist.
[2] Lantern, which gives off the dark glow of hellfire.
[3] Swallowed by a large, toothless snake- up to the neck. Squirms helplessly.
[4] Transformed into a baby, with an adult's head. Squirms impotently.
[5] Crucified. Flops around like an ornament.
[6] Tiny mummified full-body "shrunken head" effect. Arms stitched to side, legs motionless.
[7] Transformed into a book. You can't tell its a person, except for the cover of stretched skin.
[8] Trapped within an unbreakable glass prism. Force on the outside of it sheds different colored light inside, which torments the spirit in different ways.

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  1. You can't beat the classics, they're classics for a reason. This is very cool, quite evocative yet familiar enough that you don't have to spend five minutes explaining what this thing actually looks like. Sure, lovecraftian horrors are great, but sometimes you just want a dude with goat horns and reversed joints.