Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Idea shamelessly stolen from an edgy Japanese Cartoon

When it comes to the undead, not all of them are raised by a necromancer. Perhaps some are self-raising from having an unjust or traumatic death, or maybe evil spirits stalk the land to inhabit the bodies of the dead; which is why a proper burial is preferred. But it could also be something that nobody has any control over; an astrological effect, or the result of necrotic energy that naturally raises the dead to attack the living.

In order to keep their numbers done, people are called to hunt down the zombies when they come out during the night of the year when they rise up from the dead; the living-dead night. While the zombies will burn and disappear when the sun comes up; having them able to wander around and try to break down barricades or find people hiding is bad, so distracting them with armed citizens called 'Exterminators' is the best way to prevent mass death. Some Exterminators may die, but for many its exhilarating.

As incentive to slay them and keep their numbers down during the night; the church has set up a prize system. Every dead person is buried with a metal plate in their neck, so when they rise again as a zombie the slayer can keep proof of their deeds. When enough plates are collected, you can turn them in for prizes.

But what sort of prizes do they offer?

(This is from Dorohedoro btw)

Living-Dead Plate Reward Table




Hard candies, bag of chips, plastic noisemakers, paper charm. Shit prizes.


One ticket for a random lottery. The grand prize is like $1000. Seems like a lot but its a lottery and you risked your life to kill three whole zombies and you aren't going to win it.


“I survived Living-Dead Night and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt” T-Shirt


Coupon for a free lunch for you and your friends at a local restaurant.


Hand knit blanket or pillowcases


Cans of spraypaint, firecrackers, etc. Appeals to that one insane group of children who kill zombies every year for fun.


Pet rats- start with two. For every three extra plates you turn in, get another one.


Ninja sword. Will break if you try to use it next year.


Small and convenient household appliance. Toaster oven, handheld radio, etc.


Actually useful appliances for households or small businesses. Air conditioners, meat grinders, small fryers, etc. Your PCs are shooting for this.


New car!

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