Friday, August 20, 2021

8 Powerful Curses countered by Very Common Things

This curse begins to rot the body with necromantic force. The target of this spell will take 2d6 damage per exploration turn, their skin rotting off and raw flesh showing underneath with deadly, putrid sores. If the effect of this spell would be lethal, the damage stops and instead they begin to lose -1 Constitution every day, until it reaches 0 and kills them. As such, for the duration of this spell, the target will essentially be between 1 and 12 hit points the entire time once their health drains the first time, and are unable to heal this back naturally.

This curse is easily thwarted with salt, either in or on the body. Pinch of salt in an open sore, or a salted ration eaten after the first turn of damage. This ends the spell and the person will recover their hit points at the normal rate, and their Constitution at 1 per day.

[2] Ethomo
This curse draws all of the victim's inner body heat to their outer body. It causes an instant, heavy sunburn along the entire outside of the body, and a case of hypothermia on the inside of the body. This curse is difficult to treat, as the outside of the body is too warm and uncomfortable to apply heat to, and the inside is too cold to cool off the skin without worsening the hypothermia. Anyone under the effect of this spell will find movement difficult (-2 to saves, -50% movement) from stiff, burnt skin and a cold interior. Victims of this spell are likely to go into shock if hit with a cold spell (save or be stunned for 2d6 rounds), and be permanently maimed by burnt and stretched skin all over.

This curse is instantly cured by touching any kind of reptile, including reptile leather.

[3] The Crumbling
Cast on a structure. This spell speeds up decay and entropy. Stone begins to dry and crumble, wood rots away and cracks, supports fail and colors fade away. This process doesn't cause earthquakes or anything like that, but causes damage at a rate that would take a team of experienced masons to combat. Over the course of a year, the average sized candle would become a partial ruin- with many weak spots in its wall, dried moat, and dangerous walls that might crumble during a powerful storm.

This curse is broken and ended by walking around the outside of the castle while throwing flowers in a clockwise direction three times.

[4] Fading to Black
This curse ebbs away the form of someone; their being becomes darkness. Every exploration turn, their physical stats are reduced by -1 point each, and every hour, they lose -1 HD; this is equivalent to level drain and as such they will lose their abilities, lose prepared spells in higher level spells slots, etc as their levels are drained away. Their body becomes harder and harder to see, becoming one with darkness around them, until eventually their mind and body fades away completely. Those destroyed by this spell become shadowy corners or rooms that never seem to catch enough light the right way from then on. If many people are cursed by this and fade at the same time, it is possible that the area they fade away in will become permanently enchanted as though under the effects of a supernatural Darkness spell.

This curse is broken when the victim of it is exposed to natural light. Fire counts as natural light.

[5] Grinning Gob
This spell transforms a person into a goblin. Their Strength modifier is set to -1. Treat their maximum hit points as equal to the minimum possible they could roll on their HD- so 1 per dice + Con bonuses. Their mouth is split ear to ear in a big dumb grin. Every time they try to do something that isn't walking, talking, or eating- they have to save or just laugh instead of doing.

This curse is broken if you tell them a joke that isn't funny three times. It still has to qualify as a joke, just a bad one. You can also end it even faster by throwing a ripe tomato at their face, if you can find one in your medieval Europe fantasy setting.

[6] Black Spot
The black spot is a mark placed on the back of the victim's hand, and is usually activated when somebody touches a heavily cursed object or protected lock or latch. The black spot is a known curse, widely known, so much so that people will refuse to house anyone with a spot, turn them away from their shops, throw stones to kick them out of towns, and so on. Anyone with the spot invites misfortune on themselves and others; all saving throws are made at -1 to both the victim of this curse and anyone within thirty paces. People with the mark who stay in the same place in too long (including vehicles; such as a week long or longer voyage on a boat) will also cause a minor accident to happen; randomly a lantern will get tipped over, a horse breaks their leg and goes lame, and so on.

This curse is broken by washing your hands with soap and water. It takes a few hours of good hard scrubbing, or a day in a hot spring or bathhouse to remove the dark mark, which eventually just fades and then disappears like an unslightly blemish.

[7] Downbending Defense
This spell is cast over a room, or on an object. When entities enter the area and move in the direction the caster doesn't want (such as towards a priceless artifact), the entities will begin to bend backwards, their bones and muscles in great pain as they are stretched and pushed down. Creatures move at half speed for every square or step they take, until moving forwards becomes too painful to do. Trying to force yourself forward past this point causes 1d6 damage. Walking backwards ends the effects early and restores the damage, but of course means you are farther away from your objective.

This curse can easily be beaten by simply crawling on the floor.

[8] Door of Death
This spell conjures a black metal door, which free stands wherever it is cast. The door will slowly open once conjured, sucking out the life force and head from all within a cone towards it- the vacuum sucks away 1d8 hit points per round, and also sucks away heat to chill the target, slowing movement speed by -20% per round. Once the movement speed penalty reaches -100% or more, the victim of this spell cannot move. Anyone slain by this spell has their body and soul sucked out through the door, and it slams shut after the first being killed by it dies, disappearing for good. They cannot be revived through magic short of divine intervention to retrieve their soul from that dark place.

This spell can be easily countered by just closing the door. You can use a rope lasso around the handle at range if you can't reach the handle.

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