Saturday, August 7, 2021

Glove of Tanner

Glove of Tanner
- +1 Magic Glove
Stats- +1 AC

This is a magic glove. It's made of leather, roughly stitched. This glove is infused with a sort of sense of regal humility, a down to earth honesty, and tried-and-trueness that makes it a reliable piece of equipment, despite its appearance. Despite only being made of leather and only being a single glove; grants +1 AC as long as you have it on your hand.

The glove provides two effects. The first is that if you physically touch a humanoid being with it during a reaction check (handshake, clap on the shoulder, etc.) the reaction check cannot roll a result lower then a 7 or neutral reaction.

The second is that the glove provides +1 To-Hit with all one handed weapons or daggers held in the hand. It is not two gloves, just one, and it is a left glove.

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