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Garden District- The Sunk

The Sunk is a district of Garden half buried in a massive sinkhole. The sunk was once a pretty quiet, generic little district of the nightlight city until a massive earthquake caved it in. The sunk's lonely buildings still stand there, sticking out of the pit at odd angels. Even stranger, people still live in some parts of this district, many of whom were original residents refusing to move. The Sunk is by far one of the darkest parts of the city once you go past the last few illuminated streets, but even stranger how you'll see the occasional light on, pouring in through the window of one of those long abandoned highrises; who could possibly be up there?

The sunk is very dangerous, but all of its old buildings are still ripe for the plundering. There's a feeling of a “gold rush” in this part of the city, as though the sweeps are coming in to make their fortunes digging through the monster infested crumbled structures. Many of the local residents despise them in equal parts to loving the business they bring. Several inns, armor and weapon outfitters, suppliers, and gun smiths have set up shop in these neighborhoods looking to equip any urban explorers. The ones who make it back do so with loot underarm, empty magazines, and usually a few members missing.

The Sunk's residents are a pretty diverse bunch, with few races dominating the makeup. The “old blood” of this town are mostly larger, stronger people. The gray skinned rhinoceros people, the stone-flaked Gravelkin, and the heavy handed Manosians are common sights along the slanted central streets. The kids here are a lot more diverse, with many of them playing in the streets until one of them drops a ball, rolling it into the blackness beyond the last lamppost, and having to go in for the night. None of them will dare brave the darkness.

Despite its looks, the Sunk has become a wealthy part of town due to the treasure scrapping business and the various stores that supply the sweeps. This extreme influx has wealth despite the cracked and crumbling exterior of this place lead to strange sights; a newly chromed hover-car sitting atop a dilapidated lawn. Women dressed in the finest fashions visible through cracked windows. This is also evident in the huge amount of firepower the Sunk's residents have invested in. Scan the rooftops of this district to see many dusty hatted men, sitting up on the rafters of the various buildings armed with rifles, vigilant against the creatures in the dark just down the block.

Notable Characters – Roll 1d4

[1] Octopus Jones – 8 HP, 1 Armor, 2d10 sniper rifles

Large orange octopus man with two heads. Assures everyone that the second head is of the same consciousness as him, it's not two separate people, the bottom one can't even talk. Spends much of his time on the roof of Milk Tower, the tallest straight-standing building in the sunk. Use 1 Clout with him and he'll help watch your back with his rifles while you explore the Sunk.

[2] Joja “Swamp” Mancy – 14 HP, 2 Armor, 1d6 snub-pocket shotgun

Crocodile-like person with a big fat belly and a straw hat from his homeworld. Sulks around the basements and service tunnels of the sunk, trying to map what areas have been cut off or opened up by the old sinkhole, notifies enforcers of any strange activity. Secretly loves bubblebaths and has a collection of salts and soaps; will buy at top dollar.

[3] Iota – 12 HP, 1 Armor, 1d8 sawblade sword, 1d4 needle-nosed pocket pistol

Broad shouldered blue person with a tiny, triangular head. Not a fan of of the looters that are constantly coming into his neighborhood, but can be won over by those with spirit and who aren't totally self centered. He wants to reclaim the sunk one block at a time by putting up lights and getting construction crews to help rebuild the old crumbling buildings. Doesn't have any money to accomplish this.

[4] Fernad Blackshoe – 6 HP, 1 armor, 1d6 drum-loaded submachine gun

Keeps his gun under the counter. Looks more or less like a human but with huge black-club like feet and a more round face. One of the main shopkeepers of the area, selling guns, ammo, lights, medical items, food, and all kinds of other useful supplies. Desires one of the more weird creatures of the Sunk to be captured and sold back to him, which he hints at in conversations. Underpays for them.

Notable Gang – Black Dandies

Manpower- 4
Outcasts (-2)

There are thousands of tiny, insignificant gangs in Garden. The black dandies, even among them, are an outlier for living more or less seperated from the rest of the city. Many of their number are made up by infamous bookies who owe everyone money, crazy conspiracy-theorists, and urban survivalists. They are extremely mysterious and don't let anyone into their group they don't know. Someone within their gang has the ability to build and/or maintain clockwork weapons, that work much the same as a regular chimney but that make a distinct clicking noise as they ready up for combat.

The black dandies rarely use subterfuge or live among the normal population, only having a few helpers/informants to help buy necessities. As such, their grip is tenuous.

Their leader is Enjuaro, who wears a black mask with black feathers naturally growing from his slender, avian head. Prefers to swordfight people over shooting them, but still mostly relies on his clockwork rifle (+2 to hit, cartridges)

Notable Location – Black Hole

Each district of Garden has a location that is attractive to sweeps- a notable location is a dungeon or place of urban exploration with great riches or mystery within. The black hole is no exception. This hole is near the center of the crater'd district and opened up at what was once a public park. The hole is very dangerous, as the earth nearby it is likely to give way and various monsters congregate or crawl out every so often. The only way to enter is to tie a rope around a nearby structure or support and rappel down 45 ft into a pitch black cave system; the only light coming from the clean-cut openings to the white service tunnels far overhead.

Random Encounters in the Sunk - 1d10

[1] Random bullet ricochets inches from your foot- one of the snipers mistook you for a monster. 1 in 10 chance that they'll follow up with a better aimed shot.

[2] You hear clanging and scrapping along a nearby overturned building. It's 1d6 Hookmen, dangling upside down and looking for prey like yourself.

Hookmen (2 HD, 1 armor and +2 defense when hanging, 1d6 melee rusted hook-hands, can climb)

These creatures look barely like a humanoid race, but with long narrow metal mouths rusted shut. Instead they attack with their hook-hands, seeking to pierce flesh. They inhabit the Sunk and scratch strangely shaped marks, almost resembling letters, into the brickwork of the rubble.

[3] Snappy dresser handing out permits to scavenge through the ruins, he demands $50 for each person in your party. It's total bullshit, but you'll get +1 to the first reaction check where you pull out the permits and insist you have permission to intelligent characters.

[4] Group of looters, digging through the bricks for pots, pans, and other valuable salvage. There are 1d6 of them, and they are armed with random firearms. Roll reaction check if your party is carrying a large valuable item to see if they try to mug you for it.

[5] Broken foundation reveals an unnaturally dark spot, which moves like a blob. It attacks if you shine light on it for more then a few seconds.

Dark Cloud (3 HD, only takes 1 damage from muzzle flashes, no defense roll or armor, takes damage from light, deals 1d6 psychic stress damage each round to everyone in it; then deals 1d4 regular damage to hit points for those passed out from stress)

[6] 1d8 Black Dandies (1 HD, +1 armor, 1d6+1 thick barreled clockwork pistol) Mysterious group of squatters, searching for loot in the ruins. Wear strange old style outfits and use clockwork guns, which function the same as the scrappy oily guns the rest of you yucks use.

[7] 1d4 Kangaroo Spiders (2 HD, +1 armor, 1d6 kick and 1d4 bites with kick venom. If kicked after getting kick venom you explode backwards into a wall and take 1d12 damage) Large hairy brown spiders that rest on huge kangaroo type legs. Their venom makes whoever suffers from it take massive damage from the next blunt impact they take; usually from the spiders massive legs.

[8] Nearby the sound of glass breaking and crunching can be heard. High up on one of the dark and dilapidated buildings are 2d10 Glass Lemurs, who will leave the party alone as long as they don't shoot at them or break any glass. These Lemurs eat glass, and have several injection sites along their rear as well as scars on their bellies as though they were subject to experimentation.

Glass Lemurs (1 HD, 1d4 glass shard spit, on death deal 1d4 damage to all adjacent from exploding glass filled stomach, if they fall they also explode like this when they hit the ground)

[9] Roll on General Gang Table.

[10] Roll on General Encounters Table.

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