Sunday, August 15, 2021

Cruel Witch Hunter(s) Generator

Art @Yuri Chuchmay

How do the Witch Hunters identify if someone is a magic user?
- Roll d8
[1] They use spies, beggars, and anyone who is willing to rat people out for pay.
[2] Through investigations, fingerprinting, magic-energy detecting tools, all very official.
[3] Some people are sensitive to magic without being able to use it. They become Witch Hunters.
[4] Throw them in the river with weights. If they float, witch. If they sink, they're not. Easy.
[5] They've trained a breed of cat that can see magical auras; they hiss if you got the taint.
[6] Special crystal formations glow when touched by magic energy. Just a few drops of blood from a Wizard will make it light up.
[7] All magic users have some kind of tell; heterochromia, no wisdom teeth, unusual birthmark, sixth toe, white streak in the hair, etc. At least, the Witch Hunters think they do.
[8] They use dowsing rods, knucklebones, and tarot cards. (If you draw the Magician, you're fucking dead.) This divination is something anyone can technically do, so it isn't Magic okay?

What is the most common equipment of the Witch Hunters? - Roll d4
[1] Whatever they can scrap together. Plucky, unpaid, mostly a mob.
[2] Light armor, many use bows. Better to just avoid spells then try to survive them.
[3] Medium armor. Coats of plates and brigandine. Can handle mages and their monsters.
[4] Fully armored knights. Terrifying. Armor may have anti-magic properties.

How do the Witch Hunters defend themselves against Magic? - Roll d10
[1] They carve special Runes into their flesh, granting protection.
[2] Superstitions. They carry salt, tie their belts in knots, and nail a horseshoe over the door.
[3] The armor they wear negates or seriously weakens spells. Special ore.
[4] They know about the workings of magic. Attack when you are drained of energy.
[5] They are protected by their magic hating God. Holy symbols can "Turn" magic effects.
[6] Incredible willpower. Cultivated via painful initiation rites and iron-hard discipline.
[7] They use holy magic, not the bad kind. Includes healing, protection, and smiting spells.
[8] They wear and carry relics; bones and severed fingers and the ashes of saints.
[9] They drink each others' blood when they join the order. Bad juju is shared collectively, dark curses and enchantments dispersed over a thousand hardened hearts.
[10] They brew special tea made from rare herbs, which grants magical resistance when drunk. Guaranteed to have very bad long term mental and physical effects.

What cruel methods of execution do they use on witches they catch? - Roll d10
[1] Burn at the stake, until only ash remains. Classic.
[2] Pressing with heavy stones. Very cruel plus forces their air out so its hard to speak a curse.
[3] They don't kill them, just cut out their tongues and permanently lobotomize them with drugs.
[4] Trepanning. Followed by molten lead poured in the hole.
[5] Buried alive- face down, so no demons can climb out of your throat.
[6] Locked in an iron coffin, then thrown into the ocean. No holes for water to enter either.
[7] Slam them in the head with a warhammer. Multiple times. Until flat as a pancake.
[8] First blinded, then impaled on lead-tipped spears outside of the town as a warning.
[9] Strapped on a table, ribcage sawed open, organs are ripped out one by one. This is done to search the inner cavity of the body for tiny homunculi.
[10] They are locked in a cell with hundreds of starving rats and flesh-eating insects. After a few days, the inside of the cell is fumigated with poison gas.

Who is the fanatical leader of the Witch Hunters? - Roll d8
[1] Zealous old man, religious fanatic.
[2] Duplicitous fat noble. Using this to further ambitions; removes rivals with accusations.
[3] Beautiful woman; actually a sorceress. Collecting knowledge from slain magic users.
[4] Mask wearing stranger. They are a mystery- their blood is very anti-magical.
[5] Angelic figure said to represent a God of the pantheon; orders slaying of magic users in golden light. Is actually a demon of persecution in disguise.
[6] Council of three venerated martial artists. Once they defeat all magicians, they will be the strongest three beings in the world; thus they have made this pact.
[7] Fiery youth. His life has been nothing but suffering and hardship- seeing mages with luxury and ease conjured from their hands was the final straw.
[8] Friendly, kind, understanding. Doesn't torture for information, just asks politely. The moment you confess- he'll send you to your torturous death with a smile. Scariest fucker on this list.

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