Sunday, April 25, 2021

6 Spells made by your Apprentice

These are some spells made by your dumbass apprentice. Roll on the table every downtime turn they have no assignment and have time to just screw around in the arcane laboratory.

6 Spells made by your Apprentice
Broken String Repair
Useful to repair a broken string on a lute, a strap, a drawstring for a bag of holding, etc. When the spell is cast, a length of the caster's hair flies out and takes the place of the cord. You still have to snip your hair off at the right length, as your hair is tied to where the string should go. If you have short hair, it'll hurt a lot more and suck up some body hair to finish the string too.

[2] Firestarter
Lights the end of your finger on fire, like a match. This fire deals no damage and doesn't hurt, at least. The fire on your finger can be used to light other fires- the fire on your finger goes out after a full turn. No, you can't turn it off early.

[3] Suction Cleaning
This spell creates a magical vortex of air in a container or bag that sucks up the air in a room; along with it taking in the dust, particles, and small insects around the place. Useful for cleaning. However, this spell has two drawbacks. First, if used in a space without good ventilation, it will create an airless place where you can't breathe. Second, if too much is sucked up into a bag, it becomes highly pressurized and will explode when opened, dropped, or pierced dealing 1d4 damage from a powerful sonic blast, that deafens for the same number of rounds.

[4] Pressure Finger
Creates a pillar of "pressure" that extends from the end of a finger pointing in whatever direction the finger is pointing. The closer one pushes their finger towards the next solid object in its path, the more pressure is applied. This pressure can be used to press switches, activate pressure plates, knock small objects off shelves, etc. at about a distance of 10 feet. Can only do one "thing" per casting.

All of the effects of this spell could be replicated by an (unlimited use) 10 ft pole.

[5] Bone Blast
By holding a bone by one end and pointing the other, this spell releases the death-energy within the dead body part and fires it out like a roman candle. The caster must make a d20 + Int modifier To-Hit roll vs the target's AC for the bolt to connect.

Deals 1d3 damage for a human bone, 1d6 damage for a giant monster bone, 2d6 for a demigod bone, and so on. The bone is splintered apart and charred black after being used. Actually not a bad spell, but needs a bone and magic missile is probably still more useful.

[6] Wickerweave
Requires several sticks, twigs, and bits of straw. The resulting parts are sown together over the course of 1d4 turns to create a piece of furniture, equipment, or tool. The wicker version of the item works exactly as well as a base version of the item would work without bonuses but is made of wicker; so a wicker shield acts as a regular shield of its size but burns up if hit with fire, etc.

The wicker item, after being made, works as intended for one turn. Then, it ceases its enchantment and will fall apart or become as brittle as anything made of wicker.


  1. "You're not much of a Wizard Dave, but you'll make a helluva basket weaver."

    1. "Not what I would have done, but you still get the mark."