Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ring Dragon

Usually, you can only wear two magic rings. One on each hand, or sometimes one on each ring finger. There's usually a contrivance as to why- the magical energy fields need to be kept apart if you try to wear multiple rings! Or the magic only works if powered by your heart- hence one per arm, else the bloodflow of magic would be too weak if split among multiple rings per hand. Sometimes you can wear more then just one a hand; but the powers don't always play nice together.

However, magic rings are among some of the most common magic items, and they can be worn by anyone; both those who use swords, use stealth, or cast spells are equally enriched by a good magic ring. This means that, naturally, a wealthy and successful adventuring type may find themselves with an excess of many magic rings they can't use. Some rich men have tried to find ways to get rid of their stockpile of magic rings, which would otherwise just sit around and collect dust in some treasure room.

But what about those few who are beyond “rich”? The immortals, the Gods, the great elven kings and queens who have lived for eternities? Once you have found your pair of best magic rings, what to do with the troves of them you have laying around? What possible use could there be for such a mass of unwanted and hoarded jewelry?

Ring Dragon
(12 HD, +8 To Hit, +9 AC, claw attack at 1d8+1, tail attack at 1d6+1, hits are magic, flight, Arcane Fire Breath at 6d6, spells)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- However many you can afford (only one)

The Ring Dragon is an artificial construct of magic. It is an incredibly powerful artificial creature- possessing both more wrath and personality then a golem, with all the magnificence of a dragon. Its body is made up of a combination of magic rings, magic ash, melted precious metals, and solidified magical energy. The gemstones studded in the rings it is created with appear just underneath its skin; covered by a layer of waxy ash. Most dragons despise these beings; as they are both more powerful then a dragon and yet incredibly attractive to one- they want to be the one to slay a Ring dragon, take its golden bones and jeweled hide and add it to their hoard.

It requires a truly impressive, unthinkable amount of wealth to create one of these. No estimates truly capture the cost, but 10,000,000,000c is a rough estimate to start.

The Ring Dragon is more powerful then a regular dragon, though it lacks some of a dragon's intelligence. The Ring Dragon's entire body is infused by the magic of the rings used to create it, and as such its hits, scales, and attacks all count as magic. It can also fly regardless of the state of its wings, because of magic, and cannot be grounded with a grapeshot cannon blast in the same way a more flesh and blood dragon might. The Ring Dragon cannot bites, as its “muzzle” is bound by the rings used in its creation, but it has a fearsome breath weapon- Arcane Fire. This bright blue fire burns objects with supernatural vigor and ignores normally fire retardant materials. It is hotter then hell and can be used once every 3 rounds as per a normal dragon.

The dragon cannot open its mouth to eat, but instead consumes both magic ash (inhaled afters its fire breath burns magical materials to ingest) and it absorbs ambient magical energy, once again sucked up by its nostrils- the dragon doesn't require much “food” to survive as an artificial being, but it does seek to gluttonously consume mana as any dragon would food. Because its such a large beast, it can drain huge amounts of magical energy whenever it feeds- enough to deplete a layline or sites of magical importance after just a few feedings.

In my games, Dragons can't cast spells. They are strong enough all ready. But the Ring Dragon is made of magic; it has some of the powers of the rings used to create it. The Ring Dragon innately knows a collection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells and can cast them as a 6th level magic user. It can't learn any new spells, these are just the ones it has inside of it. If any of the magic rings has a famous power or curse associated with them used in this dragon's creation; let the dragon have a modified version of this that is either cast like a spell or an aura which negatively curses though who strike it.

Finally, the Ring Dragon is a creation. It is designed and made to serve its master, but its immense power and draconian form give it a pride that is hard to control. When this dragon is made, roll 3d6 to determine its Loyalty, as you would a newly made Hireling. Roll a d20 under this amount to get the dragon to do anything that goes against its behaviors, or anything that puts it in danger. Note- roasting a village or killing a group of adventures is not “danger” to this dragon. If the roll under fails, the dragon either goes to sleep and refuses the order or does the order anyway but begrudgingly, and permanently lowers its Loyalty score by 1.

Ring Dragon Behaviors
Roll to get the dragon to do something besides these, OR roll to stop it from doing these.
  • Kill anyone (besides its Creator) who enters its lair.
  • Burn magical flammable magic items- wooden wands and staves, spellbooks, etc.
  • Hoard and protect metal magic items and treasure (roll to take anything)
  • Consume large quantities of ambient magical energy and sleep for 2d6 years.

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