Friday, January 1, 2021

Really Strong = Laser Vision

So this one time, I got into a very stupid debate with someone about what “magic” is in a fantasy world, where the physical laws of reality in that fantasy world would be totally different from our own. All you need to know is that I was right and smart, other guy was wrong and a poop head, etc.

However- it got me thinking of something very specific. And that is- what if having the ability to fire laser beams from ones eyes is a trainable skill? It's a sort of function of Strength. Basically, being really strong means you can focus your vision to the point where it can kill people.

Laser Vision
Laser Vision isn't a magical skill. It isn't a spell, it's a natural function of one's eyes if one becomes strong enough. You see- the eye is a muscle like any other, and being able to use it to focus ones attacks to kill foes is as much a function of the eye as focused rays of force. It can't be counterspelled nor is it subject to magic resistance; this is as physical as getting stabbed with a sword. However, a mirror shield works wonders against an eye-beam, and reflects the damage right back at its user.

In order to fire an eye beam, you must have a Strength modifier of +4 or better. This counts regardless of if you have Giant Strength or not- even giant creatures need to be strong in comparison to other giant creatures. In the same way the weakest human is stronger then the strongest worm, you still need to be an exceptional human to be able to fire eye beams.

To fire one's eye laser- one must focus all of their mental energy and stare at a target. The beam will emit as a red colored beam of energy- it creates intense heat and a dull glow, as well as being powerful through concussive force. The beam uses your To-Hit modifier from your class + Strength modifier to hit. When it hits, it deals 1d6 + Strength modifier in damage.

After firing an eye beam once, you must lower your Strength modifier by -1 for the rest of the day. This is muscular exhaustion. Despite the energy beam coming from your eyes, it drains ALL of your body's strength and resources to fire even a basic beam. As such, you can only fire it a few times per day. Also, your other combat abilities will suffer for using an eye beam, as you have exhausted yourself. However, the eye laser can do things regular attacks cannot, such as attacking at range, cutting through ropes, lighting something on fire, and so on.

If this ability is STILL too unrealistic for you, just make it a Special Move.


  1. This sounds like an interesting anime-style Charles Atlas superpower. If high enough Strength can give you eye beams, can high enough Dexterity give you flash step and/or ability to run on water; high enough Constitution the ability to block blades with your bare hands; high enough Intelligence a Jedi-esque blindsight, etc?

  2. I think you'll be very interested to read about the ancient Greek/Roman theory on how vision consisted of beams of light shooting from the eye and bouncing off the things beheld.

    1. Nice, I love emission theory. I sometimes wonder if it was the original basis for "heat vision" in superhero media.