Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Really overcomplicated explanation on how a "Ring of Glamour" might work

Ok so imagine you find a magical ring that can change what you look like. It isn't like "yeah you can make yourself look young or old, or turn invisible, or change into a different person in appearance", no that's not good enough this has to be REALLY specific and explain every detail.

The above explanation of just "can make you look different however you want" is more then fine, good even, so I don't know why I randomly made up this ruleset for it but hey, here you go. Maybe this Ring was made by an autistic illusionist or this is how you can imagine it works because you need the exact actual method of doing it in case you get Isekai'd into a fantasy world or something.

Ring of Glamour
This magic ring appears as a simple golden band in its default state. When placed on a finger, this ring can control one specific aspect of your appearance, which is shifted or activated based on how it is turned and on which finger it is placed on. When you have the ring on and you twist it on your finger, it changes your appearance based on the way its turned, the effect becoming more extreme the longer you twist it in that direction.

What if you are missing a finger? Can't alter that element of your appearance. Pulling the ring off at any point will end the effect in an instant, so you can only have one effect from one finger on at once unless if you have multiple rings.

Also feel free to use this as a magic effects table at 1d10 with a d2 to choose the effect.

[1] Left Pinkie: Controls your hair or fur. Clockwise makes it appear longer, fuller, and more luxurious. Counterclockwise makes it look spottier, thinner, or as though it is falling out. If you go too far counterclockwise you'll look bald eventually, but you can never really stop going clockwise as your hair will just get unnaturally longer and longer looking until it strains believably. Also effects body hair and facial hair about as much as you'd expect.

[2] Left Ring Finger: Controls your apparent age. Clockwise makes you look older, counterclockwise makes you look younger. Mostly centers around the face, body height and size don't change.

[3] Left Middle: Controls your "brightness"- includes your skin, hair, fur, clothes, etc. Clockwise makes it lighter, Counterclockwise makes it darker. Skin will appear as natural as it can, but if turned too much you'll appear as an albino or like a pitch black shadow person. Doesn't change colors, just dark/light hue. Your eyes and teeth will also not be changed, so if you go all black you'll look like a spooky floating face if you smile or your pupils will look like demon eyes if you go all white during a blizzard.

[4] Left Index: Controls color of your outfit. Will not effect highlights or accents, or natural colors like metal/wood/leather, just dyed colors such as for a gameson or tunic. Turning the ring will shift the colors along the spectrum.

[5] Left Thumb: Changes you apparent size. Clockwise makes you look bigger, counterclockwise is smaller. You still see the world from the perspective of your illusion form, but can't touch anything unless you could touch it anyway. Making yourself look really small can make you basically invisible except you'll get lost in grass and bump into everything since your eyes are down there.

[6] Right Thumb: Controls how rich you look versus how poor you look. Changes your clothes, smell, and apparent health and grooming as well. Clockwise makes you look richer and more attractive, counterclockwise poorer. Isn't quite the same as "just looking better", as it mostly just applies magical makeup. If you go really far counterclockwise you'll start to look like a sick, starving leper with spots growing over your body and stuff, but if you go really far clockwise your appearance will change into a parody of the ultra rich like you'll have a powdered wig and really pronounced makeup and stuff.

[7] Right Index: Changes how much noise you generate. This apples to both your voice as well as footfalls. Clockwise boosts sound, counterclockwise reduces it. If you go really far clockwise your voice will deal 1d4 damage like yelling in a megaphone and really far counterclockwise will just totally silence you and your noises.

[8] Right Middle: Controls your smell. Clockwise increases your smell, Counterclockwise decreases it. Note that "your smell" can be nasty BO or natural nice pheromone spell, whatever your characters own abilities and hygiene standards meet. Only really useful for scaring people away or avoiding animals.

[9] Right Ring: Changes how opaque you are. This only works on your physical body and the ring itself; clothes and items are not effected. This one works a little differently; Clockwise makes you look more and more transparent; eventually leading to full invisibility. Counterclockwise instead does the same BUT to your reflection. Cranking it counterclockwise will make you look like a vampire since you'll have no reflection.

[10] Right Pinkie: Controls the color of your eyes. Turning the ring will shift it along the color along the spectrum. If you close one eye while you do it, it "locks" the color it has in place, so that way you can finally have your heterochromatic donut-steel character.

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