Thursday, January 28, 2021

[Class] Destructive Star Physician

This class's name was randomly generated by this random generator, which I was smitten by.

Destructive Star Physician
Max AC- 13 / Minimum Hit-Points- 4

You are a doctor, but not just any doctor. You know about the Others, the star children, the Great Old Ones. To you, human biology, and indeed the biology of any living creature, is objectively inferior to the biology of these otherworldly astral beings. As much as possible, you want to stretch the limits of what a living thing can be. You hurt people pretty much as much as you help them.

You are a healer first and foremost, and can heal people using first aid and medical items. You can use two healing items in a downtime turn (10 minute period) at level 3, three healing items at level 6, and four healing items at level 9. Healing dice are split up among multiple patients and/or damage types.

Your knowledge of anatomy also grants you a bonus to combat. You gain +1 damage on hit with all attacks at levels 4 and 8.

While you are a doctor and physician, your main goal lies in the ascension of raw, mundane flesh into that of the star beings and others beyond. Starting at level 2, you may experiment on any willing (or unconscious) party member. You may only experiment once per level, but can experiment on the same party member multiple times every time you level up, if you want to make a freakshow. 

At levels 2 thru 4, roll a d4 on the table below.
At levels 5 thru 7, roll a d6 on the table below.
At levels 8 and 9, roll a d8 on the table below.
At level 10 and above, roll a d10 on the table, or pick the result if you're within your laboratory.

Star-Physician Experiment Table
The Doctor loses 1d3 Wisdom, the Patient loses 1d6 Charisma or goes partially insane.
[2] Patient takes 1d8 points of acid damage. This patient cannot roll this result a second time.
[3] Patient gains 1d3 points to a random physical stat (Str, Dex, Con) but loses -1d6x10% of their remaining life expectancy.
[4] Patient is healed from all wounds, and gains +2 permanent maximum HP. The patient is also now host to several alien parasites; they must eat an extra ration per day.
[5] Patient is immune to all earthly diseases and ghoul paralysis. However, they must save vs death if struck with a silver weapon.
[6] Patient rolls on a mutation table. If the mutation does not have any beneficial effects, reroll.
[7] Doctor has removed an important organ from the Patient- heart, lungs, or pancreas. The patient gets +2 to all saving throws, but if the organ is destroyed outside of their body they will die.
[8] Patient now has a poisonous bite that deals 1d6 damage on a failed save. If rolled a again, it is now poison spit. If rolled again, poisonous blood.
[9] Roll a random Damage Type (1d8 for damage types here) OR a random element. The patient now takes half damage from that damage type. The Patient is also now an Other and does not "detect" as their original race or type of being.
[10] Patient is now ageless, and appears stuck at whatever age they were when this experiment took place. The patient also has a strange symbol tattoo'd on their body, and their mind is filled with a Terrible Knowledge.

At 10th level, you become an Astral Healer and can astral project your consciousness at will. This allows you to seek things and see the unseen, but every time you do the DM will add +1d6% to a DOOM tracker hidden from you. Every time you astrally project, there is a d% chance your spirit will be taken by something out there and your body will die without a soul.

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