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In the chain of limits and the grand cosmic order of the universe; you could imagine mortals, you, as a caterpillar. You could imagine the realm you live in as the tree- the branches are your race, your nation, your “role” in the party, and so on. With enough time and effort, a mortal could metamorphose into something greater- capable of traveling realms and getting a greater respective. These mortals are not even close to the level of Gods; the Gods of your world are like the squirrels and the birds. They are above mortals, having the absolute ease of being able to travel the “branches” as they please, and can move between the worlds if they wish- though they may nest in a specific tree, their freedom is far greater then that of mortals, and as a result they see much more of the whole truth.

At the base of the trees are the foxes and badgers and ants. These creatures are death to a mortal, and sometimes death to a God who strays too far down. These are the elder horrors- the beings from outside the realities and the in-between spaces. The Gods worry and fight them as best they can, to avoid their “tree” being corrupted or slowly eaten away, the mortals oblivious and powerless. They know what is beyond the trees- though they are alien and hazardous to all understood beings. For this, they have an even greater width of knowledge and understanding of the world.

Fix that picture in your mind. The orchard of the universe. Now imagine the woodsman. He whistles as he walks with his axe and snare traps, picking between the trees at his whim. He may fell one or plant one anew, each tree is just one of many. The woodsman does not only understand the orchard and its purpose; he is its master.

The woodsman? That's what the Gods Above Gods are like.

Art @Marcos Lopez
HD- Infinite
Morale- N/A
Attacks- (Always Hits) Boundless Harpoons at 100d100 Damage
Aboveness, Leviathans, Boundless, That-Which-Is-Greater

Pytckpt is the levithan hunter. Upon the creation of the idea of creation, he was created just before. Growing bored with reality before it started, Pytckpt decided to spend all of eternity hunting the great leviathans that swim the endless oceans of the spaces between spaces.

All of the Gods-Above-Gods have Aboveness. This means that they instantly know if they are mentioned, their names written or spontaneously gathered from wandering minds in the cosmos. They can locate anything they wish anywhere and teleport there at any time. They are never surprised and can never be escaped from, any always surprise whoever they wish to. They can also appear at any size they wish and can shape shift into anything they wish with any number of attacks, spell-like abilities, or weapons and equipment they wish as often they want. They can also take as many actions per combat round that they wish. They can enter dimensions that have been sealed with the Closing of the Gate after 1 turn of phasing through the wall between worlds. This ability is the same for all of the Gods-Above-Gods and is simply mentioned for Pytckpt for reference.

This being enjoys hunting the great leviathans. He slayed the second greatest of all the leviathans in daring voyage along the star oceans- to him it was a legendary long journey which lasted the same amount of time it took for the first atomic mass in the universe to shed its first electron. Beyond hunting them, Pytckpt also raises and trains some of these unmatched entities and can call 20d20 of them into battle at any time. Each Leviathan has the same stats as a Tarrasque but can fly and travel at a rate of one galaxy per day. Pytckpt chose to slay the second greatest of all leviathans so he could hunt the greatest one at the very end of all times- he even allowed it to scratch his mighty crossbow.

Pytckpt knows the full boundaries of reality, and has surpassed them. With his harpoon thrower, he can send his harpoon at any being, anywhere, of any size or mass and strike true. Once this attack connects, he can recall it instantly to his hand or have it fly after a new target automatically. This harpoon flies at any speed he wishes. The only beings that can move fast enough or get far enough away from his harpoons are other Gods-Above-Gods.

Pytckpt is the concept of the differences between things- and the concept of some things being greater or smaller. Differences that are not merely cosmetic. Without Pytckpt, all beings in the universe would be exactly equal in size, importance, location, and understanding. Do not take Pytckpt as the creator of tyrants or inequality because of this, without him, mortals and life wouldn't even exist. Because he is this concept, he gains change the difference in HD, level, or modifiers between himself and anything else he wishes. He may give himself any number of HD every round.

Morale- N/A
Attacks- (+500 To-Hit) Killing Sword at Infinite Damage (any type)
Aboveness, Kill, Unlimited Chaining, Flush Armor, That-Which-Struggles

Before the beginning of time, Sswkwsb knew that all beings would one day have to fight. She chose and created a weapon and named it Kill. Sswkwsb spends every moment of reality fighting endlessly- slaying the hoards of entities that come from above, around, beyond, below, and between. She has eradicated their number totally within every moment that a breath is drawn, but they return in the same force at the same time, infinitely. Sswkwsb can still manifest and do anything else she wishes at any time; she will never be overrun or fail in her duty regardless of anything else she does.

It is from this where the word Kill got its name and where the mighty imagery of the sword was first made. This is the reason all martial cultures respect the sword. Her sword is known as Kill but is named as the “Killing Blade”, as Kill is both the word and the weapon in one. Whenever Kill hits, she can also choose to spread any amount of her infinite damage the attack made to any number of beings to any relation to the original being she hit. For example, if Kill hit a being that was an Orc, she could decide that the concept of “Orcness” would take the damage. In every single universe where an Orc existed, every single Orc in every single universe would received any amount of that damage she chooses, including inanimate objects that depict Orcs, Gods that are worshiped by Orcs, Orc characters, Orc-invented spells that are ruptured apart in the astral plane, and so on.

Sswkwsb also has the Flush Armor. The bright red armor is tied to her being and no other being can wear it. Every round, Sswkwsb can choose a damage type. She can only be harmed by that damage type. All other damage that strikes the Flush Armor is instantly reflected to the attacker- she takes no damage. Even attacks that miss their To-Hit are still reflected fully.

Sswkwsb is the avatar of all things that struggle. She is the concept of violence and conflict, and without her there would be no conflict or intelligence in the universe- as all things would simply fall into line as the natural order would allow and demand. Whenever any being in any reality fights for something or competes for a purpose- she knows about it. It is also for this reason that she can channel any amount of damage through Kill, her sword. Even without Kill (she cannot be disarmed), she could still deal infinite damage, as this power is from her cosmic position. Because of this, she can sense any hostile or manipulative action done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Even those actions that can hide from Aboveness, her eyes can see them.

HD- 100,000 
AC- 500
10 (Infinite)
(+500 To-Hit) Staff of Absorption at 100d100, Hood of Consumption at 100d100
Aboveness, Infinite Collection, Maw of Consumption, Mirrored Thoughts, That-Which-Wants

The moment after the universe was made, Cmklcz knew everything that is and would be, and made a list of everything she wished to have. The things she collected never entered the universe at all; entire laws of physics and concepts simply disappeared because she desired them first.

At any moment, Cmklcz can pull anything from her collection of infinite splendor and mystery and use it. She can substitute armor, weapon, artifacts, potion effects, or scroll effects for any other effect she wishes. These include effects not normally found in any cosmic world, as she can draw from her infinite collection of things that don't exist. Cmklcz also wears a magic hood in her armor- the Maw of Consumption. This Hood can be used every round, and deals 100d100 damage to anything she wishes in front of her. The Hood bites down and instantly dissolves everything it eats, and creates an amount of primordial matter equal to the amount of matter it “ate”. The primordial matter can be made into anything Cmklcz wisehs, or can be stored for later use. It also steals the life force, active spells, powers, and experience levels of anyone “eaten” by the Maw and Cmklcz can take as much of it as she wishes every round.

Cmklcz can roll her morale every round. She has a morale score of 10, but her actual morale is infinite. She can choose what number she rolls. This morale score can be substituted to any other being in the universe she is is, or blanket applied to all beings. All beings then fail or succeed morale according to whichever number she chooses- ignoring all other spells or abilities that use morale. Things without minds can run in terror, cowardly beings will act as bravely as the Gods- whatever she chooses, all beings treat their morale score as she has picked for that round.

Finally, Cmklcz is the embodiment of the concept of desire. Without her, nothing would want anything and all beings would accept not only what they had but what is possible for them equally- nothing would have value, as everything would simply exist as it was. For this reason, Cmklcz can cast an infinite number of Suggestion, Quest, and Remove Curse spells as she wishes, and can change the alignment of any creature she wishes anywhere in the multiverse at any time. For this reason, Cmklcz is also the embodiment of information and can learn all meta knowledge by pressing the ear-hole of her hood against the flat of your gaming table from within it; she knows all information written on the character sheets of all player characters, all of their out of character notes, and can hear anything the party members say both out of character and during breaks of your session.

AC- Infinite 
Morale- N/A 
Attacks- (+500 To-Hit) Touch at 100d100 (Level Drain, Stat Drain, Ultimate Corrosion) 
Abilities- Aboveness, Drought, Failure, Level Drain, That-Which-Ends

Djhht-Vfv existed after the end of all things, and can come before it as he pleases. Since the other Gods-Above-Gods have infinite lives and infinite universes, everything that is will not end, but he still exists after it. His skeletal face changes for whoever looks at it, and will see teeth that are native to a being of their own race, though they know whatever Djhht-Vfv is that he is both before and after them. He once had a knife, but has since lost it. As the Gods-Above-Gods of Endings, he cannot and chooses not to ever retrieve it.

Djhht-Vfv knows of the limits of all things and can enforce them. If you have anything that relies on a resource, such as ammunition, spells, stamina/mana points, magic item uses, money and so on- it is instantly depleted. Things with infinite supply can be used exactly once, and are then expended and out forever afterwards. This effect applies to anything Djhht-Vfv chooses, anywhere. Djhht-Vfv can also choose to make anyone within the same realm as he is fail any saving throw or roll he chooses, once per round per person.

Whenever this being strikes another, he may drain any amount of levels from that being. He may also drain any amount of stat points or bonus modifiers, end any ongoing magical effects or buffs, and corrode any armor he strikes, as well as corrode any weapon that strikes him even on a failed roll. This works against all weapons and armors, including those that are magic and immune to corrosion, as well as imaginary, natural, or cosmological weapons. Astras are burnt away in the same time as other weapons, but a pile of ash will remain instead of blank nothingness as every other item he destroys leaves behind. He can destroy the pile of Astra-ash as a free action any round afterwards if he wants. Every item he destroys, level/stat/modifier he depletes, and being he kills can never be brought back unless he allows it- immortality and resurrection fails on beings destroyed by his attacks.

As the embodiment of the concept of endings, Djhht-Vfv knows when anything ends or when defeat has gripped the heart of any being. The souls of all dead beings are known to him, and he can choose for them to move to any realm he pleases, or remove them from all realms to float in nothingness, or to destroy them totally. Nobody knows what happens to a soul he destroys permanently, except that it cannot be resurrected or restored in any way by anyone, including gods and other powerful beings. Anything depleted in the universe in general is under his jurisdiction, and therefore can never be brought back or restored in any way unless he allows it. Without him, nothing would ever end and all things would be unchanged and crystalline for all eternity.

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