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50 Magic Rings

Lion Ring
Iron ring with a bit of fluffy lion mane as padding for the finger. +1 to hit.

[2] Uronn's Ring
Dark gray ring speckled with green flakes. Once per day, can touch a piece of writing to blank it out instantly, as though erased. Can work on engravings, parchments, body writing, etc. Only works on words, not pieces of art or musical measures.

[3] Kallisbin Bands
These rings are always found in a pair. They are both green and have an ornamental lock on them, too small to fit any normal key. If the wearer of one of the rings die, their spirit is trapped in their body. The owner of the OTHER ring will suddenly spit out a tiny key. You can use this key to “unlock” the spirit of the other person from their body, but the ring and key do not have to be used while their corpse is wearing it. Some people have made businesses of trapping souls within corpses, burying them, and then ransoming the relatives to end the torment their departed must be feeling while trapped by the insidious magic ring. More positive uses include keeping someone out of hell for a bit while you try to figure out a way to fix the situation with a dead guy. Also if you die while wearing the ring and the other ring isn't being worn or is on a dead guy, then your corpse starts projectile vomiting a million tiny keys.

[4] Safe Ring
It's pink and childish. Pull this ring off your finger and drop it on the ground; you create a “safe” zone of 15 feet in diameter where enemies cannot enter, attack, or cast spells at in any way. Most enemies will just leave or wait for the time to run out. Lasts one turn, but you can't find the ring after you use it since it goes to somebody else who needs to be “safe”.

[5] Great Ring
This magic ring is golden and increases the level or HD of whoever wears it by +1. It's very powerful, but also not fitted for a human hand. It's closer a fit for a half giant; you could wear the ring as a bracelet. Sadly, this does not confer it's benefit. Maybe there's a way to shrink it?

[6] Ring of Vee
Plain but aesthetic silver ring, which has no apparent effects. If you wear this ring for two years, you gain magical ability. This only applies to settings where certain races or beings can't do magic innately, obviously. Regardless, your newfound magic means you can cast one 1st level spell once per day, regardless of your class or level. If you were already a magic user, you advance in spell slots as though you were one level higher, but all your spells are only as powerful as they are at your current level. Once this power has been granted to its wearer, you can take the ring off and somebody else can start to wear it, but it does take a long time to kick in.

[7] Shatterfly Ring
This ring appears as a thick metal band with a tiny mosaic made of glass of a butterfly. By touching the hand that this ring is on onto any piece of glass, you can willingly shatter it. In the instant it is shattered, the glass shards turn into butterflies. The butterflies just act like normal butterflies do with the same color as the glass that was shattered. If the glass was smoked glass then the butterflies are mildly poisonous and if they land on you to rest you must save or be poisoned.

[8] Pain Ring
Once per day, you can gesture at a living thing with this hand and cause them unbearable pain for one round. They must save or be stunned.

[9] Bal Rock Band
Greenish gray stone roughly chiseled and hollowed out into a ring. Wearing this ring grants +1 AC, but only when both your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Also, if you are holding a rock that's at least as big as your head, increase this bonus to +3 AC

[10] Cro Man's Ring
The ring is purple and feels fragile, much like the chaos desert wadnering Cro. The wearer of this ring feels their mind expand, and gains the power to perform a 1d6 nonlethal psychic attack three times per day at anyone they can see. Wearing this ring for extended period erodes away a person's natural empathy or kindness; every year you regularly use this ring shift your alignment towards Lawful Evil.

[11] Menabin Band
Thick metallic ring with the ability to deflect magical songs. Any magical song within hearing distance is distorted by this rings unusual vibration. This applies to all magical songs, including the ones used by its wearer. Masters of magic or name-level Bards can wear this ring and use it to reverse the effect of any spell-song they sing.

[12] Polymorph Ring
This ring is bronze, and is so warm it almost feels alive. By putting it on your finger, you feel a pulse of life energy through your arm. The hand that holds the ring can be transformed into the head of an animal you have eaten at least once. You can turn the hand into a wolf head to do bite attacks, a cobra to spit venom, or a dragon head to breathe fire. The real challenge of this ring is to find, kill, and safely eat some flesh from all the creatures you want to turn your hand into. In game terms; you can make attack rolls by using this hand like a weapon, copying the natural attack of a specific creature, but the size of the creature's head you make is limited by your own hand size; maximum bite attack of 1d6+1

There is no limit to how long or often you can change this hand, but you can obviously only transform while wearing the ring. While transformed, your hand appears as the animal head and has the ring on their tongue inside the creature's mouth. If the ring is removed or the hand/animal neck is severed off, the hand will revert to its normal state and you will no longer have the transformation attack.

[13] Scurvyman's Ring
This ring is a dull yellow gold, giving it a sickly impression. By pointing ominously at a location or moving object (like a ship) in the distance, this ring acts as a slow Putrefy Food & Drink, as the reversed version of Purify Food & Drink clerical spell. This ring ruins 2d6 rations worth of food or drink every turn you use its magic; over the course of a long chase over the open ocean during the day, the enemy ship's quartermaster may find their entire pantry rotten and filled with maggots- spontaneously generated in the flesh of their only food.

[14] Ring of Dead Seagulls
This is a crude silver ring, flecked with ocean spray. One end has been hammered flat and on it a small relief of a wing has been carved. This ring has a minor curse- if you wear this ring, birds hate you. Eagles will attack you if you climb near their nests (moreso then usual), ravens flock around your house to make the neighbors think you are into dark magic, songbirds sing too early and wake you up all groggy, seagulls will poop on you at the beach, etc. The longer you wear the ring, the worse the curse gets, but taking it off means it will slowly fade.

This ring is made with pirate magic. It is one of the only known artifacts that can make pirates honest- at least until they fulfill their end of the bargain. When wearing the Ring of Dead Seagulls, you can enforce magical pirate pacts by having two pirates spit into their palms and shake hands. You do not have to be a participant in the agreement, just mediating a meeting between captains and your ring will work its magic. These magic pacts require both parties to be fully aware of their part in the agreement, and verbally state their intentions to each other willingly before shaking on it. Then, both parties must try to fulfill their side of the agreement, whatever it may be. If one or both sides try to weasel out of it or break their agreement- they will begin to feel the wrath of the sea as the weather turns bad for them on their voyages and sea life beings to turn against them. It is possible then to avoid fulfilling your part of a pact by simply moving away from the sea and becoming a landlubber, but that is a fate few pirates are willing to suffer.

[15] Ring of Red Mornings
This ring is copper, with a fiery red jewel. You have a 5 in 6 chance to accurately predict the weather each day. You can also tell whenever the weather was changed due to a magic spell or dance, and you know exactly what spell it was.

[16] Fisheye Ring
This ring has a creepy fish eye stuck in a stagnant glass bubble filled with water. Once you put on the ring, you can see out of this eye. The eye is nearsighted and is blurry, and often gets color confused, but you can use this to see around corners or look behind you discretely by turning your hand, etc. This ring also has a secret ability- if submerged in water for at least one turn, the eye on the ring begins to glow and anyone wearing it gains underwater night vision from the magic ring.

[17] Riptide Ring
This ring looks battered to hell by hammers. Every round, you can make a d20+2 attack roll vs any target's AC who is in water. The ring whips up the waves and makes them smash, shove, and pull under the unfortunate who you are targeting. There's no limit to this power, but you are not immune to the ring's power if you are in the water too, and you can only use it on those you can see and motion at.

[18] Booty Band
This ring is a fat gold band with several diamonds- it's quite a catch. If you bury something with this ring on, you will always remember exactly where it is without need of maps or landmarks. If you aren't wearing the ring, you forget. If someone else puts the ring on, they can remember their own treasure hoards but it's specific to each individual. Pirates constantly fight over this ring to get their treasure-hoards they buried with it back, and pirate captains have spent fortunes trying to get freelance magicians to reverse engineer the memories of other pirates who have worn it; you could potentially unlock a million treasure hoards all over the world with this ring, which is why it is so valuable.

[19] Timewalk Circle
This powerful magic ring has the appearance of bright blue glass, which is almost totally transparent. Tiny glittering dust particles float freely inside of it. The wearer of this ring can channel energy and, once per day, create a split from their current timeline. Within the new splinter, they can perform any action or do anything they wish and, after 20 minutes or 2 exploration turns, time will revert back the way it was as soon as the ring was used. While all the changes you made during this time were reset, the timewalk ring wearer and those who were touching them when they activated the ring will remember everything that happened in the time splinter, where as everyone else will forget and will have reverted to that pre-time splinter state. You can use this to gauge your strength against a foe, or for scouting, or for any other number of things. With powerful enough time magic, you could selectively swap timelines over to the time-splinter, letting you have multiple tries before you create your perfect series of events in that 20 minute period to keep instead of returning to normal.

Also, using this ring more then once totally fucks up the time stream and starts cosmically marking you for outside forces- your mortal soul looks a bit weird after this. Every time you use this past the first time, 1 in 20 chance of summoning and Unspeakable.

[20] Ohes Teean's Ring
This ring is black and etched with arcane runes that glow green when its spells are ready. The power in this ring recharges every day at the peak of the moon, though will not recharge on the nights of the new moon where no moon is visible in the sky. This ring contains two spells, both spells can be used twice per charge. The first spell is Shockbolt which deals 1d6 damage to any target without a to-hit roll, identical to magic missile but dealing lightning damage. The second spell is Shock to Flame which is a magical spell that turns any electrical discharge or lightning bolt into fire or vice versa. This spell can be cast somewhat in anticipation for an effect, since most spellcasters won't be able to react and target a lightning bolt mid flight, but the spell must be cast in the same round. Upon being changed, any spell which does fire damage will now do lightning damage and vice versa, all spells lose one dice worth of damage from the transformation as some of their momentum is stolen. Spells with effects over time, such as a Wall of Fire spell, will instead burst instantly and be over with. Spells that grant an aura or shield like a Static Armor spell will instead light those who are affected by the spell on fire. Finally, you can also use this spell on a normal fire or electrical substance to change it as well.

[21] Furious
Red ring of orange and red metal. It gleams with inner fire. Whoever wears this ring unlocks the secret of brutal rage at the cost of their sanity. You can use this rage to gain another use of rage (if you are a barbarian) or go into a beserk rage; all of your attacks and damage rolls have advantage on rolls, but you have disadvantage to saving throws. Every time you use this ring, lower your Wisdom permanently by 1 point.

[22] Ring of Connections
This ring is white-gold, and is simple and humble like a wedding ring. Once you have put on this ring, you may declare any connection to another person you wish to the world; whatever it is, it will be true in a cosmic and magical sense. The other person is changed mentally in any way, but whatever connection you declare to them will be touched by fate. For example, if you claim to be the Son of a long lost King with many bastard heirs, then as far as anyone knows it would be true, and you can hold aloft that King's old magic scepter without being shocked- a sure sign of your lineage. If you declare yourself to be the bitter rival of someone who barely even knows you exist, then they will feel the pressure of fate as you quickly advance to being their greatest enemy.

[23] Ring of Impending Doom
The moment this ring is put on, the wearer feels an incredible sense of dread and impending doom if they were to remove it. The ring has no effect, but while worn the wearer gets a +1 to all saving throws from their paranoia and constant diligence to every little action. Taking the ring off requires a morale check or saving throw; if you fail, you can't try to take off the ring for another week as you build up your courage. The ring isn't known to have any ill effects, but most prefer to get rid of it as soon as they possibly can.

[24] Monkey Ring
Made of a few small twisted twings and leaves. This ring makes the wearer more monkeyish. They can now use the ability of monkey-see-monkey-do after watching someone else attempt an action or combat maneuver, and can do it themselves. The result is always amateurish, and all modifiers or rolls made for this move are made at a -1 because of the rough attempt, but it still allows the attempt. Secondly, wearing this ring gives you climbing skills. You can either climb as a 2nd level Thief, OR gain a +2 to saving throws to falls or whatever climbing system you prefer to use in your game.

[25] Arrow Ring
Spiraled metal ring that has a point connected to a feather in relief on the band. If you are wearing this ring on the same hand when you draw back a bowstring, you can magically make the ring unfold and turn into a straight metal arrow- which has a +1 to hit and damage. The arrow counts as magical but has no special powers beyond being able to be stored as a ring. After firing, you'll still have to retrieve the arrow and bend it back into a circle to make it a ring again.

[26] Title Ring
When placing this ring on your finger, you may announce a title for yourself. As long as you wear this ring, everyone who addresses you must address you with that title, either verbatim, abbreviated, or even in a mocking way if they don't like you, it still must be used. Once you have picked a title when putting on this ring, your title as long as you wear this ring will be that, taking the ring off and putting it back on will keep the same title for you. This ring makes it easy to spread your renown.

[27] Atria Ring
This silver ring is studded with four different gemstones, each of a diamond cut shape. You may motion with your hand to give yourself or anyone you wish +1d10 maximum and current hit points, but this temporary vitality fades after one season. This can be used instantly as a free action at any time, so you can use it just as an orc gets a successful hit against your Wizard with 1 hit point remaining and it will give them a buffer to survive. After each use, one of the gemstones fades into a dull gray stone. The stones can only be restored via ritual sacrifice of a living person; one stone per soul.

[28] Tornado Ring
Twisted silver in a spiral shape. Fits on forefinger, too long to fit down the knuckle. If you point the finger wearing this ring out and slowly circle it around, you can whip up the winds into a twister. From a small dust devil after 1 turn of circling, which can then be flung or released to wreck havoc, or by spinning over the course of several hours to create a mini twister. There's no limit to how much you can use this ring but it is tiring to use and obviously leaves you vulnerable while spinning your finger around for hours at a time.

[29] Archmage Ring
This is a fanciful gold and purple ring that seems to emit an aura of arrogance and command. You become immune to your own spells. However, magical creatures such as fairies, certain spirits, chimeras and the like see you as an ancient archmage who died 300 years ago. This archmage's image is superimposed onto your own from the ring- and he had many enemies.

[30] Ring of Rot
This is a cursed ring. Putting it on melds it to your skin. It can only be removed by finger amputation in the first hour, hand amputation in the first day, or arm amputation in the first season. If it goes beyond that, it has infected your whole body and cannot be amputated without killing you. The infected parts of your body, spreading from the finger in the time frame explained above, starts to turn gangrenous while yellow tendrils grow throughout your flesh like tree roots. Every stage of infection above grants you +1d6 maximum hit points as you become supernaturally vigorous and nearly immune to pain. However, your natural healing abilities stagnant and eventually fade. After one week, you no longer heal naturally and can only heal through doctoring. After one season (3 months), even medical skills are of no use and you can only heal through magical healing potions or spells. After a full year of infection, you will be unrecognizable and go feral, becoming a disease bearer creature. Assume that each day after one year, you have a 1 in 20 chance, as you aren't exactly sure when it can strike.

Disease Bearer (X HP, +2 To-Hit, +X+2 AC, two attacks of diseased swipe at 1d6+2, save or be infected with plague on a hit)
Morale- 10

The Disease Bearer is a creature that has lost its mind after putting on the Ring of Rot. It now only exists to spread the disease and plague around it, and seeks to die in such a way that the ring can be found and put on by someone else to continue the process. The Disease Bearer has the same HD it had while alive; it's HD is the same as its host but it retains all the damage it had that was not healed by the host; going feral did not rejuvenate it. Secondly, the creature has the same AC as whatever armor the host was wearing, plus 2 from its newfound toughness. You can cap this at 19 to keep it from being too excessively powerful. Finally, each attack this creature makes can infect its target on a hit; they are infected with a skin rotting plague. The plague is not communicable, you can only catch it from a Disease Bearer. Finally; use the above infection rates to determine how quickly the infection spreads, but in this case you lose -1d6 maximum hit points instead of gaining them, and stop being able to heal at the same rate.

[31] Margin Ring
The friend of merchants and quartermasters. It is a humble golden ring, with a smiling fat face etched on the side. Every time you make a trade or sale, your profits are boosted by +1d6% worth of coinage for that season; roll each season. How this ring actually works is a mystery; tiny coincidences or discounts on things you wouldn't expect make trade and voyages more profitable- there is no mind controlling effect of this ring, things just simply work out to make a benefit to your profits. Maybe you purchase a shipment and the wooden crates can be reused to patch a hole in the ship, reducing repair costs. Maybe you sell something to a client and they only have larger coins on hand and let you keep the change. Those armed with this ring can quickly become fat merchant lords.

[32] Slimer
Dull green ring. It's unusually thick and large; most people wear it around the thumb, or ogres can wear it around the pinkie. Whenever they wish, the user can make anything they touch with that hand slimy. Slime has several properties; firstly, it nullifies acid and protects the object from corrosion- pieces of armor covered in slime aren't corroded by acid attacks or rusting spells. If you spread the slime onto your skin; take half damage from acid until the next time you are washed off. Anything slippery, especially a weapon or the floor, will require you to spend a round to carefully move over it or pick it up- if you try to rush save or it slips out of your hand/you slip and fall on your ass.

[33] Fling Ring
Heavy iron ring with a bulging bit of iron slag on one end. You can pull this ring off and throw it as hard as a sling bullet; 1d4 + Strength modifier in damage at range. If the target is not wearing a helmet; save or be stunned one round.

[34] Flight Ring
Wearing this ring makes you a master of flight. Note, it does not actually grant the ability to fly. While riding a flying mount, piloting a flying ship, after casting a fly spell, or while sitting on a flying carpet you gain a bonus to skills in navigation of 3d space. You become as good as a captain of an airship. If you already were as good as a captain, grant +1 to morale checks to your crew, mount, or squadron mates. In effect, this ring grants the automatic ability to navigate 3d space while flying and the ability to ignore the need for things like handle animal or flight checks during stressful aeronautic maneuvers. Also, you and/or your craft gain +1 to AC in the air.

[35] Addict's Ring
This ring has a spike on the inside, that makes it appear as though you cannot put it on. However, pushing your finger into the ring makes the spike slide away into the ring. If you wear this ring, you can once per day command it to inject you with a specific drug, alchemical substance, or charge or some ichor. The ring will protrude the spike directly into your finger and inject you with the substance. This substance can be whatever you wish, but is limited in scope or power to either 1 turn or 1d6 maximum effect.

[36] Empty Ring
This ring is so bland and seemingly worthless you'll barely even notice it. Once it is slipped onto your finger, everybody else forgets it exists. The next time you make a solemn vow with the ring on; a declaration of true love, a vow of revenge, an unbreakable promise and so on- you can now toss the ring away to break that vow. The punishment for oath breaking is severe in the eyes of the Gods, but even they will find the sin mysteriously gone, blanked out, as though your soul is opaque.

[37] Blue Ring of Valor
Commissioned by the Blue Knights, these rings have proliferated since their collapse. There are about two dozen of them, one per each of the great Blue Knights. All of them were made the same; a smooth and sparsely decorated blue ore ring, so that all members of the Knights were equals. Wearing this ring grants both yourself and two hirelings you control automatic success on all morale checks against evil foes or dark creatures. If more rings are brought together in your party, the number of people each wearer can command doubles each time. So with two rings, both wearers can command four people each with this bonus. With three rings, all three wearers can command eight people, and so on. The great Blue Knights were once expected to commands armies of the freedmen against the forces of evil, and that their rings allowed them to do.

[38] The Splendid Signet
From the moment you put on this ring, you know it's something special. Those with less then 10 HD, or a partial divine bloodine, will be disbarred from being able to wear this special ring and making themselves its master. Those who can master this ring can put it on, otherwise the ring will not fit someone who is unworthy.

The first power of the Splendid Signet is that any magical item the wearer claims; if it be by their own hand or added to a collection of theirs, they gain that magical items powers as channeled through the ring. Note that these powers are based on the magical enchantments or aura of the items, not the physical parts or construction of the item itself. So a +1 magic sword wouldn't grant them its damage on a melee strike, but it could grant them +1 to melee to-hit rolls for the improved accuracy. Powerful magical items, or magic items with charges, instead have limited effects. So a wand of fireballs might let the wearer of the Signet start a candle-fire in their hands. You do not have to have these magic items on you to channel them through the ring, but you must own them in some way, so they must be in storage or adorning your servants, etc. If these items are destroyed or stolen, the Signet can no longer channel their abilities.

The second power of the Signet is resistance. Anyone who wears the Signet gets +4 to saving throws against enemy spells, unless those spells or curses are brought through the signet (ie; trick them into claiming a cursed magic item).

[39] Wise Man's Band
This ring is made of carved amber. It is always warm and comforting, but humble in it's luxury. Whoeer wears this ring treats their Wisdom modifier as +1, and has an air of enlightenment about them. Once per Season, a random supplicant will approach the wearer of this ring to seek spiritual guidance, regardless of if the wearer has any wisdom to actually offer or not.

[40] Rainy Ring
Whoever wears this ring smells a bit like after the ring; an aura of petrichor. While wearing this magic ring, cast any spell with the words Cloud, Rain, Storm, Mirror, Odor, or Water in the name as one caster level higher.

[41] Housecat Ring
Your character can ignore exhaustion penalties for a whole day or prepare one spell (of 2nd level or less) with a light 20 minute cat nap, or two exploration turns. You channel some aspects of the cat but aren't especially graceful or predatory; more like aspects of a fat lazy housecat.

[42] Spiral Ring
Thin gold ring that spirals around the finger. After being worn for more then a day, it starts to twist tighter. The entire person's body gets stronger- increase your strength modifier by +1. After two days, the ring is too tight and you can't take it off. After four days, your finger starts to turn purple and hurt really bad, by the fifth day the ring twists the finger off and the effect ends.

[43] Goblin Ring
Grants +2 to stealth, but the moment you put it on your face scrunches up and gets ugly. Only reversible with surgery, or a remove curse spell.

[44] Golden Nugget Ring
Gold ring with an appropriately sized raw golden nugget as the “jewel”. As long as you wear it, you find and can make +10% more gold from treasure hunting and your various estates and holdings. This only applies to gold coins earned, meaning it lacks usefulness for young or poor adventurers seeking copper and silver, is powerful for gold, but falls off again once you start seeking ancient jewels or platinum coins as your main treasure source. Also only applies to the GOLD you earn, NOT the XP you get for gold recovered. It's just additional income.

[45] Ring of Power
This magical ring is made of silver with bumps of quartz crystal. This ring gathers up energy and can be expended to make a single social order, command, or gesture as equal to someone as one higher “rank” in your social group or society- once per day. For example, a lesser noble could sit next to a group of greater nobles for a grand feast by using this ring to invite themselves in. For some inexplicable reason, they will be and nobody will feel like it is unseemly or out of line. Villagers can be treated as well as the local constable, Kings can command like an Emperor and so on. For less abstract purposes; once per day get +1 to a reaction roll.

[46] Trap Ring
This ring is gold, and has the appearance of a tiny link of chains as ornaments carved into its surface. This magical ring has the power to trap spirits within it. These ghosts can only be trapped by a successful to-hit roll with the hand that has the ring, grasping and clutching, which will draw them inside. The total amount of HD worth of spirits this ring can trap is 6 or less. The spirits will automatically file out of the ring in the order they entered if a new one is put in over the limit, or whenever the wearer wishes to release them. Spirits who are released are under no obligation to obey or not seek revenge against the wearer.

[47] Ring of Houses
This ring is made of wood, painted red like a shingle. It's a humble little ring, with magic well suited for its urban origins. As long as you wear this ring, you get +2 to stealth checks and can sneak around really well. Additionally, you can place this ring down in a back alley, turn around three times with your eyes closed, and walk forward into a magical alleyway that appears from nothing. This alley can take you through part of a city- only from a district to district, and can't pass over major landmarks, but will let you rapidly evade guards or criminal chasing you. However, the ring disappears where you left it and will end up on the hand of some random beggar.

[48] Inner Beast Ring
This ring cannot be used by animal people. It is a hearty brown ring, made of some kind of stone that appears as wood, waxed and sanded to be almost ceramic. Anyone who puts on this ring first knows instantly what their spirit animal is- animal people are already half (or more) animal, and as such already know what animal they represent. But for humans- their animal side is hidden within them, as an animal spirit. Wearing this ring allows you to call on your animal spirit- you can restore 1d6 hit points at will AND grants a bonus +2 to hit and damage for your next attack- but doing so will allow the animal side to express itself and take over bit by bit. Every time you use this ring, you gain 1d2 mutations related to your spirit animal. If your spirit animal is a pig, then you might gain a pig nose, or a pig tail, or trotters for feet, or pink skin, or a sudden urge to oink occasionally and so on.

[49] Ring of Lips
This magic ring is a lady's ring. Silver, with a fanciful green jewel and diamonds bordering it. If someone willingly kisses you while you're wearing this, they become enamored with you, and count as the spell Charm Person. Even if they discover this spell has been cast on them, they will still be unable to put aside their feelings. This spell can be broken with a typical remove curse, killing the person who was kissed, or by finding and kissing the lips of the filthiest prostitute in town.

[50] Warband's Ring
This is a cruel iron ring with a metal spike pointing outside, giving it the impression of a weapon. You can wear this ring and point the spike outwards, which increases your unarmed damage by +1. Secondly, this ring is enchanted with the knowledge of ancient barbarian warriors. You have access to 2d4 random Special Moves of 1st or 2nd difficulty.

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