Thursday, December 24, 2020

Santa Claus stats

Santa Claus
Mythological Figure - Human
HD: 8+4
AC: 14 (as chain)
Morale: 12 Average (16 vs Naughty, 8 vs Nice)
Attacks: Two at +2 to hit; stocking hat flail 1d4+1, sack o' gifts at 1d8+2
Abilities: Incredible Flexibility, Magic Nose, Jolliness, Extrasensory Awareness, Detect Alignment, +4 to Stealth rolls w/ Advantage indoors
Items: Reindeer & Sleigh, Magic Sack, The List

Santa Claus is a powerful, semi-divine entity that rewards "nice" children with toys, and punishes "naughty" ones with coal. He can fit down chimneys, and can use this power to fit through similar area. His nose is magic and he can wiggle it to move nearby objects, fit down chimneys, or otherwise perform magic fitting of a 1st level spell. This power can be used as many times a day as Santa chooses, but requires a round to do so. The most common use of this power is to cast the spell Sleep. Santa Claus is also very jolly, and a happy figure. He cannot be possessed by dark forces, and is immune to any mind affecting spell that causes ill will. Spells or illusions that align with his behavior already, such as drowsiness or ravenous hunger, will still function normally.

Santa Claus has an innate sense of the goodness and badness of others, essentially acting as detecting alignment. He is especially fond of children, and knows their actions and habits best. Santa also knows when children are asleep, or when they are awake or pretending; this ability works on adults to a lesser extent. You must make a successful stealth roll to pretend to be asleep for Santa to still enter a house or residence. Santa prefers not to be seen and his attacks deal nonlethal damage. He adds his Stealth bonus to the to-hit and damage of sneak attacks as a Rogue, and always has advantage on stealth rolls while indoors, especially to avoid creaky floorboards.

Santa Claus carries several powerful and wonderous items. He rides in a sleigh that can fly, pulled by a team of magical reindeer. Each Reindeer fights as a 2 HD wild animal, except for Rudolf, who fights as 3 HD instead, and has a magic red nose that dispels magical darkness or weather. Santa Claus also carries a magic sack which holds toys, clothes, candy, and other gifts. He can magically pull out gifts for any person they are assigned to on demand. Treat this magic sack as an unlimited bag of holding, but is quite large and heavy, requiring several units of load or counting as one “sack” of encumbrance. Finally, Santa Claus has a magic scroll which contains the names of every 'person' in the entire world. The scroll only lists each person's name and assigns them as either “Naughty” or “Nice”, which is an rounding of all their sum actions and intentions for the previous year.

A high level priest can "turn" Mr.Claus by presenting a holy symbol substituted by a tray of cookies and a glass of milk. This does not "turn" Santa, but rather pacifies him for an exploration turn. This ability allows a second reaction check, especially if the force one was a failure.

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