Saturday, May 9, 2020

Shameless Blogger Content-Fishing

What kind of content would YOU like to see on this blog?
Leave a comment down below, thank you.


  1. Dragons. There Is so much "dungeon" contento all around... But nothing or almost nothing about Dragons. Why? Dragons are cool! I want Dragons.

  2. I particularly enjoyed your "Generator" series. They are evocative without being too setting specific and can come in quite handy when one's creative side of the brain is a bit dry. Also the "20 somethings" list.

  3. Are you still watching this Manse? Would be interested to see what you got for variant clerics, maybe Dirt Simple Turn Undead (no more table look up!). Have you ever posted a stocked dungeon before? I'd like to see your thoughts, if any, on published adventures, even if it's more ramble than review. Dungeon Restocking rules that are as simple as dirt? I also get some joy from seeing spotlight posts, where a blog i really enjoy showcases other blog's content that they find really cool or useful. d20 manses and those who dwell in them? Monster or Character Class that interacts with an unusual game procedure (such as wandering monsters) or character sheet aspect (such as languages known).

    1. Of course I'm still watching this post. Thanks for all the great feedback; some juicy ideas in there!