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8 Magic Pirate-Captain Weapons

[1] Seashell Stunning Sword – Magic Sword +1
Ego- 4
Stats- 1d6+1

This is a magic sword with a seashell as a pommel. The sword is curved somewhat, making it similar to most pirate scimitars. The main power of this sword is in the pommel, with a spell that wraps around the blade. When the tip of the sword is spun around while facing the target, it glows with green energy that builds and builds. For one round of “charging” (making small circles and not attacking), the sword will have +2 to hit with its ranged attack and stun for a round. Every additional round of charging adds +2 to hit and an extra turn of stun. Finally, when the shot is released by pointing at the target, it will fire a projectile that must make a successful ranged to-hit roll with the above bonuses to hit.

The projectile fired by this weapon stuns the target for the number of rounds charged, and could be blocked by a physical object or another creature stepping in the way, etc. This weapon's ego isn't very powerful and will make the sword fly out of the user's hand from a backwards reaction to the energy blast. Also, anyone using this sword without being able to conquer its ego forgets how to swim.

[2] Marooner's Sand – Magic Bag of Sand
Ego- N/A
Stats- 1d3 Damage w/ +4 to hit

This is a bag of fine white sand. It comes from a desert island, where pirates are marooned to die a painful death. This unusual magic “weapon” is used by throwing a handful of sand at an opponent. The sand seeks gaps in armor, curves around shields, and tries to enter the lungs of the target through flying in the air and sand-blasting their skin with minor damage if it cannot find a nose or mouth. While not a powerful weapon, it is difficult to avoid and gets +4 to hit and is essentially impossible to deflect even with advanced blade arts; but could be blown away by wind.

The sand in the bag is technically limited in quantity, but those killed by the sand have their bodies degrade into sand instead of rotten flesh; pirates will sometimes sever a few fingers or toes from a corpse and leave them in the captains quarters to rot into clean, dry sand. Even if the sand is totally emptied from the magic bag, a small pinch of residue left over inside could turn a dead bodypart into a little pile of the stuff to reload it. This weapon is very simple to use and has no curse.

[3] Grand Siren's Comb – Magic Saw +2
Ego- 6
Stats- 1d8+2

This weapon looks like a huge, novelty metal comb made of a strange wavy metal. The tips are razor sharp and the whole thing is awkward to use as a weapon, it must be sliced and dragged across any victims with both hands like a giant sawblade- difficult to use but very powerful. Each slice of the “comb” not only cuts and hurts like hell but also released a small torrent of ocean water from the wound, which includes crabs and starfish the spew out like blood. Any spells or magic that can stop bleeding doesn't work on this spell; the pinkish sea water forces the blood out like a flood.

Because of the weapon's unusual shape and large size, it is considered too difficult for nonfighters to use effectively. Those who cannot suppress its Ego have disadvantage on all attack rolls. If they are dropped into water, the comb also pulls downward towards its mistress and will cause them to save or be drowned by it.

The comb was originally and item belonging to the great mother of all sirens, who has such strength in her magic and song that she attempts to woo Demigods and Immortals into her clutches. Every since this comb was stolen from her, her hair has become knotted, her face speckled with bursting pustules, and her body and appearance frightening. She cannot seduce anyone in this state, but if her comb was returning, soon no Emperor at see would be safe from her beckoning.

[4] Jollypak Kettlecap – Magic Mace +1
Ego- 2
Stats- 1d6+1

This weapon looks like a piece of junk. It's a short wooden haft with an upside down black-iron kettle on the end. The kettle is hollow inside save the wooden shaft, and as such makes a fantastic ringing when struck on a hard surface. The weapon is a blunt instrument and is used to split skulls and break bones rather then cut or pierce.

When this weapon strikes a foe wearing metal armor, the ringing reverberation channels through their body and the user's arm. If the target fails a save, they drop anything the wielder wants them to except what is in their hands. It can force them to drop something out of a belt loop or off their head, snap open a pack's strap and jiggle out an item, or loose a single key from its ring, but it cannot force a man to loosen his hand's grip to remove his weapon or shield.

This item has a weak ego. Anyone attempting to use this without its ego gets -2 to stealth from the kettlecap slamming into everything when they're trying to sneak. Also, the weapon's power doesn't work for them, the vibration only creates noise.

[5] Salty Spear – Magic Spear +2
Ego- 7
Stats- 1d6+2 w/ Salt Blast at 1d2

The Salty Spear is a mildly famous magical artifact. Pirate captains create long rivalries with each other, and the ownership of this spear can pass back and forth across the great pirate captains as they fight to take it from each other. It is infamous for its durability- the spear sharpens its edge, aligns its point, and smooths and bolsters the shaft if left to soak in salt water for some time. It is even more tough then most magic weapons and could be used against stone creatures with little denting.

It appears as a long metal spear, with a white encrusted tip. It has unusual grooves across the bottom of the head where it is connected to the shaft of the spear; if held upside down in water the water will drain into a magic chamber inside the head. This hollow chamber will rapidly evaporate the water over two combat rounds, mist flowing from the edges of the spear. This ability does nothing with fresh water, but for salt water it will leave behind a collection of sea salt inside the spear's head which can be blasted out. The salt blast deals 1d2 damage and blinds enemies for one round if shot in the eyes; they get a save to avoid if they know it's coming. Slugs and snail-like enemies take higher amounts of damage, as the salt burns like acid.

Additionally, if held above water while underwater, the chamber inside the speartip will fill with air instead and can be used underwater to fire a bubble. The bubble deals no damage but will knock away small foes or give a single breath to an ally.

The Salty Spear has a powerful ego that rejects weaker warriors. Those who try to claim the item will find white flecks appearing around their mouth and nose, and a great thirst for water and drink which will not be sated. After three weeks they will die unless they give up the spear and ask for redemption from the God of the Seas for their hubris. Their corpse will appear as though desiccated; as though found on a ghost ship and died on the deck many months ago.

[6] Claws of Korrat – Magic Claws +1
Ego- 3
Stats- Two attacks at 1d4+1

These claws are a pair of metal weapons designed to be held in both fists and strapped around the wrist for extra stability. They are about a foot long, and both claws contain three long prongs, with the middle claw on each hand being bent downwards slightly and made of a different metal.

These magic claws grant two attacks if held in both hands, which is their primary purpose. They are an aggressive and strong weapon, but have a short reach and give the user -2 AC for using fist-claw weapons like this. With a flick of the wrist, the downwards facing middle claw can be snapped downwards, which makes the claws into a two pronged weapon and the third claw falls down to your wrist and down your forearm, thus making a useful tool for blocking sword strikes. Remove the AC penalty while in this mode, but the claws deal -1 damage on a hit from losing a prong.

This weapon has a weak ego. If a warrior cannot conquer them, just grant disadvantage on attack rolls if they try to use both claws in the same round. Otherwise, the weapons function fine if used one at a time. You could also just use one claw and still gain a single attack and the bonus damage while using your other hand to hold a shield or torch and so on. If separated, the claws will click and “shiver” when not being watched, wishing to be rejoined.

[7] Circle of Power – Magic Circlet +2
Ego- 5
Stats- Deals 1d4 damage to attackers, grants +2 AC

This magic circlet is made of a dull red metal. It is decorated as though twisted into thirteen different knots, of which an average sailor will know 6 and a pirate will know 7. The magic in this circlet requires it to be worn on the head, in place of a hat or helmet.

As long as it is worn, this magical circlet deals 1d4 damage to anyone who attacks the wearer, even if they miss their attack roll. In response to any attack, the circlet glows and the person who made the attack feels pain in their head, as though being branded, and also feel a sense of dread and shame. This power works even if the wearer of this circle attacks the person first; counterattacks or martial arts moves that redirect the force of a blow back at the opponent
do not trigger this circle's power.

Additionally, the Circlet grants protection. The aura of this Circle grants +2 AC to its wearer, making them harder to injure. This aura gives the wearer a feeling of authority and magnanimous, where as it invokes a feeling of jealousy in all who behold them. This artifact is therefore considered at least partially cursed; the wearers of this circle will often be attacked by their own crew in mutiny.

The Circle is quite powerful and has a moderate ego; those without the ego to claim this item must make a saving throw every turn they wear it. On a fail, they must take it off and cannot try to wear it again until the next day.

[8] Two-Skull Axe – Magic Hatchet +3
Ego- 8
Stats- 1d6+3

The Two-Skull Axe is made of dark iron and is ridiculously thick on the back. It is a one-blade axe similar to a hatchet, and the flat opposite the edge is huge; it has both an embedded human skull and, just beneath it, the skull of a baboon. Around both skulls is a runic script that curls around them in a figure eight pattern; if read they speak of “what is savage is made civil until it has need for savagery again” and of bestial rage and stories of murder and destruction.

The weapon is quite heavy, and even in the hands of a skill warrior it is difficult to use. You may add your Strength modifier to your Ego score when using this weapon; characters with -1 Strength or worse cannot wield it at all, it is too burdensome to swing around. As with most Axes on pirate ships, it is excellent for boarding ships. This axe is magic and can shred through standard doors, thick oak doors, doors reinforced with banded armor, and can even hack through iron doors with an exploration turn of effort. The user of this axe will sweat and their sweat will smell as the sweat of beasts.

The power of this axe is in its ferocity. Twice per day (once per skull), the user may make an automatically successful attack roll against a foe after another attack; the first attack can miss or hit and they can still make this special attack. The attack comes out of nowhere as the axe twists in the user's hands and flies at the foe with massive speed and a red glow. The two skulls on the back show the uses by having their mouths slightly open in a bestial scream, or closed when it is done. This power has given the axe a reputation for carnage.

This weapon has a powerful ego. Those who cannot handle the ego of this weapon can use it, but revert into an animalistic form; as though regressing back into a savage. Men turn into apes, lizardmen to crocodiles, elves into wolves, and so on. The relation to species does not matter; everyone knows elves are more related to spiders. This transformation is a curse that is slow; even if the axe is taken away, the cursed one will still retain the animal-like traits and lower mental ability permanently; only a remove curse spell or a miracle from the gods can stop it.

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