Wednesday, May 20, 2020

12 Spell Incantations

[1] “Boils fester, rising munt,
Put some warts on that cunt!”

[2] “Tortured souls, darkness breed,
Call the spirits, you must heed!”

[3] “Vengeful bog, swallowing muck,
Eat my foe, his rotten luck!”

[4] “Boogie down, dancing daze,
Crafty thieves eat for days!”

[5] “Close the book and dim the head,
Speak no spells, Witch's end!”

[6] “Mighty nether, birds' of feather,
I shall sever, black death's tether.~”

[7] “Foulest vapor, rise and damp,
Choking mist, on wing of Bat!”

[8] “Sorcery surround this lamp o' copper,
Time stand still, pull this stopper.”

[9] “With but a glimpse of my evil eye,
freeze in fear, black wing fly's,
I'll catch you out under sky!”

[10] “Evil stew, bubbles for you,
I'll tell you what to do;
Boil alive my friend, witch's brew!”

[11] “Ice-crack breaks! Water flows!
Down this hill, all will know;
Glacier's power, frozen nose.”

[12] “Centipede, hateful breed,
Thousand legs circle the throat,
End this foe, where to go?
Cast their soul within the moat.”

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