Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Magic Shield Generator

This generator can be used to generate magic shields. If it's a regular magic shield of +1, it will have its Base AC for its size, plus any material or face modifiers, and then +1 to its total AC. If it's a magic shield +2 or a special artifact magic shield found in the depths of a tomb or something; then it also gets a Shield Power.

Shield Size & Base AC Value -
Roll d3
[1] Buckler / Roundshield - +1 AC (Use in a Grapple)
[2] Kite / Heater - +2 AC
[3] Tower / Fullsize - +3 AC (Encumbrers)

Shield Material - Roll d12
[1] Beast Hide (+1 Damage with Attacks when held) Exotic skin stretched along its frame.
[2] Sacred Copper (Immune to Corrosion/Acid) Has a green tint, strong copper disc.
[3] Bones (+2 to Saves vs Death) Made of bones, infused with deathly magic energies.
[4] Dwarf Steel (+1 AC, -1 Initiative) Very heavy, but extremely strong.
[5] Infernal Metal (Half damage from Fire Breath / Spells) Bright red, absorbs heat and flame.
[6] Crystal (+4 AC against Blasts, Immune to Color Spray) Prismatic, splits light and the elements.
[7] Mirror (Reflects back spells or wands on successful Save) Shining brightly, made of polished silver. Mirror shields are renowned as the shields of great heroes throughout history.
[8] Elven (+1 Initiative, +25% Magic Resistance) Made with white-gold metal and has gold leaf borders as decoration. Infused with Elvish magic.
[9] Scales (+1 To-Hit with attacks when held, Shield repairs itself if destroyed) Made from the scales of a serpent or reptile. You'll get excited thinking its dragon scale but it's not, sorry.
[10] Ironwood (First person to strike it each day is Entangled) Charged with the magic of nature; the strength of the roots is based on ecosystem. Forest roots are strong, desert roots are weak.
[11] Turtle Shell (Swim at Dolphin speed) Made of a turtle's shell. By holding this shield and kicking your feet, it will increase your speed to that of a fast swimming dolphin.
[12] Mysterium (Whenever an attack is blocked, deal 1 damage of a random element at the attacker in melee) This material conducts magical energies. This shield releases elemental energy when struck. The element is only rolled once when this shield is created, and is always the same. Roll 1d4- Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid

Shield Face - Roll d6
[1] Spike (Shield bash deals 1d4+1 damage, Magic) Dangerous spike.
[2] Animal (+1 Initiative / Act-In-Suprirse) Painted with a design of a Random Animal.
[3] Painted (+1 to Hireling Morale) Painted with bright, inspiring colors or a heraldic seal.
[4] Crystal (Enemies get -2 to Saves vs your spells or Special Moves) Charged with occult power.
[5] Gargoyle (Morale Check on first strike) Terrifying face; it takes guts to strike it- but only for the first strike per fight. Eyeless enemies are unaffected.
[6] Boss (+1 AC) Metal dome over the center point of the shield; around it is silvered engravings in spiral or flowering patterns. Strengthens your defense.

(Optional) Shield Power Table - Roll 1d6+ BASE AC Value of Shield
[2] Boomerang (Throw shield, 1d4+1 damage, returns next round) You throw the shield as a discus, bouncing around and unerringly returning to your hand. Lose AC bonus until next round.
[3] Grow (Can extend to one size bigger, adding +1 AC, but you can't move) The shield can act as a form of cover; sticking into the ground and growing bigger.
[4] Charge (Increase speed by +100%, charge into battle and get advantage on first attack) The shield glows and leaves a streak of flame as you run in.
[5] Gong (Shield user can strike shield to create a sonic blast; deals 1d4 damag, knock back 10 ft, and deafen all within cone; 3 times/day) Requires a blunt instrument the front; blasting like a gong.
[6] Dome (Shield creates magical dome that covers up to 6 people, nothing can pass through, once per day) Creates a magical, impenetrable transparent dome to protect you and your allies.
[7] Weapon (Shield transforms into a weapon) The shield snaps around the arm and turns into a fitting weapon. Bucklers become punch daggers that deal 1d4+1 magic damage, Kite shields become arm blades that deal 1d6+1, and Tower shields become huge clubs or chainsaws that deal 1d8+1 damage. If the face of the Shield has a spike; increase damage die size of weapon form by one dize size. Also, if the Shield is made of Mysterium; add elemental damage.
[8] Shrink (Can shrink to a size smaller for easy carrying. No encumbrance penalties) Can fold up into a smaller size for climbing, sneaking, squeezing through caves, etc.
[9] Wall (Shield magically extends horizontally for 10 ft in both directions) Slamming the shield into the ground causes it to grow and fill space; blocking passage or providing protection for many.

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