Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Censer of Candis

Censer of Candis
- Magic Censer +1
Whenever equipped by a priest, sage, or holy man it allows them to turn undead as though they were one level higher. The Censer also acts as a holy symbol.

Created by the honorable Noble House of Candis, this Censer is wrought from blue-green metal and is especially holy by its maker's hands. Its design is inspired by nature, being made with angles and of a shape that are offensive and weaken the forces of chaos. This power grants passage and defense against endless or repeating hallways, straightens warps in space, and acts as something to right the path of non-euclidean spaces. As long as Incense burns in the Censer, the dungeon cannot pull any of the above tricks. The smoke also always floats exactly parallel to where it was puffed and stays there until it fades; so one only need look behind them to see if the smoke is trailing upwards and they can see if they are moving down a subtly sloped passageway.

As a symbol of purity and law, those who serve the forces of chaos seek to destroy this Censer. If the Censer is smashed by anyone willingly doing so, the Gods of Chaos instantly award them with a Chaos Medallion Power, which they now have for the rest of their life.

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