Friday, September 3, 2021

Purple Magic

The name/source of this is kind of a big meme but the idea behind this originally was something like Enchantment / Mind-Control Magic without spells.

"...It is only used by the most skilled alchemists who have been around for thousands of years in order to master it. Purple Magic is used to control. It is used to make others conform to the master's will..."

Whenever you cast a spell of purple magic, roll a 1d4 and then a 1d10. The d4 represents what category of control the spell is under, where as the d10 is the amount in percent multipled by the category's number. For example, if you roll a 4, then you would gain control of 1d10x4 in Fascination, where as if you rolled a 1, it would just be a 1d10 percentile in Domination, due to the difference in power. The effects of purple magic are permanent- the only way to end them is through breaking a curse or being released from service. The death of the spellcaster will not stop any existing orders or effects- but may temporarily stop them from giving the victim of this spell new commands. If a spell or ability will allow someone a new saving throw or effect to break/end mind effect spells, just treat it as a reduction of -1d6% for each category of Purple Magic.

Anyone under the effects of Purple Magic are convinced, forced, or otherwise coerced into obeying whatever orders are given to them by the spell caster, hearby called the Master. The master's orders can be in the form of speech, written, or via magical message; if the target recognizes it as a command, the effects of this magic are in place. Each category of purple magic is a percentage- this illustrates the level of control over that category of the mind or personality the master possesses.

[1] Domination
Domination is the most powerful subset of power underneath Purple Magic. Simply put, the victim of the spell has a percentile effect to be forced to do anything the master says, regardless of what they want. Victims will even do suicidal actions or (attempt) impossible feats.

There is no saving throw from this effect, but a saving throw can be made while under an order to slightly twist it. For example, if the master commanded you to kill someone, you could make a saving throw to yell at them to get away while you draw your weapon.

[2] Guidance
Guidance is a useful and subtle power of Purple Magic, as it also empowers its victim, at the same moment it controls their actions. Guidance is always done when the subject is either unaware or incapable of resisting its influence, as otherwise another power is used first. For example; Guidance can make a target stand up or walk around while the target is asleep or unconscious. It can also be used in situations where they aren't aware of it- such as guiding someone who is lost towards or away from the master- whatever the master wishes. Unlike other elements of purple magic, this one does not need to be given a direct order, it just happens as a insidious magical effect.

The percentage of this element is equal to the subtle, unspoken control the master has over the subject's unconscious actions. If the subject is following a command from the master, then you can roll percentile under the percentage of guidance to add a bonus modifier of +1 or +5% on another roll or action; the master's will slowly guiding the controlled to their ends.

[3] Convince
Convince is the power of convincing others of either a belief or course of action. This power can become such that it can totally warp the victim's grasp on reality, in favor of the one proposed by the Master. With purple magic, one can be convinced of anything. You can also use convince in place of a traditional reaction check or persuasion attempt- with rolling under the percentage meaning it 100% works, or defaults to the best possible result for the Master.

The percentage of this element is the percent of reality that is distorted or overturned by the Master's whim, or to what percent that the victim will believe the master over prior knowledge or even common sense.

[4] Fascination
Fascination is the weakest of the powers of Purple Magic, but the easiest to inflict on someone and also very important for all other powers too. This enraptures and controls the victim's perception towards the Master and how powerful they are.

This power warps the victim's perception of the Master themself; the percentage is to what degree or percent the victim believes the Master is infallible. This is not necessarily worship, though it can be, this fascination manifests itself in the manner that the Master has built their control and relationship with the victim- if it be a seductress whispering secrets and none can be more beautiful, or a cruel taskmaster that inspires absolute fear, or a god living among mortals. Once this percentage reaches 100%, the victim cannot be persuaded to change their view of the master even with proof or evidence, only a remove curse or death of the caster could shake their view of their omnipotence.

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