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[Classes] Eight Mini-Animal Classes

These classes aren't really intended to be for full player character. Instead, they are more like minor classes for secondary characters like animal companions, or for quick replacement PCs with a relatively low power level. Each one has a maximum level of 4 with the same XP requirements as a normal class. Additionally, treat their maximum AC as their base AC, as they don't usually wear armor beyond their natural fur and other protection.

However, unlike normal classes these animals only get XP for treasure spent directly on them. Buying them a solid gold collar, feeding them decadent treats, paying the wages of a falconer for your Witch Owls and so on. These classes are also just animals, just very smart and loyal ones. As such they cannot speak unless otherwise noted, but can understand human speech and follow orders. Treat their loyalty as a normal hireling +1 for their owner, with another +2 if they were raised from birth by that person.

To pick a random animal class, roll a 1d8.

Art @Ovopack, as usual.
[1] Witch Owl
HD- d3
Max AC- 13 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

You're a wise, magical owl. Witch Owls cannot speak, but can still 'hoo' in response to words and answer questions this way. They can also learn to cast spells, not requiring to speak magical incantations to do so. They gain spell slots according to the table below.

Additionally; Witch Owl's can fly. Being able to fly has some great advantages. Plus your talons act as instant death for any tiny 0 HD creatures like rats or tiny pixies that you catch, but only deal 1d2 damage to normal creatures if you try to scratch their eyes out.

Character Level
1st Level Spells
2nd Level Spells



[2] Raccoon Burglar
HD- d4
Max AC- 14 / Minimum Hit-Points- 3

You're a cute little raccoon. You're sneaky and are good enough with your little paws to pick locks. Treat your lockpicking skill as a 0 level Thief at 1st level. Once you are 2nd level, treat yourself as a 1st level thief, and then at 4th level, treat yourself as a 3rd level thief.

As a raccoon, you're also sneaky and can blend in in urban environments. Gain +1 to sneak and stealth rolls at 1st and 3rd levels. You can also scavenge enough food to survive in a city or town and don't get sick from eating it, obviously.

[3] Tiny Giant Spider
HD- d4
Max AC- 13 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

You're a very small giant spider. Big enough to be held in both hands like a cat, but not so big as to be a monster. Spiders of this size and breed can actually be trained pretty well, but you freak people out with your huge unblinking creepy eyes and just from being a spider.

At 1st level you can shot web as the spell Web once per day. At 2nd and 3rd level you can an extra shot. Finally at 4th level your ability progresses and you can now perform large feats of construction like making a net to catch someone else who is falling down or create some simple cloth from spiderweb.

[4] Bat Guide
HD- d3
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

You're a big old ugly bat. You can fly, but more importantly you can navigate and “see” in total darkness using echolocation. You're a bit weak with fragile bones and no fur or scales to protect you, especially in enclosed spaces where you'll be most useful.

You can't hurt people at all with your physical body, your teeth are too small and claws too weak. At 2nd level, you get +1 to your Max AC. At 3rd level, you can do a power screech that kills small creatures with 0 HD or breaks small glass objects. Finally at 4th level, you grow retractable vampire fangs and can bite things for 1d2 damage. Every point of damage you do with this bite is also healed, as long as you are drinking the blood from a healthy living creature.

[5] Python Assassin
HD- d6
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 4

You're a large, fat snake that kills people. You don't have any venom, you do it by constriction. You can climb pretty well, starting at 2nd level, and can slither up walls and steep slopes better then a person. You sneak attack people by falling on them or hiding in baskets to leap out. Your bite is weak and only useful for swallowing helpless prey; you can only hurt things by squeezing them, either a full body constriction or around the throat. You can only squeeze things as big as a man or smaller with a Strength modifier of +2 or less, as anything stronger can just rip you off.

Whenever you constrict someone, they must make a saving throw minus your level. If they fail, they either cannot act this round or take 1d6 suffocating damage. If they succeed this saving throw, then they mark one check against you. If they get a number of checks equal to your level+1, they can slip out of your grasp. Once a person has been constricted, you can't constrict them again until you sneak up on them a second time.

[6] Octopus
HD- d4
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

You are an octopus. You are unrealistically strong and capable on land, but still need to be kept moist or else you will slowly dry out and die. You also have 8 limbs, but not all of them are useful right away. You are surprisingly intelligent, can slip into small spaces, and can change color to camouflage, giving you advantage on sneak rolls made while stationary. You can still wear up to 8 magic rings, which makes you exactly as overpowered as you think it does. You can also swim really fast and breath underwater; but you need to use all your limbs to swim.

You have soft skin. Unlike the other animals, you treat your base AC as 8. You gain your AC by wielding shields and weapons. Add your level to your grapple rolls or saves. Finally, you get to use multiple arms. The number of arms you can use usefully is equal to your levelx2. “Useful” arms include using weapons or shields. You still need at least the same number of arms holding weapons or shields as arms dedicated to motion to crawl around on land, else you're stuck in place.

[7] Brutal Stag
HD- d8
Max AC- 16 / Minimum Hit-Points- 6

You're a spirit of nature. But not the peaceful or nurturing kind, you represent the brutality of nature. You have a dark brown coat that becomes black at night, and your eyes can turn red or glow bright white as the moon. Your impressive antlers are both a target for overzealous hunters and also a symbol of your power; they are an ill omen. Roll on the table below every time you appear.
Brutal Stag Horn Table- Roll 1d8
  1. Dripping with blood, constantly.
  2. Several venomous snakes wrapped around your horns, trying to mate with them
  3. Human heart, suspended above both your antlers, floating in midair.
  4. Antlers have a clod of dirt stuck to them, grass growing on them.
  5. Supernaturally large, a cold wind chimes as it blows through them.
  6. Shrike has built its nest here. Several corpses of small rodents have been flung and impaled on your antlers, the shrike a spirit in your honor.
  7. Several skulls of smaller animals, placed atop the tips of your antlers with ritualistic intent. They can cackle and whisper spell incantations to friendly witches.
  8. Has a rival, lesser stag's head stuck on your antlers. You can fling it off and the severed head will scream at people.

You have a hoof attack at 1d4+1 and a gore attack at 1d8+1, impaling people on your horns. Each level past the 1st, gain +1 to hit with your attacks. Whenever you roll your hit points, reroll 1s.

[8] Donkey-Corn
HD- d8
Max AC- 15 / Minimum Hit-Points- 6

You look like a big dumb donkey with a blunt, gray horn on your head. You're the more pedestrian, less magical, and less cool kind of unicorn. For extra jokes, make your horn an actual carrot or a stick just tied to your head. You're bigger then the other animal classes and at the very least get a 1d4 hoof attack. You can also carry a smallish person on your back and carry a decent amount of gear strapped to you.

At 2nd level you can use your horn as a holy symbol, letting you turn undead once per day. At 4th level you can touch someone with your horn once per day and heal them 1d6 hit points.
Art @PerryBibleFellowship (occasional NSFW)

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