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Envy Flame + Tenfold Flame

Jealous Fire. Envy Flame is the name for a creature that comes from the farthest realms above. Some say it is the coalescence of emotions from the astral and telestial planes, brought down as bright red comets; in the same way that rain coalesces from vapor in the upper atmosphere. Others think they are their own beings, driven mad in covet.

Envy Flames are jealous of living beings. Humans and animals alike; the fire of a living being lasts for many years, some centuries, and some even longer. The spurned Envy Flame is a golem and elemental of fire that can hope for a few hours of a hot smolder, and then death. They despise life, and will attempt to slay any living creature they come across. The cold blooded creatures and people, such as lizard men, can stand absolutely still and not draw the ire of the Envy Flame; it sees the fire in your vein as its rightful property- the cold blooded must sup the flame from others just to live. They are not enviable to the jealous Envy Flame.

-Envy Flame-
HD- 6 to 8
AC- 16
Morale- 14
Numbers- One or Two
Attacks- Flaming Touch 1d6+1 Fire Damage, Smolder Weapon 1d8+1
Abilities- +6 to hit, Fast Movement, Corpse to Ashes, Immune to Fire, 1 in 4 chance to hold a Tenfold Burn instead of a Smolder Weapon

Envy Flames are similar to fire elementals but have key differences. Their bodies are not made entirely out of fire, instead having several tougher and more solid pieces made of folded and formed liquid and solid fire along with volcanic materials and several foreign materials not native to our existence. Some natural scholars believe they are therefore a higher caste or form of fire elemental- or what fire elementals are actually like in their home dimension, instead of working with the inferior forms of fire we have in our own to create their bodies. However if this is the case, then the elemental plane of fire is a truly frightening place if the native inhabitants are like this.

Envy Flames are fast, constantly burning beings. The smell of sulpher and burnt wood and flesh, but this scent is contained to the light white smoke that billows of them when they move or “breathe”, meaning it is possible for them to be stealthy by standing still and holding their breath. They also spark and sound like a crackling fire, but can suspend this as well similar to how a human can hold their breath to become more stealthy. They move faster then other beings and win initiative ties unless the target has a +2 in Dexterity or higher.

It uses both its hands and feet to attack, dealing intense fire damage at 1d6+1, as well as having a second, primary attack with its weapon. Most Envy Flames have dark black weapons created from ash and soot, these smolder weapons are warm to the touch and cut as well as powerful swords, dealing 1d8+1 damage on a normal hit. Envy Flames are skilled with these weapons; enough to burn a target with their inner fire as well as strike with their weapons each round. They can also dodge attacks and their tough bodies are alien enough to resist most simple attacks; their AC is 16. Every Envy Flame that arrives in our world has a 1 in 4 chance to have a Tenfold Flame instead of its normal weapon.

The Envy Flame's body consumes materials much more aggressively then other fires- especially flesh. While the fire has little effect on grass or wooden floors, its feet burn through corpses as though they were butter. Each round the Envy Flame can stab or stomp on a dead body to consume it utterly- the body turns to fine white ash. This makes it impossible for an easy method of regeneration or revival to be made on that being; only a powerful true resurrection spell could be used to restore a being whose physical form was totally destroyed in that way. Even if against powerful opponents, the Envy Flame will spite them by burning their companions instead of retreating, such is its hate. Needless to say, they are totally immune to fire.

Art @cobaltplasma
Tenfold Flame
In the astral realm, burning stars and planetoids gather fire so intensely hot that it does not even go out with no fuel. This fire may also exist in other dimensions; but the Astral Realm is where it collects most easily. It can be hammered into shape by the most powerful of elemental lords or crafty of Wizards, as the forging process most weapons and magic metals undergo would only cool this blade by subjecting it to inferior fires.

The Tenfold Flame can be molded into any weapon shape, including blunt weapons, but it has the same effect. The moment a Tenfold Flame weapon strikes you, your skin bubbles and peels and the wound is instantly cauterized; the fire spreads through your blood and burns you slowly. The searing heat of a Tenfold Flame deals 1d12+2 damage- this is normal weapon damage, as the blade is still a powerful physical force along with elemental fire. It deals double damage to those weak to fire, but can still harm those immune to fire as well. Finally, even holding the Tenfold flame is impossible for most creatures. It deals 1d2 fire damage every round you attempt to use it, the intense heat cooking your hand, even with leather straps and gloves to protect yourself. The only way to use this weapon is to either be immune to fire yourself or craft a specialty magic item to hold it. All Tenfold Flames are also magic weapons and have an Ego of 4, meaning only Fighters level 4 or higher, or half-fighting classes level 8 or higher, can use this weapon without it turning on them.

After being hit by it, the Tenfold flame burns again. Inside the victim's body, the fire blooms through their fat and intestines, finding cool places to heat and bubble over. Every round after getting hit by the Tenfold Flame, you must make a hard saving throw or take another 1d6 fire damage. If you fail ten of these saving throws in a row, your character is burned utterly from the inside out, and explodes dealing another 2d6 fire damage to everyone nearby.

Those who were struck by the Tenfold Flame and successfully made their saving throws still suffer from it; the inside of their body is still being ravaged by supernatural fire. Every season, they must make another hard saving throw or have part of themselves “burnt”. This could be a hand that turns black, or their hair turns white as ash. Others gain a permanent rash on random parts of their bodies, or still others have their eyes become dry and turn dark black like coal- though without any lose of vision, this is merely a sign of internal smoke. Every time this happens, they age another 1d4+1 years and lose the same in maximum hit points. The only way to stop this effect is to find a significant magical artifact of cold and consume it, or quest to the coldest places in the world to dip themselves into water that could kill them on a failed save; it is the only way to quench the endless fire slowly burning them inside.

The Tenfold Flame is not a singular artifact, but is instead a magical material that has found its way into the hands of several demon and draconic warriors- cleaving their foes asunder with fires that burns brighter then any in this world.

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