Monday, July 8, 2019


HD- 2 to 4
AC- 10 to 12
Morale- 8
Attacks- 1d2 bite when out, 1d8+1 Slash when in sword-mode
Abilities- +2 to Hit with all attacks, Straighten into Sword, Supernatural Skill

The Swortoise is an unusual offshoot of the tortoise. Tortoises and turtles are likened to shields or armor, and when threatened they curl up into a ball when threatened to defend themselves. Swortoises are like that, except when they are threatened they straighten out into a sword. The shell of the Swortoise is much more brittle then a regular turtle shell, but is built for offense instead of defense. The Swortoise can straighten to become a sword, which jumps up into the air to fight the aggressor. This sword is quiet powerful and despite being made of shell, has a blade that can cut.

While in the air, the Swortoise is bullshit fast and strong. It can move with quick slashes, parry blows, penetrate defenses, slice and exposed parts and even sever heads. The animals is still purely acting in instinct and defense, it's method of defense is just a screaming offense. The Swortoise can parry you if it's attack roll for this round was higher then yours when you go to attack it. This only happens if the Swortoise attacks first; essentially setting itself up in a situation to deflect your blows.

Finally; a few varieties of Swortoise exist. Mostly, there are smaller ones and larger ones who are older. Despite being older and less physically fit, the old Swortoise have a more seasoned and experienced fighting style, and may even know 1d3 low level blade arts.

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