Saturday, July 27, 2019

8 Symbol Spells

Every spell in this list creates a magical, glowing glyph above the head or around the magician's body. This symbol can be physically struck with magical attacks or spells, which ends the effect prematurely. Each symbol has a number of HD equal to its spell level and AC of 8.

[1] Surgoi Rune - 2nd level
This rune gives off an unearthly yellow light. All within the light have -2 to all saves, and if any supernatural or racial bonuses allow for rerolls, this light also stops them. The symbol also curses the caster with its effect, unless an exceptionally large broad-brimmed hat is worn to create a shadow around them that stops the light.

Secondly; this glyph is the second part of the spell Symbol of Saligarra and the glyphs combine together. Together they give off an unearthly orange glow, and when the Symbol is swung to harm a foe it also causes a save or lose 1d6 maximum hit points until recovered.

[2] Crushing Glyph - 3rd level
This symbol is cast about above an enemy instead of a magician. Each round it is above their head, it deals 1d4 damage. Every round after the first, the target gets a saving throw to resist the secondary effect- even on a success they take 1d4 damage. On a failure, they take 1d4 damage + all the damage dealt in previous rounds. If this glyph is not removed quickly, it causes certain death for its wearer. Because the glyph is directly above the target of this spell, they can easily hit it with melee weapons.

The Crushing Glyph lasts for as long as the magician maintains concentration, which is ended when they are next hit. After breaking concentration or doing something else for their turn, the glyph lasts one more turn before dissipating.

[3] Shocking Glyph - 1st level
This glyph is created from static electricity above the user's head. The next time an enemy comes within melee range and is using a metallic weapon, the glyph will zap them for 1d6+1 damage, and if they fail a save they lose their attack from getting stunned by the shock.

Additionally, this spell can be avoided by clever warriors who wrap their sword handles with a special melted bark from a certain tree.

[4] Symbol of Usso - 2nd level
The glowing silver symbol dares any to approach the magician. Anyone who takes a step towards the magician must make a saving throw, or take 1 damage. It only deals 1 damage to move towards them for your entire round, so running at them still only deals 1 damage on a failed save.

By concentrating on the Symbol- the magic user can give up their action this round to channel its powers. This makes the silver light white, and slows movement of those moving towards them by ½ while this ability is channeled- this still only works on those who fail the saving throw.

[5] Blossoming Sigil - 3rd level
This symbol appears as a constantly billowing, blooming flower with gray petals, falling in on themselves and letting out a pale light. Beyond being useful as a light spell, nearby plants turn their heads towards the sigil as though it was the sun's light. All healing spells, powers, or first aid used under this symbol are increased by +3, and all saving throws against death are made at +3. The bearer of this symbol is also the first target of the undead and demons- who despise this light of the blossom. The symbol lasts for 4+1d4 exploration turns.

[6] Symbol of Pangolin - 4th level
This spell creates a hunched brown and red glyph above the target's head, curled into the shape of an orb. This symbol is special and has 18 AC, and grants whoever it is above a bonus armor. The protective field means that when the first attack is made, it must beat an AC of 18, and then if it succeeds make another successful attack roll against the target's normal AC. 
This symbol lasts for up to an hour.

[7] Symbol of Magnitude - 3rd level
You look bigger. The red-orange symbol above your head appears as a shape growing into a larger outline; which continues forever and makes it look like the symbol is constantly growing even when it is not. This doesn't change your actual size, just makes you look bigger and stronger; the lightning falls on your frame, nearby objects bend back to appear smaller, everyone's view shifts a few centimeters downwards, and so on.

While under the power of this symbol, you treat your Strength modifier as +3 for the purposes of attack rolls, contests of strength, or grapple rolls against other enemies. 
This symbol lasts for up to 3 hours.

[8] Sigil of Raining Death - 4th level
When this intimidating purple glowing sign appears above your head, those with knowledge of magic take cover. After this spell is cast, it takes 2 combat rounds to take effect, as illusory storm clouds gather overhead. After the 2 rounds, lightning cracks and glowing purple stones begin to fall from the heavens or ceiling of the chamber you are in. They strike at people through their armor and shields, dealing 1d4 damage per round, which cannot be saved against or evaded. Hiding underneath an object or alcove made of something stronger then wood will protect you- anything too thin or flimsy and the stone just punches through. If you are a quadrupedal creature, prone and flat on the ground, or just particularly large, you will be struck by more then one stone dealing 2d4 damage instead. This spell does not distinguish between friend or foe but the symbol bearer is protected. This spells lasts for two exploration turns.

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