Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Flaming Veil

The Flaming Veil – Magic Veil
Ego- 7
Stats- +2 AC, Fire Immunity, Reserve Weapon, Protection from Deserts, Flaming Breath

The Flaming Veil is a very powerful magical artifact. It is mostly worn by women, as men would think it to be a bit effeminate, but the object has no preference one way or the other. It can only be wielded by those with a powerful Ego. It appears as a gilded, lightweight silvery veil worn over the nose and lower half of the face, with a golden border where it is slipped on. It is made of a foreign metal; so lightweight to be as the finest silks but indestructible.

The Veil has several powers. It grants a bonus protection of +2 AC, and immunity to fire based spells, attacks, and dragon breath. It also grants protection from the desert heat and climate. You can ride a camel around naked all day and your skin will be flawless; no burns or heat from the sand or sun. It also makes it much easier to stay hydrated since you will not feel the intense heat and need to drink only a normal amount of water to survive in the desert lands where it is found.

Secondly, it has the power to draw forth a weapon from fiery ash out of nothing. Whenever the user holds out their hand, they can call forth a weapon they have burnt to ash whenever they wish. This weapon must be fully destroyed by fire, so it is usually reserved to be used with wooden or bone weapons; quarterstaves and bone knives are popular. This weapon is held in an extra-dimensional space until it is needed, and cannot be detected or destroyed.

Finally, the magical veil grants the power of fire breath. By pulling back the veil you can emit a torrent of flame in melee range that deals 2d6 fire damage. Enemies do not get a saving throw nor does armor (AC) grant any protection from this attack. However, enemies who know it is coming may attempt to attack you first to interrupt you when they see you reaching for the veil to pull it back. This power can be used once every dawn or dusk when it recharges. When this power is ready, the veil glows slightly orange, so enemy combatants will know to keep their distance when the flame is hot.

This Veil punishes those who are unworthy and attempt to use it very harshly. First, anyone who picks up or thinks of wearing the Veil will feel a wave of apprehension before doing so, making them feel as they are too uncouth or unworthy to wear it. Forcing yourself to wear it anyway causes the Veil to become red hot moments after being placed on your face, burning a very fine crosshatched pattern into your lips and cheeks- this permanent disfigurement requires strong magic to remove and deals 1d6 damage per round you keep it on your face while burning. 
The culture that remembers this magical artifact even has a name for this mark, which is ascribed to mark people who try to claim powers beyond their control. The word is 'majnundjinn' which means “fool who tries to wish for more wishes”.

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