Monday, June 14, 2021

8 Swamp Witch Spells

Art @Igor Khomsky (minor NSFW)

Frog in your Throat - 1st level
The target of this spell will cough and choke, and then their voice will sound groggy, deep, and froglike. This has the effect of giving the target a -1 to Charisma modifier (to humans) and they can mimic the croaking of a frog if they choose.

The second, and more useful power of this spell, is swearing. If the target of this spell speaks a particularly nasty string of insults and swearwords to a person's face, and they get offended, the frog will jump out of their throat and onto the fact of the person they offended, crawl into their mouth and deal 1d4 poison damage while giving them an exact copy of this spell, refreshing its duration. Not everyone cursed by this spell will know this ability however, and you can become immune to the secondary power of this spell by simply choosing to get not get offended- make an easy save modified by Wisdom to hold your temper.

[2] Lily Following - 1st level
This spell magically enchants lily pads to follow anything that is moving under water. Even if otherwise invisible, trawling the bottom, or moving very quickly this spell will act as a beacon that lets you follow a hidden or underwater threat. If enough Lily pads are present, it can even block vision and light from the water to above the water by crowding the surface with the pads; the surface is unaffected as it is assumed the water will be too murky to see into anyway.

[3] Gather Gas - 1st level
Magically draws gas from sight-range towards a single area, object, or person. The gas will become thicker and thicker. Corpse gas, natural vapor rising from hotsprings, or swamp gas are all toxic and will all deal 1d6 damage per turn on a failed save you're standing in the cloud. Gas, especially in a swamp, can also be flammable causing a massive explosion if ignited.

Additionally; the user of this spell can gather gas into an orb. The gas orb has the same size, range, and area of effect as a fireball, but is just harmless gas until released. If somebody shoots a flaming arrow at the gas ball while its still in the caster's hands, it'll blow up right there and deal 3d6 damage to the caster who is preparing to launch it.

[4] Suffocating Blanket - 2nd level
This spell can only be cast on someone who is under water. When they try to surface, the water becomes difficult to breach, as though as stiff blanket. If you have a bladed weapon, you can make an attack roll vs AC 12 to breach the water "blanket" with a sharp poke. If you can't stab through it, you'll need to make a hard save to swim along to find an opening- otherwise you'll start to drown.

[5] Watercreep - 2nd level
This spell makes water creep up the body of the target and increases the height of the water- but just for them. If it's up to your ankles, it'll crawl up to your waist. If it's up to your waist, it'll go up to your neck. Any higher and it will cover your whole body and you'll have to find a way to escape or else you'll start drowning. Give penalties to movement speed, To-Hit, AC, and so forth based on how high up the water is on the person's body.

You can bet that a clever Witch will cast this and then cast Suffocating Blanket right after. The water takes time to creep up your body with this spell, meaning moving constantly can avoid it climbing up on you. While moving in this frantic manner, you must move at your maximum movement speed even if it would be tactically disadvantageous and all your attacks are made at -2 from not having time to get into a good position or aim well with range.

[6] Call Familiar (Alligator) - 3rd level
This powerful spells calls forth the Witch's familiar- a 650 pound swamp alligator. It takes 1d4+1 rounds for the gator to reach the fight if the Witch is surprised, otherwise it will be instant if she is surprising you; she sent for him before the fight started.

The Aligator is a 4+2 HD giant reptile with a 1d8+1 bite attack. It has 14 AC and has witch symbols burnt black into its thick skin. It can swim and drag people under, as well as deathroll on a hit with a bite attack- target must save or be automatically hit next round, but the alligator can't change targets. Also as a reptile its susceptible to cold damage; if hit by 10% of its hit points or more in cold damage in a round, its speeds is halved and it attacks with disadvantage from being chilled.

Learning this spell doesn't actually give you a cool 'gator familiar, you have to wrestle one into submission and perform a ritual of binding to make one your animal familiar. Why is a spell that calls your familiar a 3rd level spell? Simple- the alligator really can't be bothered to help you out and you need some powerful magic to force it to do so.

[7] Tongue of Corruption - 3rd level
Anyone who wishes to cast this spell may not have sung a hymn for the past week, otherwise, your tongue is too respectable and not loathsome enough for this spell.

The caster's tongue becomes a giant, poison-shooting centipede on the usage of this spell. You can still talk and cast spells, but they are guttural and come from your chest. The centipede comes out of your mouth and writhes around, several feet of sorcerous corruption. Every round, it spits poison at nearby creatures, friend of foe to the caster. The poison can be shot beyond a stone's throw and is extremely accurate. This poison deals 1d6 damage when it touches someone, but if it gets in the eyes (save to avoid), mouth (attempting bite attack), or in wounds (if the target has half or less hit points) then it deals 2d8 + the caster's level or HD in damage.

The centipede can be killed by targeting it with a slicing weapon and performing an attack roll of 16 or better. The caster can attempt to control the centipede and who it is shooting at (or make it stop shooting poison at their allies) by using a save vs spells against their own magic. If they fail the save, the centipede does whatever it wants. This spell lasts for three rounds.

[8] My Thirst for the Willows - 4th level
This spell requires a ritual where the spellcaster drinks water from any source. The source of water must be something you can already drink, so not from an ocean or anything. Once you drink that water, you are forever bound to it and your thirst cannot be sated by any other source or spring of water. If you pick a lake, then you must always drink from that lake. If you pick a well, then you must always drink water pulled up from that well, and so on. How the water gets there doesn't matter, only that that place is where your water must be from. You can also store that water for later and it is just fine, but if the water mixes with another water sourced elsewhere it becomes useless. In practical terms, you cannot move far away from your source of water without extreme cost or risk for any extended period of time.

In return for this pact, you gain the ability to control the water and wildlife in that place. Anything that drinks from the water in that place is bound to you in a way, granting +1 to reaction checks with intelligent creatures, and +2 or automatic pacification for animals or monsters. You can also ritually bar someone from drinking from your water by casting a ritual where you burn an item of theirs or likeness of them and sprinkle its ashes into the water. From then on, that source of water cannot sate them and every drop they drink has no use for them.

Finally, those with those spell active gain an additional spell slot of any level they wish. This special spell must be prepared while within the cool waters where they sate their thirst; so if your source was a well, you'd need to go to the bottom of the well every time you want to fill this spell slot. The spell is otherwise cast as normal.

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