Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Garden- What's She Smoking?

You enter the hazy lounge. Within the ageless face of your contact, a woman in luxurious attire peeks out at you. In one hand are the (black and white) photos of your target, and in the other is a long cigarette holder, thin wisps of smoke coming from its tip.

What's it smell like? - 1d10
[1] Peaches and Cream.
[2] Floral extract, reminds you of a jungle.
[3] Just smoke.
[4] Musty hay, a bit like a horse.
[5] Freshly mowed lawn.
[6] Petrichor
[7] Alcohol. Could just be because of how much she's had to drink.
[8] Mostly absent, faint odor of blood.
[9] Odorless. How considerate.
[10] Every species smells something different. Roll this table again once per person. If you roll on this one twice, then for you it smells like dog shit.

What is the cigarette holder made of? - 1d8
[1] Red Plaque.
[2] Plastic. Cheap.
[3] Silver and Bronze.
[4] Horn of a Ut Beast. You can only make two per horn so, pretty expensive.
[5] Some kind of piss-yellow alien metal. Hot end turns this really nice green after a while.
[6] Wood, with midnight lacquer. Your knife is more flammable.
[7] It's hollow, uses a special type of metal that 'cages' in the smoke if it's moving, but otherwise will slip through the cracks. Looks really cool to light up with this, not going to lie.
[8] Isk'Kassa Stone. The actual tip is made of metal, if the holder was heated by an open flame it would explode and send stone shards into everyone's eyes. Weighs a ton.

What brand of cigarette is it? - 1d12 – If it has a color in the name; smoke is that color.
[1] Krakatoa Blue
[2] Tailride
[3] Jerky Slims.
[4] Smokey's
[5] Yellow Bloods – Full Flavored
[6] The REAL Dokotos – Trust no Imitations, this is the real one!
[7] Stylus Black
[8] Porporo Po
[9] Huey's Reserved Blend
[10] Doctor Thicks – For Improved Cardiovascular Health
[11] Gumshoe Green
[12] Drinking Buddy

What's the smoke doing? - 1d6
[1] Rising.
[2] Falling.
[3] Being blown right in your face. Bitch.
[4] Weirdly drawn to other smoke in the room, makes the clouds even thicker.
[5] Glowing. Occasionally it sparks, might light the tablecloth on fire.
[6] Comes out in blobs like smoke 'bubbles'. Can be popped by touching them.

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  1. > If you roll on this once twice, then for you it smells like dog shit.

    This is the content I'm here for... and Doctor Thicks. It's the only brand I smoke, before and after my morning callisthenics.