Thursday, July 23, 2020

2d6 Monster Weak-Spot Generator

[2] Make it swallow a +1 magic orb or mace's head without the handle attached.
[3] Must hit three specific spots on its body, sequentially, with a +1 magic staff.
[4] Pry off a bony plate or scale with a +1 magic pick or dagger, then stab inside.
[5] Crush it's skull with a +1 magic mace or hammer
[6] Pierce its eye with a +1 magic spear or +1 magic bow's arrow
[7] Cut off its head with a +1 magic sword or axe.
[8] Stab it in the heart with a magic +1 spear or sword
[9] Cut off its tail/whiskers/beard/tongue with a +1 magic dagger (need both hands to pull it taut)
[10] Use a +1 magic battleaxe or greatsword to cut it in half in a specific line.
[11] Freeze its entire body, then shatter with a +1 magic mace or hammer.
[12] Must cut off all of its limbs in 2 rounds, requires +1 magic weapons. Else will reform itself.

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