Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Garden- What's in the Red Bag?

While wandering through Garden, you find a tiny isolated park between two buildings. There's a single park bench and a red bag, right on top, abandoned with no one in sight.

What's inside it?

Roll 1d10
[1] $20,000 cash. There's a bloody fingerprint on the top bill.
[2] Pistol. Fully loaded.
[3] Severed head.
[4] Small amount of groceries. Package of eggs and bread for sandwiches.
[5] Knife. It's an artifact from the underground. If you kill a psychic with it, it gets stronger.
[6] Crumpled up lady's hat.
[7] Adoption papers. Already signed & stamped. Orphanage is right down the street.
[8] Magazine of rifle cartridges. Made of explosive powder and hibi salts. It's some professional shit.
[9] Polaroid of a beach on a bright sunny day. Tiny sand castle in the corner.
[10] The “key” to the city. Old enough to have been given out three decades ago. It's clearly ornamental, but each time you explore the underground 1 in 6 chance you find a matching door.

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