Thursday, July 9, 2020

Blood Onions

Art @Michael Whelan
Sometimes you see a picture or piece of artwork that inspires you. This above really inspires me.

Blood Onions
Growing only in the mournful desert, that is filled with lightning storms and the lost armies of many conquerors. These bitter tubers grow wherever blood is spilled. It is said their seeds can lie dormant for an eternity, and each one can grow from a single drop of blood, though obviously more blood makes them grow faster and bigger.

Blood Onions are one of the only sources of food in the mournful desert, and small craft industries nears the wasteland's edge cultivate them for some kind of food in this barren place.

When exploring a harsh desert and you are out of food and water, you have a 1 in 6 chance of finding some blood onions per half a day of exploration. Each blood onion patch has 2d6 rations worth of food and water, just enough moisture in its leaves and stem to nourish a man. Tastes awful.

Yes that is the joke.

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