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8 Really Powerful Amulets

[1] Amulet of Yennith
The amulet appears as a smooth piece of silver with a large yellow stone set in the center. It is cut in a rectangular shape and glows in the dark. Anyone who touches this amulet can feel its power, and if they unworthy of it they will feel great hesitation to put it on. If the person who tries to wear the amulet has less then 6 HD, they are considered unworthy and it slips off their neck as well as blasting them with one level of level drain.

Anyone who tries to wear this amulet with at least 6 HD is considered worthy- and will find it snugly fitting on their shoulders. Once you have put on the amulet, it is unable to be removed except by the slaying of its resident entity, or through the amulet's total destruction; you are stuck with the amulet until you die. Wearing the amulet also has two effects on the wearer- the first is that the amulet increases your Strength score to 10 if it is under 10 in a surge of otherworldly growth the moment you put on the amulet. After that, whatever your Strength score is it is increased by +1 for every 10 years you wear the amulet. The second effect is that the wearer gains a sense of longevity and stasis. They only need to eat a ration once every 5 days, and they age at about 20% of their normal rate, or in other words their life expectancy is increased by +80%.

The main power of the amulet however is its entity. Present within the stone is a being known to posses great power. The entity is known as Yennith- it appears as whatever form the wearer of the amulet wishes, and can be as large as an ogre or as small as a housecat. It can appear as any race, gender, or even individual but always has bright yellow eyes that match the stone of the necklace and speaks in an echoing, supernatural voice that makes it obvious to anyone that it is a supernatural entity. The being can only manifest in the presence of the wearer.

Yennith is an obedient entity. It serves whoever worthily puts on the amulet and regards them as its master. It will serve the wearer until they die or if the wearer makes any plans known to destroy the amulet to the entity. The entity can hear and see everything its crystal can on the necklace, even when it is not manifested, though it may not reveal this fact to its wearer so it can spy on them in case they wish to be rid of the cursed amulet. Yennith does not appreciate being abandoned or any plots to murder it, as it will die if the amulet is destroyed, and will usually choke the wearer of the amulet in their sleep if it believes they will abandon it, or manifest in a dangerous form to kill them directly. It can also withhold any supernatural strength is has granted to the wearer, but cannot attack with level drain as their energies are too entwined once worn.

Yennith also has the following abilities. If it is defeated, it is banished back to the yellow stone and cannot manifest again for at least one day. Yennith's amulet isn't especially strong once the spirit has been banished; it can be smashed or chopped apart by a +1 magic weapon or greater.

Yennith (X HD, 16 AC, Two manifestation attacks at 2d6 each, transformation, ethereal)
Morale- N/A

Yennith, the yellow-eyed spirit of the Amulet. Yennith can appear as basically anything and its powers reflect that. It has two attacks, which always deal 2d6 damage each, but can deal whatever damage type Yennith wishes in the moment. If Yennith takes the form of a warrior, then the damage can be slashing with a sword, or if Yennith takes the form of a small dragon, then it can breathe fire and deal fire damage as its manifestation attacks, etc. Yennith can transform whenever it wishes or is ordered to, and may move and attack mid transformation, meaning it can transform each round before performing any action. Yennith's size, speed, elemental resistances and so forth are all based on whatever form it takes.

The spirit can also turn into mist or simply disappear and retreat into the Amulet at any moment, making it immune to being grappled or rooted in place. The spirit can be stunned by a powerful attack or spell, and when it is it may transform into a glowing mess of swirling yellow lights roughly in the shape of a tree bearing round fruits. Some scholars believe this is Yennith's true form.

Yennith's HD is determined by its wearer. The X is equal to the wearer's HD, minus one. If Yennith's HD ever reach 9, it now deals 3d6 damage with its attacks and gains +2 AC.

The spirit is not especially talkative and always obeys its owner, but always seem to attach itself to owners who go on to become powerful leaders and conquerors. Because Yennith becomes more powerful as its user becomes more powerful, it is thought to instill in its wearer a sense of ambition to grow itself. It could also just be that the type of people worthy enough to claim this amulet are already ambitious enough to make the most of it.

[2] Beads of Divinity
These are a set of wooden prayer beads. Each bead is inscribed with a symbol that represents one of the heavenly virtues or names of a heavenly mantra. Anyone with even a basic spiritual presence (Wisdom modifier of +1 or better) can tell these beads are from the Celestial realm and are very powerful. Anyone who wears these beads must be pure. Usually this means baptized, not addicted to any drugs, not wealthy, and not capable of casting arcane spells. Anyone who is not pure will feel an intense sensation of shame until they take the beads off, and will not gain any benefit for having them on.

While wearing the beads, if you ARE NOT a Cleric, you gain all the spells and abilities of a Cleric two levels lower then yourself. If you ARE a Cleric, you treat yourself as two levels higher as long as you wear the beads and do not violate your religious purity.

[3] Finestone
This is a green stone, finely polished and sanded to be very smooth. Anyone who sees it will recognize its value, and will offer large sums of gold to buy it, even if they have no use for it or come from a culture that despises dainty accessories like that. Some may also be driven to attempt thievery or murder to get the stone, but the stone does not control minds, those who would stoop so low would only do so if they would already try to kill you for a rare and expensive piece of jewelry you already had anyway.

The Finestone is said to “discern” and “distill” the aesthetic sensibilities of people around it, including its wearer. You must have an artistic talent or a Charisma score of at least +1 in order to wear the stone, otherwise it turns an ugly gray and you will throw it away, at which point it turns back into the Finestone to find a new, more tasteful master. Simply wearing the stone makes you more skilled in artistic endeavors, but only in disciplines you already know. This stone does not help in learning new artistic paths, but instead develops your own personal style and skill into something remarkable; from apprentice to competent and from experienced to masterful. All of the artist's works begin to carry a very “them” quality that makes it obvious who created the piece and give it a sense of quality that otherwise wouldn't be found with a more common piece of art.

The Finestone creates dew. Every morning when you wake up, the stone will be slick with watery dew. The dew of the Finestone can be applied like makeup- pressed against a wrinkle it will vanish. Rubbed into the eyes to make them brighter and more youthful. Dabbed against a scar will make it disappear- all these effects last for one day. The dew can also be collected. If the dew of an entire season (~3 months) is collected, it will become a Potion of Glamour. By drinking the potion of glamour, you can magically mask and alter your appearance to appear different. You will still appear as a member of your race, sex, and age but can radically alter how others perceive you through it and your presence within that restriction. For instance, an old man could drink the potion and appear as a harmless grandpa that people trust, or a old beggar that people totally ignore, or a fearsome wizard or warrior that people will respect. When acting in character and when interacting with others, you gain a +2 to reaction checks or your charisma modifier that are appropriate towards your outward appearance. The glamour lasts for 3d6 days or until something breaks the illusion publicly. For example if you made yourself appear as a noble poet but were unable to recite even a single verse when prompted to do so, the spell will be broken. You cannot use the glamour to appear as a specific individual, but you can use it to appear as someone other then yourself, acting as a disguise, or just to improve your own appearance. Because of this magic dew, it is feasible for someone to live a double life with the Finestone, only appearing in public when the glamour is available, able to live totally disguised.

Finally, the Finestone grants a powerful intuition and improvement over ones dreams. Your dreams become more beautiful, dramatic, and thought-provoking the longer you wear the Finestone. This also grants an incredible degree of control and lucidity over ones dreams, allowing oneself to easily sense and dispatch any foreign magic or psychic presences within their dreams. Certain races, like elves and fairies, can easily become addicted to their highly acute imaginations and aesthetic sensibilities- many of them who wear the Finestone become obsessed with sleeping drugs or finding the draught of the sleeping death so they may forever live only in their wonderful, beautiful dreams.

In the same way that human alchemists obsessively seek the Philosophers Stone; the greatest of elf craftsmen seek the Finestone, as its dew can be used to create Glint of truly legendary quality.

[4] Pendant of Prides
Appears as a white flower crystal. Wearing this amulet grants magical powers over the wind, letting you whisper words and have them reach the ears of anyone you wish in a place where that wind can reach. The farther distance your words travel, the more of them will have lost their strength in the distance and will be too quiet to hear; your message will arrive partially incomplete from more then a mile or hex away. You also gain the power to call the winds to grant you audience with the local lord of the birds. This being is always a bird, befitting the local wildlife, of a wily intelligence and arrogant disposition, but not unreasonable. The lord of the birds has control over flight paths, air thermals, storms, and visibility in flight over his region. He or she also can bar anyone from reaching certain hidden places in the sky, but with its blessing you may reach them. This pendant does not give you any power over this being, just grants an audience and allows you to speak to it, meaning you must make a deal. Typically, lord and lady birds biggest concern is for people to stop fucking with the weather using magic and rain dances. Stop practitioners in the local area and they'll be very pliable.

Secondly, this amulet also grants powers over the Earth. By holding the pendant and turning around and walking away, you can make anyone who pursues you never able to catch up. The earth beneath them expands faster then they can bridge the gap. This power doesn't work on anyone you can see. Secondly, you can make a cave entrance seal itself shut, from the inside or outside. Whenever this is done, a new cave entrance will open back up somewhere else in the cave system, as the mountain wishes to have at least one mouth so it can breathe as any creature. Anyone standing in the gaped opening of the cave takes damage as though in a cave-in.

Finally, the Pendant of Pride grants powers over the sea. As long as you have at least one toe in the water, you can calm a stormy sea. If you intentionally cut yourself and drip a drop of blood into the sea, you can call on an army of sharks to swim to that area in minutes. You also become immune to whirlpools and the songs of sirens. Lastly, you can raise buried treasure off the sea floor on the back of a jellyfish if you know where it is and let the jellyfish sting you in return. If you take the treasure without letting the creature sting you, it will become very angry and call upon its brothers to hunt you down in your bathing water, drinking fountains, and invisibly hide in your soups and ales until you've learned your lesson. Or died.

[5] Plume Necklace
This necklace features a very long bright blue feather, curled around in a spiral towards the tip. This feather is extremely soft and flexible, and doesn't seem to belong to any normal bird species. It is held around the neck with a silver cord; whenever you are outside in the sunlight, the silver cord seems to shine in a wavy pattern from the back of the cord on the nape of the neck down to the feather itself in a constant repeating cycle. This hints at the power within.

Whenever an item is thrown or ranged weapon fired, the pulse of energy from the necklace that accompanies it will boost it along; increasing its range and doubling its damage. This only works with a very skilled user however, as they must exactly time their shots in sequence and in rhythm, or else the energy pulse will mess up their aim. Character using this necklace must have trained with it for at least a season of downtime first, and have a Dexterity of +1 or better. Also, if you are surprised in combat, you will need to take an extra round to control your breathing and acquire the proper footing for this technique to work, wasting your first round before you can fire with the Plume Necklace.

Secondly, the momentum within this necklace can also be expertly reflected. If an enemy strikes you in melee, you may return ½ the damage they dealt to you in a blast back move, but doing this means the necklace loses its charge for the rest of the day and you cannot use its firing power. Any knockback the enemy dealt to you is also mirrored back to them in the same moment, they fly backwards the same distance. The power of the Plume Necklace is also discharged if hit by a lightning attack or spell that does 7 or more damage in one attack; you lose the energy charge for that day.

[6] The Flaming Pearl of Xombb
This pearl is held on a simple leather string, which is then worn on the neck. The string is nothing special, but the pearl itself is indestructible. It is a dark green to brown in color, perfectly spherical, and has within it a slow dancing orange flame. The flame sways as does a candle but it moves incredibly slowly; it may takes minutes for it to fully sway to one side and then many minutes more to reach the other. The pearl has an acidic taste and mild smell; Any acid that touches the pearl is instantly sucked into it, which is said to only further the powers of the amulet the more caustic acids it absorbs.

Xombb is a great archon of fire. By channeling the powers of the amulet, you can conjure fire that burns and errode. The power of Xombb's fire is such that it burns anything, slowly corroding it to dust, an elemental mix of acid and fire to the most primal level. By holding the amulet, the user can emit the fire from it out into the world to consume whatever they wish. They can use it on a person or object, burning them as a physical fire would for 2d6 damage per round, the wearer can also target fire retardant objects like stone or water, in which case the flaming pearl uses a different form of flame. The stone will start to chip and crack, an orange undercurrent of lava pouring from the splits in the skin of the great rock if enough time is focused on the stone. Water will first turn sour and rancid as though stagnant for too long, darken, and become the color and consistency of cooking oil freshly thrown off the stove. The flaming pearl can even ignite the abstract; ideas or memories could be consumed to. In such cases, default this effect to any mind effecting spells of 5th level or less, and it can only be used to replicate the effects of these spells in a destructive or consuming way.

The energies of this amulet are difficult to control. For any being using the amulet, there is a chance they too are consumed by the flames; if the character has a Wisdom modifier of +2 then they are safe. Any less, and they have a X in 6 chance to take 3d6 fire damage when they next use the amulet. X is equal to the reverse modifier steps from +1 and downwards. So +1 equal a 1 in 6 chance, 0 is a 2 in 6 chance, -1 is a 3 in 6 chance, and so on. Increase the X in 6 chance by +1 for each consecutive use of the amulet.

[7] Tiger Amulet
This amulet is shaped in the snarling face of a tiger, the indestructible metal is of an unknown origin and is a dull green. Those who wear the amulet can feel its power, but anyone who has the hubris to wear the amulet who is under 4th level will wake up that night with a tiger in their bed. They must fight unarmed and if they manage to survive the amulet will accept them as its master. Otherwise, the amulet is found the next morning in a puddle of blood on the floor and the person is gone for good.

The magical amulet channels the power of the tiger. It firstly changes the wearer over time. Every season the amulet is worn, they gain another tiger-esque trait. Striking eyes, whiskers, stripes along their skin mimicking a tiger's patterns, retractable claws (1d4 stealth weapon), or a long tiger tail. They don't transform further then the above with alchemical help, or unless if they eat someone alive while wearing the amulet. Wearing the amulet also, coincidentally, gives the wearer the urge to eat people they hate alive. In addition to the above changes, it grants the wearer +1d3 Dexterity each season until they reach a high enough Dexterity to get a +3 modifier, and then stops. If they already had a +3 Dex modifier, then let the amulet give them Dexterity until they get to +4, and so on.

Secondly, the tiger amulet grants the user power over others, as long as their ambition continues to grow. Treat this as a scaling +1 to +3 to reaction checks or social rolls, based on how crucial or vital a good impression is needed to grow the wearer's power. For example, if the user was held up by a group of bandits they wanted to join, they would get a +3 to trying to talk to them and join their band. If the user was simply passing through the woods and was ambushed instead, then it would only be a reaction check of +1 instead. Once the wearer is a part of the ground of bandits, they lose the reaction check bonus against anything “lesser” in status to the bandits. So they could use the amulet again to try and usurp the bandit leader, then again once they wanted to overthrow the local lord to become the new ruler of the land, and then again when they attempt to pass by the Celestial Guardians to challenge the Heavenly Emperor for his divine throne. This amulet continues to push the user to new heights, though all will fall somewhere along the path to ambition. It is always possible for the wearer to abandon the amulet, and will get to keep the beneficial mutations the amulet gave them, but it has an almost addictive quality to it that is hard to lose. Make a saving throw to try and get rid of the amulet.

Finally; if your character is of a race that is partially or fully Tiger (or maybe any big cat), then the ambitious drive it gives its wearers is removed and instead, the amulet grants its reaction check bonus to any situation depending on how important it is to the wearer's survival.

[8] Madman's Scratcher
Appearing as a bit of purple-tinted flint or stone tied up in a rotten cord, this amulet doesn't appear as anything special. However, it has a supernatural power tied with it, warping the mind of its wearer by making them believe they can do anything, and in some ways they can.

This amulet can be held and used to scratch markings. It is an unusually hard, unknown substance, and leaves thin white scratches into pretty much anything- even granite or metal. Anything written down, drawn, or signed by the amulet becomes true. However, the power of this “truth” is limited, and the magical reality-bending power of this amulet comes directly from the sanity and health of its user.

For example, if you scratched the word Deadly onto the side of a boulder and rolled it down a hill, anyone in its way would have a -2 chance to avoid it. Or perhaps when they avoid it, the boulder still runs over and crushes a bug instead. If you wrote down the words Orcs will attack through a doorway, then crossing through that doorway lo' and behold orcs will be there, with a -1 to reaction checks but not instantly aggressive. Certain things that are too powerful, such as drawing a dragon on something to signal that a dragon will come, may instead be replaced by something similar but with a more feasible power level- like a kobold. Or perhaps it will still happen, but at a greater cost to its user.

For every reality-warp made by this amulet, the user loses -1d2 Wisdom and maximum hit points. These are permanent drains, unless that person can find a way to destroy the amulet and return their sanity by letting go of the lost delusions of godhood.

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