Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Orc Song Generator

We're The Orcs! We're....”

[1] The Mighty Orcs!”
[2] Hungry Orcs!”
[3] Great-Tusk Orcs!”
[4] Widow Makin' Orcs!”
[5] The Fighting Orcs!”
[6] Sun Hatin' Orcs!”
[7] The Meanest Orcs!”
[8] Sow Fuckin' Orcs!”


[1] Kill Elves! Cut off their little 'bells'!”
[2] Smash Dwarves! Break their magic swords!”
[3] Capture Men! They'll never see the sun again!”
[4] Hunt Beasts! Steal their bloody fleece!”
[5] Take Food! We'll eat fat 'till next moon!”
[6] Raze a Farm! Go out to do harm!”
[7] Sack a Temple! Feel the weak-gods tremble!”
[8] Slay the Weak! Suffer not the meek!”


[1] Take it down below, still more work to go!”
[2] Spill blood, until our job is done!”
[3] March as we must, sleep until the dusk!”
[4] Sharpen our swords, ready to end some lords!”
[5] Pound our steel, so we can earn our meal!”
[6] Beat our slaves, we'll laugh for days!”
[7] Get drunk, and go wallow in some muck!”
[8] Leave from the light, and mate all night!”

The song is punctuated by-

[1] Wild laughter!
[2] Shrieks of bloodlust!
[3] The crack of a whip!
[4] Moans of frustration!
[5] Clanging of metal!
[6] Clapping of hands on flesh!
[7] Stomping of hooves!
[8] Blowing of a battle-horn!


  1. Oh man, this is the most Hobbit thing I've ever seen. A song _generator_! Brilliant!

  2. Sweet Songs, I can see the Orc Personalities in the lyrics.