Monday, November 4, 2019

[Class] Squealer Smith

Squealer Smith
HD- d4
Max AC- 14 / Minimum Hit-Points - 2

You are a Squealer. Squealers are small, runtish beings spawned in the great litters of the Orcish breeding pits. While some of your brothers may have grown into full bodied Orcs, you are stuck in this small and weak body. You aren't as reliant on the underworld- your skin doesn't burn in the sun as your brothers do, but you lack their darkvision and require guidance in the dark.

As a small, pig-like being you cannot use two handed weapons or wear the most armor. You aren't especially weak for your size, but you have a strong Constitution due to your piggish nature and rough upbringing on slop and fungus. You generate your Constitution modifier as 2d8+1d6 instead.

Among your own kind, you are a slave. You are taught how to fix and maintain equipment, cook up medicines, fix orc prosthetics and mount them on stumps, and many more. You do the small technical work that Orcs can't be bothered to learn. Even after escaping from your masters in the underhills, you retain this knowledge. You have an eye for technical machinery, and as such you can pick locks as though you were a Thief of two levels less then your own.

Every even level, you gain +1 to hit with ranged mechanical devices, such as crossbows or other machine devices. Add half this bonus, rounding up, to rolls to disarm traps.

Every odd level, you heal for +1 more hit points whenever performing first aid on someone. Your dainty fingers are quick skilled at healing wounds and injuries.

You're also skilled with armor. As long as you have a step stool, you can double the duff and doff speed of various suits of armor you are putting on someone else. You're also decent with repairs, and can perform a field repair for basic damage over the course of two exploration turns.

Finally; you're a pig. As such, you smell delicious to various predatory creatures like wolves, and your small size doesn't help either. But this does mean you can integrate freely with pig-like creatures, and Orcs are not likely to kill you beyond just beat you and put you back to work. Your smell also helps mask you if you're sneaking through an Orcish stronghold; you don't stink the way a human does.

At 10th level, you become a Proper Porcine and grow a foot in height. You're still small but you feel a lot better about yourself. Gain +1 to hit and damage with melee weapons. You also become capable of using your mechanical and technical skill to create a Great Borer. This is a massive digging machine capable of acting as a mobile fortress that can dig through mountains, straight through rock, undermine a castle, etc. To build one requires three years of work and a huge supply of both gold, raw materials, and technically minded assistants.

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