Sunday, November 3, 2019

Gossip from the Orc Slave-Pits

Roll 1d20
[1] The Great-Sow that rules this place learned a new curse, she's going to test it on one of us.
[2] The Orcs are considering doubling human rations, but don't eat them. It's made of people.
[3] The warden-orc has gotten a new bad ass prosthetic.
[4] The warden-orc is “collecting” slaves. He wants one each race, each gender, and each age.
[5] New arrivals to the pits are no longer gender segregated. They may want us to... breed.
[6] Many of us have already stolen some tools; we're almost ready to dig out.
[7] Many of us have already stolen some tools; we're almost ready to kill the orcs.
[8] There is a kind squealer-smith who pities us. He gets beat almost as badly as we do.
[9] Haunting music can be heard near the deepest work camp. It's coming from below.
[10] We're digging to find some ancient lost city or something.
[11] We're digging to fuel an orc war machine.
[12] We're digging just because the orcs want us to suffer.
[13] The iron we mine doesn't even go to make weapons. There is a great iron casket for someone important. Worst yet, I hear that the molten metal will be quenched in slave blood.
[14] You see those potions behind the bars there? They're gonna start making us drink them. Makes you work harder, feel no pain, and forget your old life.
[15] An orc gave me a shawl blanket today. I don't know what he wants from me.
[16] An orc made me lick his hooves today. I'm going to kill that piece of shit.
[17] There's a few elves in our camp. They cut their ears to blend in as humans. I think they are here to heal our sores, or maybe just to avoid being taken as magic-thralls by the orc magicians.
[18] Slaves have begun getting “paid” coins instead of fed or clothed, more coins for harder labor. They expect us to trade among ourselves for food and water!?
[19] Giant rats have been found in the walls. Anyone who turns this info in to the Orcs will be given their own cage and a thicker straw mat- the orcs are almost as hungry as we are.
[20] I've been designing a new digging machine. If we give it to the orcs, they won't need us anymore and will surely let us go. Right?

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  1. Thanks, the gossip from the orc-slave pit I've been staying at had gotten a bit stale.