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10 Orc Spells

Normal Orcs don't usually cast spells. They are warriors first and foremost, magic is something that is mystic and distant to them. The male Orcs rely on brute strength, ingenious weapons, or the occasional magic item granted to them from being a suitor to one of the Great Sows. Magic is seen as something of a powerful, feminine thing, and Orcs are especially distrusting of the male Wizarding society of the humans and elves.

Orcish Great Sows do learn spells though, and greedily consume any magical writings they can get their hands on. They are attended by the smartest of the Squealers to act as scribes and assistants in their arcane witch-workshops. Great Sows cast spells using rough dark-iron staves, and their sorcerous bloodline gives them the power of some of the greatest dark magicians. Any Great Sow will know 2d6 standard spells, with a preference for destructive or fertility-aiding magic, as well as two or three of these special spells, which were invented by the huge pig women themselves.

10 Orc Spells – Roll 1d10
[1] Slave Banner - 1st level
This spell requires a rod or staff. By stamping one end against the ground and casting the spell, it conjures and unfurls a war banner attached to the head of the staff. It held up high, it can be used as a regular banner can in warfare to guide or lead troops. It has no other effect on its own.

Orcs often train slaves to fight for them; large militias of both human, elf, squealers, dwarf, or other slaves may be supplied with basic weapons to fight as meat shields for Orc troops. The war banner they follow is purely based on training and brutal discipline; destroying this banner causes a morale check for slaves, but instead of fleeing they revolt. It would be trivial for a magician who learns this spell to reverse engineer it to change the design of the banner to one of their own kingdom.

[2] Gristlesmooth - 1st level
This spell creates a magical ointment and requires a large amount of fat from any type of creature; pig, human, cave-beast, etc. In the short term, this ointment makes the skin moisten and become healthier, which restores 1d6 damaged attribute points of one attribute among Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, or Charisma. Secondly, it also gives the skin a glistening smoothness and reduces the visible effects of aging. Continuous use of this spell can suspend the aging process and further increase the physical attractiveness of its user, curing blemishes and scars but giving a constant oily feeling to the skin. Any and all unwelcome mental images of giant, multibreasted pig women rubbing themselves with body oils all over is absolutely intentional and a part of the psionic attack power this spell also contains when in written form, such as right now.

[3] Sow Kiss - 1st level
This spell requires touch. Simply poking a being's nose will activate the spell. This causes their nose to turn red and glow. This glowing is visible in the dark and reduces stealth by -2, but gives an obvious indication that this person has pleased a spellcaster. In Orc society, having your nose glows like this means you have gained the favor of one of the Great Sows and as such it confers a +1 to your Charsima modifier for the duration of the spell. Lasts for three days.

[4] Binding of Dark Magic - 2nd level
When holding a treasure or a cage for a slave, this spell can be used to protect something with dark magic. By touching a container, the object is wraped in fuzzy black chains that collect like shadows and are only partially visible to the naked eye. The difficulty of picking a lock increases by 1 tier and anyone who tries to move or take the object or free the prisoner it is over must save or take 1d4 damage from the black magic. This spell can be dispelled by the touch of a 3rd level Holy Man, such as a Cleric or similar class. Great Sows use this to protect their spellbooks and other valuable treasures.

[5] Growth of the Alloy-Implement - 2nd level
Occasionally, a Great Sow needs to bust some heads. Rarely do they use their great strength directly, preferring spells, but this spell is a back up. By channeling the magic through their iron staves, this spell grows the metal out in all directions creating a jagged and savage looking huge iron cudgel. The growths on this metal object at jagged and rough, consisting of worthless slag iron pieces and sharp edges of half-molded orestone, but the whole thing can be swung as a 1d10 great weapon. It has a -1 to hit due to being unbalanced and basically just being a giant lumpy piece of metal.

Other magic users can cast this spell too, though it requires a long iron staff to cast and powerful armrs to wield it. Any magic inherent in the staff will be useful for up to 5 rounds after being transformed; ie a Fireball Staff could gain +1d6 fire damage on his with the slag metal weapon. After these 5 rounds, the magic inherent in the original staff is gone. This transformation is also permanent, meaning the staff is permanently ruined. The metal grown on this staff is a combination of low quality metals found in the air, as well as ballooned out parts of the original staff, as well as drawing in metals in nearby soils and objects to the staff while casting; it's not very valuable therefore and is mostly just scrap iron or iron flux with little practical value.

[6] Dark Flames - 3rd level
This spell is a dark, twisted version of the standard Flames spell. Dark Flames deals 3d6 damage against a single target, which is reduced by one die if they succeed a save vs spells, and they reduce the damage by another one die if they have a fireproof cloak or are a high-level fighter parrying the flame with a magic holy sword, etc. Dark Flames also does not produce as much light as a regular Flames spell, and does not light things on fire. Instead, it rolls out like a heavy fog, guided by the user's hands, which consumes all in its path. It lasts for up to three rounds.

[7] Distant Dreaming - 3rd level
This spell can only be cast when sleeping, and only functions an hour before, after, or during noon or midnight- pigs are crepuscular animals, and are most active at dawn and dusk, and as such these spells are limited then. It may be because of the third time realm that this spell taps into is too close to function. If this spell is prepared and the caster's sleep is uninterrupted, they dream.

The dream may only work on far away places or other realms of reality, not in your own realm. One in the depth of the underworld may dream of the surface, but someone on the surface could not dream of another country or land far away, it is only the distant places that can be seen. The dreamer is able to move around as an invisible wraith, capable of seeing and hearing as they could if they were really there, though sounds and images are foggy and sometimes undefined. It is possible to spy on other places with this spell, but beings in those places who can sense the invisible or see spirits can notice the dreamer, and may well banish them as with a Turn Undead roll or even destroy them. Once the dream ends, any information learned must be written down as it is forgotten in two minutes. Additionally, you can only use this spell a single time for any realm you have never personally visited. After the first viewing, that location becomes forever blocked to you from this spell.

[8] Fertility Spell - 3rd level
This spell greatly improves the fertility of the caster. The person under this effect will become impregnated or impregnate their partner with a 100% chance. The pregnancy will be much healthier then normal, and will increase the number of offspring by 20% for species with larger litters, where as for humans or similar creatures this spell instead grants a 3 in 4 chance to have twins instead of a single child at the time of birth.

[9] Black Step - 3rd level
This spell works as a perfect teleportation, no errors or disruptions from casting this spell. Additionally, it doesn't count as a “normal” teleportation spell, and as such wouldn't trip any alarm spells or barriers that stop normal teleportation from happening.

Instead, the Black Step lets the caster warp to a nearby place of shadow. This jump happens to any visible location which is shrouded in darkness, and the spellcaster will magically turn into a black cloud and disappear, before reappearing at that place. This transportation happens instantly and does not require any time to orient oneself after casting it, thus it is an extremely reliable spell. Needless to say, if this spell was acquired by an thieves it would quickly make them a master burglar.

[10] Sacrament of the Ties of Blood - 4th level
This spell deals with the blood. All those who cast it in a game with alignment will sway subtly towards chaos, as the spell deals with the powers of hot red blood.

The spellcaster must cut their hand and summon being(s) that shares their blood. The “blood” of a creature includes all beings of that characters race, all beings of closely related races, and animals or monsters who have a component of that races bloodline. For example, Orcs can call upon pigs, great boar wyrms beneath the Earth, and so on. Humans can call upon the bipedal birds that share their nature, along with any human of any race. The summoning ritual calls forth any being to the caster's location, which takes them anywhere from mere moments to an exploration turn to arrive; no matter the difference, the called being is “lost” in a hedge or dark passage and arrives there with great speed. The caster may summon any number of beings with a sum total of HD equal to the casters, OR they can call a single being of greater power if the being's HD is at most double that of the casters HD.

The called being arrives and is placated with the blood given, and must allow itself to bleed as well for the blood to be mixed on the alter or ground with the caster's own. The being then treats its relation to the spell caster as though it had rolled the highest possible reaction check, or if it is under the effect of a Charm spell. They are family and of the same blood, after all. Finally, the caster may impose upon this being a single command or order that the being must follow. Each time this spell is cast, the spell caster loses -1d4 maximum hit points from the blood they spill which does not return to their body; the sacrament is complete only in this way.

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