Tuesday, May 24, 2022

6 Deadly Daggers

[1] Lungpiercer
- +2 Magic Dagger
Stats- 1d4 + 1d6 + 2 "Asphyxiation" Damage

This magical dagger is a fearsome tool for assassins. Every wound made by this weapon seems to pull the breath away from the victim; even wounds cut into the arms and legs. Blood drawn by this weapon bubbles, as though your breath is escaping through each open cut.

Whenever this dagger deals damage, the total value of damage is applied as a magical curse. If the amount of damage an enemy has from this dagger equals their Strength score (or HDx2 + To-Hit bonus of a monster), they are unable to yell or call out for help and can only speak under the lightest whisper. They also cannot run or sprint, as though they just can't catch their breath, or cast spells. Beings which do not need to breathe are immune to this power.

Naturally, those harmed by this weapon are in great danger even if the assassin leaves them before the job is done. Only a healer will know how to open the airway and restore the victim's breath before they go under for good.

[2] Blade of the Barracks - +1 Magic Dagger
Stats- 2d6 + 1 Damage, +2 AC

Broad blade with a gold-leaf decorated face. Barely suitable as a tool of a stealthy killer, but renowned in the world of duelists and armed city officials. While wielding this dagger, you get +2 to AC as it magically aids in deflecting enemy blows and parrying the strikes of others.

The blade is a handsome weapon; and one of the few reasons a stealthy killer might announce their presence to their victim before striking- even giving them time to arm themselves and prepare their guard. It is a tool for a gentleman killer. Even if you get caught by your target before you strike, they will find you strangely approachable despite you planning to kill them and all. Anyone openly carrying this weapon also gains a +1 to their Charisma modifier, improving reaction checks and increasing their loyalty with retainers and making them more likeable.

[3] Medicine Knife - +2 Sorcererous Implement
Stats- 1d4+2 Damage

Made of sharpened antler and inscribed with arcane symbols- this magic item is rarely seen without a sheathe of fox fur and stone beads adorning its side. It is the tool of the shaman and witchdoctor, and may have been the preferred weapon of a very ancient and powerful sorcerer. While any shifty eyed killer could make good use of this knife, its true power is more aligned with the mystic and natural world. It has the aura of ancient, primal magic and is known to be "strong medicine".

The first power of the knife is its mystic ability to penetrate through magic barriers and defenses. AC gained from magic spells is ignored by this dagger. This does not apply to magic armor, whose protection is physical as well as magical. This knife can simply penetrate invisible barriers and magical protective auras; making it an ideal end to sorcerers.

The second, and more deadly power of this knife is that it can "hold" a spell inside it. If a magic user casts a spell on this knife and binds the spell within by cutting their wrist and taking 1d4 damage from the bloodletting- they can imbue this knife with a single magical spell. Later, the knife will activate the spell on the next target that it strikes. The knife could be charged with a powerful offensive spell, dealing direct damage on an enemy upon a successful stab. Or the knife could even be given a healing spell; you make a light scratch and suddenly wounds all over your body are closing. However, the knife will always activate this spell on the next target it hits, so you cannot use the bound spell until you are sure this is the one you want.

[4] Eight of Pentacles - +1 Magic Dagger
Stats- 1d8 + 1 Damage

This weapon looks like it was made by an apprentice blacksmith. Its metal is warped and the forgemarks are still blatant above the metal; but it has a strange power. Every time it takes a life, it seems easier and easier for the blade to be guided for the organs, arteries, and other weak points of a living creature as if it learns within the hands of a killer. It is empowered by occult magic and undoubtedly sadistic.

Each innocent person you kill with this knife gives it 1 minimum to its damage roll. If you kill 8, then it will always do maximum damage. This lasts until the dagger is lost; each owner must score these kills again for this effect.

[5] Polecat Point - +2 Magic Dagger
Stats- 3d4 + 2 Damage, +2 Dex Modifier

Possibly the greatest and most infamous of all magical assassination weapons. The Polecount point is a sharp stiletto with a black point along its light-silver body- not unlike the animals for which it is named. The dagger deals a very reliable amount of damage; and grants its user an increased Dexterity score of +2.

This weapon also grants the speed and flexibility of the mink. Anyone who wields this weapon becomes extremely flexible, and can move at a full running speed while crawling, climbing, or stooping under things. This ability extends beyond the simple increase to Dexterity when wielding this weapon- the most lumbering will become almost contortionist-like in their flexibility. Once, this weapon was the signature tool of a great killer-for-hire, who could hide within the smallest spaces to await the right moment to strike.

[6] Rainbow's Edge - +1 Magic Dagger
Stats- 1d4+1 Damage

This neochrome dagger constantly shifts and changes its color. While the dagger alone only hurts the same as a slightly enchanted dagger would; its true power is in the colors of its blade.

Whenever this dagger is unsheated, it turns a random Normal Color. The dagger passes through anything of the same color as it as though it wasn't there. If you strike an opponent wearing a bright red tunic, for example, and the dagger is red, it is counted as an automatic critical strike as it passes through their skin and muscle and strikes the organs within. Every attack hit with this dagger against a creature wearing or of the same color as it takes enough damage to drop to 1 Hit Points remaining, or an automatic killing blow if the attack roll is a 20.

If you aren't sure the color matches, roll a d6 with an x in 6 chance of it passing through, with X being how close the colors are to each other.

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  1. I love all of these. They're simple, yet elegant, along with being highly creative. I wish I could come up with something as cool as Rainbow's Edge. That's such a cool idea.