Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Magic Knight Armor Generator

In my games, I like to run a more Iron-Age sort of tech level. Chainmail, scale, and lamellar armor are the most powerful types of standard armor. Anything like platemail would be an incredibly rare, very powerful type of armor only found as semi-magical items. Note: The “Cultural Origin” table can mean the smith, or whoever he was making the armor for.

Instead of granting a +X bonus to AC based on the type of armor, very high quality armor instead sets your AC to a certain level. You can't go above it unless your maximum AC can go higher, and you won't drop below it unless the armor is destroyed or magically nullified. For most of these, they will exceed even a Fighter's maximum AC at 5th level (AC 17)
Roll once for each category.

Armor Type – 1d4
[1] Brigandine (AC 17)- Heavy jacket with interior plates. Less protective then others.
[2] Piecemeal Suit (AC 18)- Cuirass, pauldrons, graves, connected by chain mail fabric.
[3] Fullplate (AC 19)- Full metal covering with joints. Tight and snug fit.
[4] Oversized (AC 20, Load +1)- Huge metal plates, sometimes fitted with geometric shapes.

Armor Material – 1d8
[1] Dwarf Steel (+1 AC, +1 Load) Extremely heavy, well forged, you'd better be thickly built.
[2] Meteorite (Blocks 1st level spells) Alloy of metal that falls from the sky. Shimmers oddly.
[3] Sacred Copper (Immune to Corrosion/Acid) Has a greenish tint, strong as ever.
[4] Dark Iron (No stealth penalties) Dark colored metal, forged deep within the Earth.
[5] Spunsteel (-1 Load, +1 to saving throws) Like a cross of metal and fabric, but not chainmail.
[6] Ancient's Bronze (+1 to hit and damage with your attacks) Imbued with martial might.
[7] Megalith Bones (Beasts get -2 morale) Crafted from the remains of a powerful beast.
[8] Mood Metal (Restore 1 hit point per Turn) Blobs of color float along its surface, glows and changes with the user's mood and life aura. Dull gray when not worn.

Cultural Origin – 1d8
[1] Orc (Can be used as 1d6 battering ram weapon on charge) Adorned with spikes.
[2] Dwarf (Repairs cost half) Each part is removable for easy cleaning and repairing.
[3] Lion Man (+1 initiative to wearer) Imbued with fighting courage. Fluffy mane.
[4] Satyr (-1 Load, Immune to Entangling Roots) Made for a half goat person; no greaves since they have hooves. Any ability related to the Boots or Feet is done with long spurs instead.
[5] Draconian (Immune to Fire damage) Internal bands of conductive metal, radiates heat.
[6] Triton (No swimming penalty, buoyant) Texture of scales, gill slits in neckbrace. Rustproof.
[7] Giant (Size modding, +2 to saves vs tripping) Built for giants who change size all throughout their lives. Can grow or shrink and the armor will morph with you.
[8] Human (Banner adds +1 morale to troops; Banner can only be removed on death) Has a space on the back to fit a banner or standard- flies high over the head of soldiers.

Armor Special Power – 1d12
[1] Cannot be hit by non-magical weapons.
[2] Jump 50% higher and farther.
[3] Run 50% faster.
[4] Undead who touch you must save or be Turned. Once per each creature.
[5] Once per day day can reflect one attack or spell back to an enemy.
[6] Several holsters, sheathes, and compartments. Secretly holds 4 items without encumbrance.
[7] Once per day can conjure mist cloud. Hides you from arrows, move invisibly, etc.
[8] Feet braces can lock in place. If locked down, cannot be shoved from your position.
[9] Passive Waterwalking. You sink if any part but the sabatons touch the water.
[10] Gorget has holes which release steam as an attack by pressing secret switch. Deals 1d4 in a cone. Water tank is in the back; partially refills with sweat over a long battle.
[11] Bang your fist against the chest to reveal an armor gnome. He grumbles and will fix the armor for you, as well as shine it. Extremely reluctant to do anything else for you.
[12] Standing still makes you appear as a statue or armor mannequin. Silences breathing. If you speak in this form, your voice is disembodied and sounds like its coming “from everywhere”.

Armor Design & Appearance – 1d8
[1] Extremely smooth, almost appears sculpted from liquid. Looks like alien technology in a way.
[2] Culturally ornamented. Triton armor has shells, dwarf armor has inscribed tankards, etc.
[3] Holy armor. Made fit to adorn a temple. Prayers and holy symbols all over- golden gilding.
[4] Well worn by years of use, straps replaced. Could have been made that way; as camouflage.
[5] Brutish and spartan. Riveted into shape. Might have been produced in a rush.
[6] Family heirloom. Family Crest on chest. Mask is shaped as an honored ancestor.
[7] Intensely colorful. Many-patterned cloth comprises the outside, matching cape.
[8] It's bare metal of an unusual shade from its alloy composition. Polished with spit.

(Optional) Matching Helmet & Crest Table – 1d8
Mongol Hat
Feathered plume, as tall as a Halfling
Leaf made of gold, welded on
Bascinet w/ Triangular Mask
Holy Symbol
Tiny silver dolphin
Lion's pelt drapped over helmet
Conical cap
Long tassel or turban
Kettle hat
Spike point
Horns or Antlers


  1. Originally I thought it was odd to see dwarf steel in the materials list and then a separate cultural origin table, but actually, the idea of a dwarf steel armor made by a non-dwarf is actually an interesting story seed in itself

    1. Yeah, I usually imagine Dwarves to be the master metallurgists so even if you aren't a Dwarf the steel that Dwarves make would be so high quality it would be essentially a "magical" reagent to creating armor.